Hatesonny: The Lemonade Stand Interview

In late 2020, I interviewed Hatesonny for the first time and it was a really good conversation, so I just recently brought him back by the LL office for a second interview on The Lemonade Stand. I spoke to Hatesonny about plenty of topics such as his song “Kill Bill”, blowing up on Tik-Tok, his Golden Child project, when he started making music in 2016, meeting nombreKARI, his collective HL, when he was Tumblr famous, the time he ate 12 Popeyes biscuits, what he’s currently working on, and we even dove into some rare footage of him. This interview was even better this time around now that sonny & I know each other better, check it out for yourself below!

My Favorite Projects of 2021

2021 has very much been an up and down year for most, but it’s undeniably been a phenomenal year for music. In fact, I enjoyed listening to so many releases that I’d forgotten some even released this year. Not only has there been plenty of stylistic/genre variety, but also artists of all types (small, emerging, mainstream) actively releasing their art. To showcase my appreciation, I decided to put together a list of my favorite projects; (in no particular order) all of which remain in my rotation heading into the new year. I hope you discover an album, EP or mixtape that you might have missed! Last but not least, this list is also a token of gratitude to each and every person that has read a Lyrical Lemonade piece of mine. I wish you a happy and fulfilling New Year. – – – – – Issa Gold: Tempus (album) Genres: Introspective hip-hop, Conscious rap Favorite track: Cold Summer   Amaria – Bittersweet (EP) Genres: R&B Favorite track: Lose Control   Richie Quake – Voyager (EP) Genres: R&B, Indie Favorite Track: Sensitive   Jean Deaux – Most Wanted (EP) Genres: Hip-Hop, Modern R&B, Electro-Trap Favorite track: Stay Down Marlon Craft – How We Intended (album) Genres: Hip-Hop, Jazz …

Top 50 Chicago Projects of 2021

Every year, artists hailing from Chicago prove exactly why this is a city that belongs in the upper echelon of music, and this fact grows more abundantly obvious with every release that is put out. Whether a musician is world renown or locally recognized, there is never a shortage of creativity, effort, or innovation, and whether the rest of the country notices this or not, local fans are well aware of the goldmine that we are sitting on here in the Midwest.  Our goal here at Lyrical Lemonade has always been to shine a light on the remarkable sounds coming out of the city every single year, and even when we go in with certain expectations or presumptions, our minds are absolutely blown once we realize just how much dexterous and unique music was brought to life in the span of 12 short months. One thing that is inimitable within the local scene here is simply the sense of community because whether these talents are teaming up with one another or on entirely different levels of fame, everyone seems to show love to each other, ensuring their awareness of the eye-opening and head-turning styles that are being generated across the …

nombreKARI: The Lemonade Stand Interview

NombreKARI is one of the young budding talents coming up within Chicago’s music community at the moment, I am a big supporter of his and I recently brought him by the LL office for a brand new interview! I asked Nombrekari about plenty of things such as his recent project Children Play With Fire, the short film based around the project, his dad’s signature dish called “Hot Stuff”, artists he wants to work with, his HL collective, the schools he attended growing up, playing Squash in school and we even dove into some of his old tweets. Kari has a bright future ahead of him, don’t sleep on this kid, learn a thing or two about him below!

Children Play With Fire – [NombreKari]

NombreKari is an artist from the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago who I have been a fan of for a minute now, and just the other day he released his brand new project called “Children Play With Fire”. Earlier this year, Kari dropped an acoustic live performance of his song “Tulips” and I was extremely impressed with it, I took a deeper dive into his catalog afterward and instantly saw the potential that this man possesses. This new project is ten songs in length and offers an array of different sounds, there are storytelling tracks like “LWYEC”, melodic cuts such as “73 Degrees”, and straight-up BANGERS like my personal favorite “Neon Bombs”. There’s just over a handful of features from other talents such as Serena Isioma, Sydny August, Hatesonny, WemmyMo, and more. This was a genuinely good project that I feel is just scratching the surface of Kari’s potential, this kid has a bright future, stay tuned for more.   Also, subscribe to our Lemonade Stand YouTube channel to see our upcoming interview with Nombrekari in two weeks!

TELL ME – [NombreKari] x [Sydny August]

Chicago’s own NombreKari returns to Lyrical Lemonade with “TELL ME,” an impeccable standout off his impressive new mixtape Children Play With Fire. Featuring Sydny August, Kari blends the singer and songwriter’s eloquent vocals (for the chorus) with his own voice for a heavenly listening experience. For the rap verses Kari unsurprisingly shines through heartfelt lyricism; the song flows while he meditates on some mature life circumstances. Moreover, while the elite penmanship is unquestionable it’s easy to get lost in the harmonious, jazzy production. The saxophone in the background produces a smooth vibe which is mirrored along a gloriously smooth melody. Although this track is a mixtape record, it could easily fit on a full-length studio album, as it checks the boxes from every single musical standpoint. With this offering now in his bag, good luck putting out NombreKari’s flame; I have a feeling he’s just getting started. Listen to “TELL ME” below and be sure to peep all of Children Play With Fire!

Tulips (live) – [nombrekari]

It seems like every single day I find out about a new talented artist from the city, but nombrekari is someone I have been familiar with for a minute, but lately, I have been obsessing over this live acoustic version of his record called “Tulips”. Kari showed me this masterpiece a couple of weeks ago, and no exaggeration, I have probably watched this live performance about 100 times since then. So of course, I was very excited to see it was finally released today, and I hope more + more people watch this + enjoy it as much as I do. Keep an eye on Nombrekari this year, he’s one of the creatives out of Chicago that I have a good feeling about.

Drag Racing – [Hatesonny] ft. [nombreKARI]

Hatesonny is one of my favorite new artists coming up out of Chicago’s music community at the moment, he is a star in the making, he has a ton of potential, and today he is back with a brand new music video for “Drag Racing” featuring nombreKARI. Back when I interviewed Hatesonny late last year, he recommended that I listened to some of nombreKARI’s music, and I was thoroughly impressed with how talented Kari was too. These two rappers are apart of the same collective that features them as well as some of their other creative friends, and with these two at the helm, they are heading in the right direction. Keep an eye on these young Chicagoans, I have a good feeling about them, press play below! Directed by Mike Del Rosario • Produced by MyFriendNate & AFTeR

Break – [NombreKari]

Over the past year, NombreKari has dropped a catalog of exciting new music and has quickly made his name known throughout Chicago as a unique hip-hop artist on the rise. The rapper has carved his own niche marked by fast-paced flows over hype beats that are often composed of industrial, experimental elements, and as his acclaim has grown, his sound has only evolved with it. Kari hits the ground running on his latest track, “Break”, launching right into a fiery opening verse that gets a listener immediately attuned to his rebellious lifestyle. As Kari wrestles with inner demons and wanting something bigger for himself, his thoughts manifest as a stream bars that gain momentum before the artist even takes a moment to catch his breath. The energy peaks on the song’s hook, with a barrage of 808s produced by myfriendnate and hellish distortion put on Kari’s voice offering a momentary escape from reality.

Hot Damn (the prelude) – [nombrekari]

Although I share music from all around the world, I always try to find some new dope talent out of Chicago to share on our pages more times then not, and today an artist that goes by Kari is making his way on our platform with his brand new EP titled “Hot Damn (the prelude)”. This tape is a pretty quick listen coming in at about twenty minutes in length, it’s six songs that each have their own pleasing sound to it, and let me just say that I was hooked after hearing the intro “Red Carpet Ravioli”. Kari has a certain type of swag and braggadocio in his flows that I enjoy a ton, it sounds weird to say it like this but he just sounds cool on the beat, he has a unique voice and it shows in his music. Enough talking about it though, listen to this EP below and judge for yourself. Production from Gus Chavy, myfriendnate & Kari