Plain Sight – [Freako]

Freako is an underground Chicago legend and he never starves his fans of new music for too long and today he is finding himself back on our website with his latest offering titled “Plain Sight”. Freako connected with Minnesota based producer Gunlock who blessed him with this amazing production (along with some help from ssor.t) and together they all created something to be proud of. Freako is one of the best out of the city when it comes to making dark menacing music but that’s certainly no secret at this point, and this new joint is another one to add to his growing list of bangers. Get in tune with one of Chicago’s best underground emcees by pressing play below!

W2Leezy – [Justin Rarri]

Justin Rarri is a name you’ll probably hear a lot more of moving forward, especially with how dope his song and video are for “W2Leezy.” I immediately ran this track back a couple of times the first time I listened to it. When took a look on his Instagram I saw him taking label meetings which kind of confirmed what I thought after listening to “W2Leezy.” That this kid will work his way into a deal sooner than later. He showcases an ability to make catchy anthems that will have listeners crooning their hearts out. With rappers like Roddy Ricch and Calboy taking off with their songs “Die Young” and “Envy Me”; “W2Leezy” just fits the viral hit mold that those other tracks possess. Now I mentioned that he was taking label meetings earlier it should be interesting on how Justin Rarri rides this situation out. Because he might be sitting on gold with “W2Leezy.” Watch Justin Rarri’s “W2Leezy” below.

Watch Wyclef Jean’s brand new interview with BigBoyTV

I apologize because I am a few days late on this but not too long ago the legendary Wyclef Jean stopped by the neighborhood to chop it up with Big Boy + his team. You will find them speaking about music being the most important thing in his life, partnering with Heads Music, developing talent, locking in a big deal with Netflix, the current state of music, coming up in the 90’s, being looked at as a leader by the youth, writing timeless music, being two years in to building a hip-hop guitar, his Wyclef goes back to school compilations, working with dope younger artists on that tape such as Ausar, Fugees and so much more. Gain some insight from one of the most knowledgeable musicians alive by pressing play below!

All New – [MvttThias]

While browsing through Soundcloud to look for some new music to feature on our website I stumbled across MvttThias brand new joint called “All New”. The thing that caught my eye was the dope artwork and it took me a minute to warm up to the luscious instrumental but Mvtt created a melodic offering that I’m sure some of our readers will enjoy. That luscious instrumental that I had previously mentioned was provided to us by producer alilsad, and I just had to mention that he played a large role in the success of the sound of this one. It may be the first time you hear of these guys on our website but I doubt it will be the last, check them out below.

Girls – [Yung Baby Tate]

At 22 years old, Yung Baby Tate has already been making music longer than many of her peers who are just getting into the game. The Atlanta artist has been making her own beats when she was 13, and she dropped her debut ‘ROYGBIV’ project in 2015. Since then, Tate has been pushing genre boundaries, seamlessly playing with different styles to pave a lane with a sound that’s distinctly hers. This month, she’s come through with one of her most sonically diverse projects yet, dedicated to a subject that’s just as dynamic as the songs themselves. ‘Girls’ serves as a conceptual counterpart to Tate’s 2018 project ‘Boys’, and it’s even bolder than its predecessor. Tate finds her niche somewhere in the middle of bubblegum pop, ATL trap, and retro RnB, bending these genres in a way I’ve never quite heard before. The mix of her influences comes through most potently on highlights like “Bad Girl”–she slips into sticky, sugar-coated melodies before going bar-after-bar in a punchy verse delivered with cutthroat confidence. Her natural explosiveness is matched by the production all throughout the project, as distorted bass and buzzing saw synths cut jagged edges around her smooth vocal style. While the …

Tamagotchi – [Vega Ramon]

An artist that goes by the name of Vega Ramon is making his Lyrical Lemonade debut this afternoon with the release of his brand new music video for “Tamagotchi”. Vega Ramon is a New York based artist that I got a chance to chop it up with while we were down in Austin, Texas last week, and after watching a few of his unreleased visuals I knew I wanted to include him on our website asap. It appears as if this record will be apart of Vega Ramon’s forthcoming EP Thrilla that is set to drop in April, make it a point to be on the look out for that. Watch this brand new music video below and if you like what you hear be sure to give Vega Ramon a follow on Twitter here. Produced by 8ROKEBOY • Directed by @mediadon

Tank On E – [Kiraly Payne] x [Ausar]

I always love seeing young Chicago creatives link up and make some magic, so I was thrilled when I saw this brand new music video for “Tank On E” by Kiraly Payne & Ausar. These are two of the most talented young spitters out of the city, and they are just now starting to hit their stride & show glimpses of their full potential, and you can see some of that in this visual. Kiraly started this joint off right with his stellar performance, dropping many witty lines that you might not catch the first time around, Kiraly is especially into using some fire sports references in his lyrics. Ausar took over toward the middle of this song toward the end of it, coming through with his always well put together, lyrical & at times conscious style to put the cherry on top of this all around solid offering. Shout out to the video director Brandon Chase for helping the homies bring this one to life, go ahead and check it out for yourself below!

Falls in Love – [Alex J. Price] feat. [Lindsey Lomis]

When it comes to music, a lot of amazing tunes can fly underneath the radar without receiving the proper praise they deserve. Today, my latest fresh find definitely falls underneath that category; but better late than never right? If you haven’t heard of Alex J. Price and Lindsey Lomis, it’s about time you took notice. Back in 2017, the two Nashville musicians completely blessed us with an amazing love song called Falls in Love. I’m surprised this song hasn’t gone viral yet, because it truly is one of the most impressive pieces of work I’ve heard. It’s also really important to note that right now the two of these artists are only 16 years old which means, they created this ballad back when they were 14! Talk about talent! The song opens up with a beautiful guitar strum that sets the relaxing and romantic ambience. Alex then proceeds to kill it with his stellar vocal talents while Lindsey brings it all together with beautiful harmonies. If you’re looking for a track to turn on while you drive down a silent road at night, this one is for you! I’ll let y’all be the judge though. I’ve attached the Spotify link …

I Like Girls – [PnB Rock] Ft. [Lil Skies]

PnB Rock was teasing at a new release coming soon feature Lil Skies on social media these past couple of days, and just a few minutes ago we were blessed with the final product titled “I Like Girls”. I expected this song to be a banger before I heard it but wow I wasn’t expecting it to be this good, this song has the potential to be one of those songs you hear for years & years to come. PnB Rock paved the way at the start of the song with an excellent hook and an even better verse, and that lead to Lil Skies feature toward the middle of this song and he went absolutely crazy on his verse! Don’t waste anymore time, get in tune with this new offering below!

Resume – [Adot]

A couple of days ago a random record from Chicago emcee Adot hit the internet via GOLD‘s Soundcloud account, and after bumping through it a few times I thought why not share it with our audience? Whenever you see fellow Chicagoan Luke Almighty and Adot connect you know there’s about to be some serious damage, and sure enough Luke cooked up the perfect beat to compliment Adot’s unique sound, and it made for an all around ear pleasing joint. Go ahead and take a couple minutes of your time to get in tune with some of Chicago’s finest rising talent.