Thank the Gang – [Twelve’Len]

Miami-native Twelve’Len has appeared on the pages of LL before as a guest–most recently as a part of Cesar Santalo’s “Light You Up“–but here he makes his solo-Lemonade debut thanks to a charismatic effort in “Thank The Gang.” For this one, the up-and-comer takes a second to celebrate not just his accomplishments but the people behind him who have made it all possible and he does so with a retro twist. Grabbing a chiming, cushioned beat from Mickey De Grand IV & FnZ and loading the visuals with fluorescent lights and a blurry coating (, Twelve’Len gives off an 80’s R&B type feel. Even with a cushioned 80’s vibe, his voice is still splashed that Florida grit to give the effort some edge. No word on if this is a part of anything larger as of yet, but considering how strong this track is, it wouldn’t surprise me to see it on a tracklist down the line.

Light You Up – [Cesar Santalo] ft. [Twelve’len]

The art of the feature is definitely underappreciated. Pick someone with a completely different style, and the song will lack cohesion and consistency. On the other hand, what’s the point of putting someone on the song who sounds exactly the same? You gotta get the proverbial porridge just right to make a feature verse successful. Cesar Santalo hit the (feature) nail on the head, earning his debut on here on the pages of Lyrical Lemonade with “Light You Up.”  Establishing the mood, Santalo kicks off the track with his silky smooth crooning that jumps out atop the atmospheric production from Prenda. Keeping things in the Sunshine State, Santalo recruits Twelve’len, who adds a more raw feel to the cut, serving as a great contrast to Santalo’s lighter, clean approach, but still maintaining the soulful vibe. Needless to say, “Light You Up” is a stellar release for these reasons and more, so be sure to check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments!  

Gunsmoke – [Promnite] ft. [Denzel Curry], [Nell],[J.K The Reaper], & [Twelve’len]

Following their collaboration on Imperial, one of this year’s best hip-hop records, LA-based electronic producer Promnite and Florida rapper Denzel Curry have linked for a smooth new banger titled “Gunsmoke”. The two last linked on Imperial standout “Story: No Title”, but this time around, there’s a little more company than just the two: fellow southern up-and-comers Nell, J.K The Reaper, and Twelve’len all bring it with some strong verses. Curry stands out the most on this one, however, with his rapid fire flow moving effortlessly over the spacey production – the lyrical content is conscious as well, focusing on the racial tension Denzel has been feeling in this tumultuous climate. The track is the first release from an upcoming Promnite release on Fool’s Gold Records which is slated to drop within the next few months. Listen to “Gunsmoke” below and let us know what you think of the track in the comments below.