Mixed Personalities – [YNW Melly]

Florida superstar YNW Melly teased at a collaboration track with the Chicago legend Kanye West about a month ago on social media, and tonight he just blessed his rapidly growing fan base with a brand new music video for the record titled “Mixed Personalities”! YNW Melly and Kanye connected with Lyrical Lemonade’s own Cole Bennett to direct this music video, and with that cast of stars all working on one idea together you know that the final product had to be flawless. This music video will be in the conversation for video of the year when 2019 is said and done, I know that’s an extremely bold statement but I don’t think that is an exaggeration in the least bit. Watch this brand new visual below and if you enjoy it be sure to share it with a friend! Prod. C-Clip Beatz

This Is Your World – [Shy Girls]

Though it is only about a year old, the Keep Cool imprint some serious weight behind it. Under the RCA umbrella, Keep Cool was co-created by  Tunji Balogun, who, if you’re wondering, has played an instrumental role in the career of SZA, Khalid, Bryson Tiller, H.E.R., and Goldlink (just to name a few). Just yesterday, the imprint announced the “Keep Cool Projects”, described on  Twitter as a “forum for events, visual content, everything-in-between + a way for us to release music we love that might otherwise get lost in traditional systems.” The first project? “This Is Your World”: a smooth, understated effort from Portland crooner, Shy Girls. With a plunging bass, steady drums, and a smooth guitar solo that rounds out the effort, the track gives off some jazzy vibes. Vocally, Shy Girls impresses with his gliding, feathery vocals that, when juxtaposed with the bass-driven boardwalk, provide a unique flavor, and the final result is a song that I can’t seem to keep off of repeat. That said, “This Is Your World” is the first single off Shy Girls’ forthcoming album, Bird on the Wing, set to drop this spring. Be sure to keep a close eye on the Keep Cool Projects as well. With major …

6 AM – [Ren Haze]

At 6 AM, the world starts to wake up, pastel colors and morning fog start to fill the sky, and things pick back up from the day before — that is, if they ever ended the previous night. Here to soundtrack this beautiful time of the day, an artist by the name of Ren Haze is here on our pages with his brand new single, “6 AM”. Thinking about what I picture 6 AM to look like (and in reference to the song’s artwork), I believe it’s safe to say that Haze’s latest is the perfect soundtrack for the early morning hours. It’s comfortable yet energized, all the while honest and thorough as can be. The lyrics are a function of the surrounding sonic atmosphere, and in such a way, “6 AM” acts much more as a painting than it does a song. Truthfully, this is one of the most beautiful pieces of art I’ve stumbled upon in recent memory, and while this is a bold claim, the music speaks for itself. With the skill exemplified in “6 AM”, Ren Haze is ready to accomplish big things in 2019, so check out his latest single below and stay up to date …

Don’t Wanna Be Ur Boo – [asscowboy]

Here at Lyrical Lemonade, we’re always stumbling upon unique talents and fresh new music throughout the endless pages of SoundCloud, and today, we’re here to shine a spotlight on the song “Don’t Wanna Be Ur Boo” by an artist named asscowboy. Hypnotic in sound and relentlessly catchy in lyricism, this songs holds the kind of charm that will surely attract fans to asscowboy and her unique style. “Don’t Wanna Be Ur Boo” values independence and self-worth over anything else, and as a result, it comes across an an anthemic offering that you can throw on repeat, one listen after another. The truth is, asscowboy knows how to entertain with ease, and her latest single is proof. Keep the new song in heavy rotation all weekend long and stay up to date with the latest from asscowboy by following her on social media here! Produced by itsjustg

Came Up – [Kofi]

Returning to our pages today, Toronto native Kofi is back with a new single titled “Came Up”. Along with the record itself, Kofi teamed up with a videographer from Toronto to film a very simple yet meaningful visual to enhance the power behind what could be Kofi’s biggest release to date. “Came Up” captures what Kofi describes as “adjusting to life changes and not forgetting the people that have been there from the start.” Over an intense, bouncy, and appealing instrumental, Kofi brings his stellar vocals and relatable lyrics to fabricate one of the most catchy records released this year. In the video, Kofi makes his way by foot around his hometown of Scarborough which resides just East of Toronto. Furthermore, the young artist has been creating a buzz on social media that could soon turn into something remarkable. Be sure to watch the visual for “Came Up” below and follow Kofi on Instagram and Twitter!

No Pencil – [Warhol.SS]

Chicago super star Warhol.SS has been putting out some of the best music of his young career lately, and today he is complimenting that with one of his best visuals yet for “No Pencil”. He joined forces with fellow Chicagoan Jake Osmun, and if you know anything about these two creatives together then you know this one was going to be good, and sure enough they came through with a fantastic final product. Warhol had a huge year in 2018 but I think he will have a lot more in store for his growing fan base in 2019, but for now watch this brand new visual below!

Real Ties – [Lil Skies]

Lyrical Lemonade favorite Lil Skies had a better year in 2018 than 99% of artists, and today he is back with his first release of the new year with his brand new offering titled “Real Ties”. The growth of Lil Skies as an artist has been tremendous to watch to say the least, he has not only made a name in the music industry but he set himself up for longevity that a majority of his competition will never see. It’s one thing to become a massive artist but the way that Skies carries himself as a human is truly admirable, he speaks to everyone with respect & puts on for his city, which is why he is an idol to hundreds of thousands of kids around the world. Take a few minutes of your time to listen to this brand new record via Spotify below or watch the brand new music video for it here!

Like You – [Asiahn]

Asiahn has released the first visual from her newly released album, Love Trains 2. The new video for her song, “Like You” follows Asiahn around through a neon-lit night out on the town surrounded by friends and possible love interests. The soulful R&B singer-songwriter delivers on her cinematic performance captivating us from a vocal and visual standpoint. The new video is a clever combination of both cinematic and homemade shots. Interchanging between two different forms of shots, Asiahn is able to draw parallels between the video and her career. Make sure to keep an eye on Asiahn as she is sure to deliver more cinematic visuals that please in more ways than one. Check out Asiahn’s new video for “Like You” below and leave us your thoughts in the comment section!

Darkest Secrets – [Ronen]

Making his Lyrical Lemonade debut today, Dallas artist Ronen offers his brand new single titled “Darkest Secrets”. Ronen brings his best through a set of captivating vocals that sit just above a smooth, dark instrumental produced by Ronen himself. This record creates a seemingly truthful atmosphere as most people can relate to what Ronen describes as “opening up to a girl that might be scared to open back up to me.” As he continues to build a name for himself throughout the city, Ronen has also been slowly garnering a fanbase that touches all sides of the world. Do yourself a favor and dive into Ronen’s world by streaming his newest single titled “Darkest Secrets”. Be sure to follow him on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with future releases!

For Summer/Fall 18′-[pat junior]

A little while ago, an artist reached out to me about being featured on Lyrical Lemonade and today, he’s finally making his well-deserved debut on our site. Patrick D. Mix Jr., AKA pat junior. is an up and coming, yet polished musician from the great state of North Carolina. The writer/rapper/producer has been making music for 6 years now, with 2 of the latest years being completely full time. If you’re familiar with Xavier Omär, then it’s about time you took notice to pat junior, since he is under the same management as Xavier at Moon Artists Management.  That said, the talented east coast native just recently put together a 12 song playlist of his own work that absolutely blew me away. Generally, with that many songs, it’s easy to not pay attention to all of them; but when it comes to pat junior, each one of these 12 tracks demands to be heard! Throughout these full songs and carefully crafted instrumentals, you get a really good feel for pat’s mature production and confident lyrical flow.  I could go on and on about how dope this project is, but this is just something you’ll have to judge for yourself. I’ve attached …