No Rush – [Kiana Valenciano] ft. [Billy Davis]

There’s certain songs that take a listener out of their surroundings, seemingly slowing down time for the moment their tuned in. RnB vocalist Kiana Valenciano does just that on her latest track, “No Rush”. Blending electronic, funk, and RnB into a mesmerizing mix, Valenciano and producer Billy Davis turn wherever you are right now into a dancefloor. Over the smooth production, Valenciano’s sweet, airy vocals become the main attraction on this track. She mirrors the melodies of the track’s synths and guitars in a way that blends into the beat seamlessly, encapsulating the sound of the song in her own tone. The rising artist’s discography so far showcases her versatility, culminating last year on her album ‘See Me’. “No Rush” continues to highlight the breadth of her talent, venturing into a fusion of genres that pairs perfectly with her crystal clear voice. Listen to “No Rush” by Kiana Valenciano below: