Watch Joel Q’s brand new interview with Illanoize

I just recently got put on to Chicago native Joel Q through our mutual homie Josi Green via the record that they released titled “That’s Life”, so when I saw that he stopped by Illanoize a couple of weeks back for a genuine conversation I was excited to see what he was all about. You will find Bekoe, Illinois Jones and Pretty Riot asking Joel about plenty of topics such as wanting to sign to J. Cole’s Dreamville label, supporting Chicago, Nipsey Hussle, his stellar work ethic, doing the background work, being a good storyteller & incorporating it in his music, his definition of success and more. Get in tune with one of Chicago’s dopest upcoming emcees by pressing play below.

Flavour – [Christopher Blake]

We are back with yet another first timer here on our website, this time around coming in the form of Christopher Blake’s glossy new tune titled “Flavour”. I found this joint via the Mellow Vibes Soundcloud page which is chop filled with jams, and it only took me a couple of listens before i fell in love with it. Christopher has the innate ability to create soothing, melodic and radio sounding hits that anyone can enjoy, he sounds like a seasoned veteran on the mic for being still so young. Take a few minutes of your night to check out this dope new track below!

Kids On Drugs – [Diveliner]

A creative based out of Los Angeles that goes by Diveliner is finding himself back on our pages this evening with his brand new offering titled “Kids On Drugs”. I recently found this one while searching the internet for new talent and within the first twenty seconds of listening he had me glued to my computer speakers, I ran this one back a few times through and instantly felt the urge to share it with our audience. This is a heartfelt and well written track if you pay close attention to the lyrics, Diveliner gets vulnerable at times while singing about near death experiences and how he just wishes he could go back to 17. All in all, I really enjoyed this tune and I believe you will too so check it out below.

Kudos – [Outwest Chico]

Outwest Chico is a rapper from Chicago who we have been covering here at LL for a minute now, and he is making his way back onto our platform on this fine Sunday with his brand new joint titled “Kudos”. The production on this one started slow and steady but once the horns & bass hit I was eager to see where he was about to take it, and that led right into Outwest Chico rapping his ass off for three minutes nonstop. It appears that this record is going to be featured on Outwest Chico’s forthcoming tape Last $ummer that he said is coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that, but for now press play below.

It Wasn’t Even Close – [Your Old Droog]

Your Old Droog blessed us out of nowhere this past Friday with his brand new LP, titled It Wasn’t Even Close. The Brooklyn-native has been dropping consistently solid east coast rap soaked in grit for a few years now and he makes quite the statement here with his 2019 return. This follows up 2017’s Packs, a lyrically focused record featuring the likes of Danny Brown and Wiki. This time, he brings with him an absolutely star-studded lineup, featuring underground legends such as MF DOOM and Lil Ugly Mane (who steals the show on “Smores”), along with Wiki, Roc Marciano, and Mach Hommy, who also executively produced the record. The gritty production on the record is mesmerizing from top to bottom and was clearly meticulously chosen, which shows in the stacked production lineup featuring names like Sadhu Gold, Tha God Fahim, Ohbliv, and many more talented beat-makers. Droog is at the top of his game, dropping witty and blunt bars oozing with confidence along with top-notch storytelling. Every verse on here keeps the bar high and leaves a lasting impression, not only from Droog, but from the features, too. This is definitely a stand-out boom-bap project from this year with all-star …

Premiere: welcome to chili’s – [99 Neighbors]

They say teamwork makes the dream work, and when it comes to 99 Neighbors, there is no doubt that this statement is true. A couple of months back, the rising collective made their debut on our site and today, I’m hyped to let y’all know that they’re back with a new offering that is a guaranteed banger! Back before Vine was stripped from our lives, one of my favorite 6-second videos on that app was the one centered around the tag line, “welcome to chili’s”! To pay respect to such an iconic video, the title of 99 Neighbors’ latest offering is literally titled “welcome to chili’s”; but don’t let the humorous name fool you, the song is serious in every sense of the word. This brand new offering opens up with a sick bass strum, setting a relaxed ambiance that carries throughout all 3 minutes. Further, the simplistic production effortlessly adds personality to the sound, freeing up a lot of space for Swank, Sam Paulino and HANKNATIVE to lay down some clever bars throughout the verses. Needless to say, each of them brings their own unique style to this joint, and it’s refreshing to hear such mature flows and lyrics. …

Suge Remix – [NDPNDNT]

Chicago emcee NDPNDNT has been featured here on our site a couple of times so far this year, and this morning he is back with his brand new remix to DaBaby’s smash hit record titled “Suge”. One thing that you simply can’t deny with NDPNDNT is his ability to simply rap his ass off, he has the rare skill to spit at an extremely rapid pace, but he is still able to make it sound catchy & clear. He is still very young and has potential so I am excited to see what NDPNDNT does from here, but for now just check out this new tune below.

Akari – [Anwar]

I am always on the lookout for new talent coming out of the midwest, and St. Louis native Anwar is a name that I have been hearing every now and then for damn near a year now, most recently from the homie Matty Wood$. Many people have spoke very highly of Anwar to me so that generally led me to being curious about his music, and although I have peeped a few of his loosies in the past, this brand new project titled “Akari” was my first time sitting down and truly experiencing his music. This six track effort is easily one of the best tapes I have listened to this week, it has the perfect blend of hard hitting beats, abstract flows + well put together bars to keep me and many other listeners entertained. Anwar seems to be more of a free spirit / creative thinker than most of the artist you hear nowadays, his subject matter at times can be grown in the sense of most young adults just don’t touch on some of the topics he speaks on. However, don’t think that he is so abstract that he will go over your head because that is not …

Fisherman – [Miyka’el] Ft. [IsaiahG]

An artist that goes by Miyka’el is making his Lyrical Lemonade debut this afternoon with his brand new record titled “Fisherman” featuring IsaiahG. This one starts off with a short clip of the duo performing this track live somewhere on campus in Champaign I’m assuming, and it led into a vibrant & colorful video that you can’t not enjoy. I must admit that the style that they used to approach this song threw me off a little bit, it’s not often you hear artists come as abstract as this these days, but they really made it their own & created an ear pleasing jam. Take a few minutes of your time to peep this new visual below and if you like it then don’t forget to give it a thumbs up to help it grow! shot and directed by Studio773

Don III – [Just John] & [Dom Dias]

Throughout history, we have seen countless examples of artist-producer combos that have worked together to create music that takes each party to another level. Today, I am introducing you to one of those combos, artist Just John and producer Dom Dias. The duo has been working together for some time now and just dropped the third and final installment in the Don EP series. Without a doubt, Don III is the most advanced release from the Toronto-based pair and there are no signs of slowing down yet. Over the past few years, Just John has been building up his image in the underground scene of Toronto and recently had his 2018 single “Soundboi” selected as the official playoff song for the Toronto Raptors. Working with Dom Dias has allowed John to perfect his sound over the unusual production style Dom has. Any time a producer is able to work unusual effects or samples into their music it adds another level of complexity to the music and these can be found all over Dom’s music. Together, the two combine to create a cohesive sound that allows both artists to shine in their own right. The 6-song project is filled with fire …