glittr – [aldn]

Hyperpop has pretty much consumed my life over the past few months, and I constantly find out about new artists on a daily basis. Out of everyone I have come across, aldn has become one of my all-time favorite musicians for more reasons than I can count, and when I first heard his song “glittr”, I was undeniably sold. You can only imagine how over the moon I was when I found out he was dropping a music video for this hit, and I was even more excited to learn the fact that Daniel Jordan K and Overcast were taking the reins for this visual, so I had to share it with you all as soon as I possibly could. Opening up, aldn is sitting in the middle of a dark, empty room typing into an old computer before pressing a button to prompt the song’s drop. When this happens, he is transported to another dark scene where shiny green strands of tinsel drape behind him as actual glitter covers his face and hair. Obviously, glitter is a major part of this visual, but so is the color green which comes up again sporadically during a scene where he sits …

Kano – [Lil Gray]

Landover, Maryland’s Lil Gray is continuing his hot-streak following his memorable and critically acclaimed release of 10B410 earlier this year with a new head-banging, Sparkheem-produced track and visual for “Kano.” Gray takes off from start to finish of this track, walking bar-by-bar over the rousing Terk production that suits Gray’s monotone, staccato delivery perfectly. 4QKP handled the direction and editing of this video and did a great job making the visuals as turnt-up as the song was and captured Gray and his crew in a very exciting setting. Recently Gray was teasing his fans with rumors of another upcoming new project that I am very much looking forward to and would definitely recommend listening to Gray’s project 10B410 if you haven’t already.

In Summation – [Restless Modern]

“I wanted to create something that evolves from being dark and atmospheric into having a huge high-energy alternative moment at the end of the record. This is the closing track on the EP, so the structure serves both the individual song and the larger body of work thematically. As the name implies, “in summation” acts as a holistic overview that brings together everything discussed in the project and adds an important perspective to it.  Nick Anthony played guitar for me in the final section and helped out with some of the production as well” – Restless Modern Personal favorite Restless Modern returns to Lyrical Lemonade with arguably his best song yet titled “In Summation.” The track is the first single off his highly-anticipated Scary Sky EP, which serves as a short, yet excellent preview of what to expect. With a somber, yet peaceful piano opener, Modern’s high-pitched vocals set the tone before the eclectic production kicks in. Each and every note is sung with a quality of eloquence and emphasis, which gives the listener an immediate impression of the song’s conceptual gravity. Afraid of what’s ahead of him, such uncertainty mirrors the unpredictability of the composition; notably an epic electric-guitar sendoff to close …

Focus – [Morgan Munroe] x [N: Fostell]

Leicester, England based artist Morgan Munroe makes her Lyrical Lemonade debut with an enticing new single entitled “Focus.” In collaboration with UK producer N: Fostell, the track employs lively vocals of Munroe with sensational elements of electronic production. The bouncy instrumentation specifically gives off an electro-house feel to the record, providing the perfect feel-good vibes for your Monday morning. Vocally there is a subtle romantic touch from Morgan, which is matched by the sensually rapid, club esque groove maintained throughout. Listen to “Focus” by Morgan Munroe and N: Fostell below!

Your Heart – [Chris Chand] feat. [Aria Bléu]

Canada-based multi-instrumentalist Chris Chand returns with his new single, “Your Heart,” featuring Aria Bléu. The singer-songwriter made an impressive introduction for himself with his previous release, “Shine,” and is back with another mood-inducing example of his musicality, and ear for euphorically immersive R&B. Co-produced alongside HMLT, Chris Chand and company create a breezy atmosphere as Chand croons about the troubles of the heart and its seemingly endless rollercoaster of ups-and-downs. The soulful feature from Aria Bléu is as fitting as they come, providing a back-and-forth between Chand and Bléu as she enters the single with a warm contrast to Chand’s brighter vocals adding a sweet layer of lush to the kaleidoscope chasm of production.  Listen to “Your Heart,” by Chris Chand featuring Aria Bléu below.

Get Refreshed: The Story of Cartz

“Get Refreshed” is a weekly column by Billy Bugara covering all things digital in the music world. Refresh yourself here.  Cover by Alejo Andres Remembering To Forget With Cat Mother Any creative eager to move towards new beginnings in their artistic career might focus on the idea of the “future” more than anything else. Most creatives would more than likely share this belief in full; planning out how things might turn out in going through with an artistic transition is much better than going in blind, obviously.  But what’s even more obvious is this: Quinn – the 16-year-old phenom of the online music world – has never, and will never, be classified under the title of “most creatives.” Simply put, we’re dealing with a talent who stands completely amongst themselves in regards to their place in the modern music landscape as a whole, and nothing better exemplifies that than their brand new artistic endeavor under the pseudonym “Cat Mother.”  This fresh title has arrived with an equally-fresh outlook in regards to their craft. The immense, impactful, and influential waves that they have already created with their past pop-centric work has been effectively concealed and placed out of sight by way …

4WD – [Nick Thomas]

Making his Lyrical Lemonade debut, Nick Thomas  is a 22 year-old artist from Los Angeles, California. Thomas ambitiously unenrolled from NYU to pursue music as well as fashion modeling. Currently represented by One Management New York, Special Management Milan, and Vision Los Angeles, Nick has worked for clients such as Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Theory, and John Elliott. The saxophone specifically jumpstarted his career in music at the young age of ten, before Thomas began working professional music studios at age eighteen. Nick’s latest visual is for his song “4wd,” which is off his brand new album entitled Stop Motion. With intention to directly pay homage to LA nightlife and thrilling after-parties in the hills pre-pandemic, the track effectively asserts itself as a certified banger. Accompanied by several fun-seeking models, Thomas’ vocals reflect a bass-heavy, yet chill trap record fitting for your next late evening drive. Watch the official music video below, shot by Nick Thomas’ very own record label Half Past Records.

love u lately – [Laica]

The euphorically rich style of Laica returns to the digital pages of Lyrical Lemonade today for her new music video, “love u lately.” Capturing a romantic infatuation that leads to love potions, sleep darts, and a kidnapping, the Cooper Leith-directed video paints a humorous narrative that echoes the song’s love-spell story.  Brought to life by synth layered R&B production, Laica intimately details the difficult world of dating and how sometimes falling for someone and expressing that feeling is the hardest thing to do. Laica describes this grey area with precision, explaining the unrequited back-and-forth felt when trying to feel out a romantic situation. The new single and video come off of the impending release of Laica’s upcoming album, i’m so fine at being alone, set to release in June. Read what Laica had to say about her new song and video below, saying,  “‘love u lately’ is basically about the dating game and trying to figure out how the other person is feeling/thinking but getting mixed feelings so you do the same cause you reciprocate whatever energy or vibes they give you” Watch the new video for “love u lately” by Laica below.

Get Refreshed | Fishmonger Season, The Aj-Umru Connection, and EPs For Everyone

“Get Refreshed” is a weekly column by Billy Bugara covering all things digital in the music world. Refresh yourself here.  Cover by Bernard Vernon fishmonger, Or, How To Be Today’s Perfect Album For Yesterday What do you call an album that sets out to do everything, and then does more than everything? I think I’d refer to an album like this as “one in a million,” but fishmonger also works just as well. We were promised quite an impactful project given the anticipation that came from underscores’ long-awaited solo return, yet none of us could have predicted the sheer ambition, flawless sonic balance, and masterfully-constructed songwriting that this album ended up exhibiting — all under the mantle of numerous sounds, styles, and overall creative dynamism within this 34-minute journey.  This is the first album to fully, and I mean fully, encompass what the decade of the 2000s means to those who grew up in it; it goes above and beyond what even the likes of 100 Gecs have been able to do inside that same arena. Everything is here, and it’s here en masse: the brightest points of pop’s teen-centric era, the emotionally-profound soundscapes of alt-rock and emo that laid …

Get Refreshed: The Importance of Astari, lei’s Hot Streak Continues, and Remembering The Month Of Uzi

“Get Refreshed” is a weekly column by Billy Bugara covering all things digital in the music world. Refresh yourself here.  Cover by Bernard Vernon NOVAGANG (Feat. Funeral and Zee!): “HUNNID ROUND” Talk about the most obvious pairing to ever exist. Though the former is among the group’s longest-tenured members and the latter being recruited just this year, NOVAGANG’s very own Zee! and Funeral perform together like Magic and Kareem. Both these two have the ability to take on practically any style they’d like in a given moment, but the relentlessly brazen deliveries heard on tracks like “HUNNID ROUND” are perhaps where they shine brightest on a consistent basis. Every time these two take this particular approach, the resulting track always factors out to an experience that’s equal-parts intoxicating as it is poignant. Combined with exceptional production work from their collective’s now de-facto leader Stef, no track better exudes the group’s eternal mantra of “intensified simplicity” than what we have here.   lei: “whatiswrongwithme?” Could someone please tell lei to just… miss? For once? I mean, we’re nearly 3 months into 2021, they’ve dropped almost 10 songs in this time, and not a single one hasn’t been a hit. What’s …