Solace – [Nate Traveller]

Nate Traveller is an up and coming singer/songwriter who currently resides in Los Angeles, California. If you haven’t yet heard of this talented artist, then today is truly your lucky day. Last night on my way home, I tuned into my discover weekly Spotify playlist and had the chance to listen to one of Nate’s most recent releases. The brand new offering entitled “Solace” was just so good that I had to reach out to Traveller and pick his brain. The 23 year old east coast native (North Carolina and Florida) explained to me that his musical journey got started when he was 17 years old. Early on, he got integrated with a really cool community of fellow artists and creatives, which was the very thing that helped him pursue his passion for music in a real and tangible way. After a couple of tracks and releases, Nate realized that people rocked with his music and decided to make the move out to LA. From meeting his manager to signing with a publishing group, it’s extremely safe to say that his career is on the up and up. When it comes to his new song, there aren’t enough good things …

Pilot – [G6]

G6 is a bit of a mystery. With only three songs to his name and minimal social media activity, the Florida emcee has already landed a deal with Republic. A quick play on spin on his latest offering, “Pilot,” and it’s not hard to see why. G6 enters with a clean effort that comes with a lyric video to highlight his knack for sticky, flex-heavy wordplay. Sonically, G6 engages with a simmering approach. His mellow style pairs nicely with Underscoe and Scar’s warm boardwalk to give off a potent, vibed-out feel. It may be a slow burn, by “Pilot” is super potent, so give it a few spins before you move on, because it’ll stick with you.

Collingwood – [Tim Ajayi]

An artist out of Florida that goes by Tim Ajayi is making his first appearance on our website tonight with his brand new tape titled “Collingwood”. I wasn’t familiar with Tim Ajayi before finding this new project on Soundcloud, but after deciding to give it a chance I found myself enjoying it, Tim’s unique voice & style makes for an interesting sound that I didn’t see coming. It’s a rather quick listen coming in at just six tracks in length but it’s worth the twenty minutes if you ask me, but if you can only check out one song here, I’d recommended the beautiful joint titled “California”. I am excited to learn more about Tim Ajayi as I continue to follow his future releases, but for now I am going to be taking some time to sit with this project a little bit more, and so should you!

How This Feels – [R.LUM.R]

Nashville by way of Florida singer R.LUM.R shows off his pen and amazing vocal range with a heartfelt new video for “How This Feels.” To call this a music video seems as if it would be a disservice to R.LUM.R and the video director. These visuals and imagery emit dark eerie vibes which certainly match the tone of the single and feel more like a romance movie. “How This Feels” is full of passion and it’s evident with the vulnerability in his songwriting and the brilliant execution of falsetto laced runs R.LUM.R is able to pull off. With his EP entitled ‘Frustrated’ that dropped in early 2018 R.LUM.R is gearing up for his forthcoming debut album that’s due out this fall under Island Records. If he’s able to keep up with releasing striking videos and combining them these polished and firey singles then look out for R.LUM.R to be a sneaky pick for breakthrough album of the year. Watch R.LUM.R’s music video for his alluring new single “How This Feels” below.

Watch Denzel Curry’s brand new interview with No Jumper

Denzel Curry was recently at Wireless Festival in London performing and he got together with his homie Adam22 for an awesome new interview for No Jumper! You will find the two of them touching on several subjects such as the early days of Raider Klan, his come up, what has changed since that time, XXXTentacion, A$AP Mob, SpaceGhostPurrp, Xavier Wulf, mental health, being inspired by Andre 3000 & New York hip-hop, people being taken away too soon, Pouya, being careful with how he moves, the Florida rap scene and Denzel even turns the camera on Adam for a few questions at one point! Take some time out of your day to watch this brand new interview below.

IDNT – [Wafflejax]

Fun, energetic, young, bouncy. I recently discovered Florida-based rapper Wafflejax. I’m not sure what it is about Florida, but there is an extreme amount of actual talent coming out of there. Not only is there a lot talent, there’s an exceptional amount of very young talent. Listening to Wafflejax, you’d imagine that you’re listening to a seasoned 20-something-year-old rapper, but in reality, you’re listening to a seasoned 17-year-old rapper. “IDNT” is essentially a short, concise track with an important message: don’t take life so seriously, enjoy, and have fun. What really impresses me about Wafflejax is his incredible control of his flow. Drawing comparisons to XXXTentacion, Busta Rhymes, and more, the young rapper is about to make a gigantic splash in the hip hop scene. Produced by MarvinTheMartian, the song has a captivating sample and a powerful kick, providing Waffle the perfect platform to spit on. He is a “must” on my list of artists to keep up with. Listen to “IDNT” here: Words by Barry R

Nova – [Marco XO]

With all this alien and Area 51 talk going on. I think we need to nominate someone to lead the charge on interstellar relations. Who better than Marco XO? The Florida-native is back for the third time this year with another space-themed cut in “Nova.” Here, Marco flexes a little atop a unique beat that blends an airy flute-esque sound with a murky, off-kilter bass. Marco is able to match both the light and airy and the heavier feel with an elasticized flow and ties it all together with a simple hook that’ll get begs for you to stunt along with him.

Forest Green – [Q]

There never seems to be a shortage of talent emerging from the Sunshine State. My latest musical fascination coming out of South Florida is non-other than, Q. First introduced to his music through his lead single, “Your Special,” I was immediately blown away by the bare-all sensibility of the acoustic record. The singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has followed it up with his seven-track debut, Forest Green. The 18-minute showcasing effortlessly utilizes a barrage of sonic elements and introspective lyricism to depict Q’s journey. The album’s opener, “Lavender,” features soft vocals atop coarse production. Flexing his skills as a producer, Q shows off his range and flexibility as an artist, combining the contrasting elements of his voice with grittier production. Progressing forward with guitar-driven tracks like the love-pleading cries of “Lady” and unapologetic honesty of “I Get Tired,” Q showcases a confident self-awareness. The project’s fourth record, “I Might Slip Away if I Don’t Feel Nothing,” can be seen as the debut’s interlude. Hopeful in his romantic advancements, Q paints a familiar picture of our tumultuous relationship with love. The song concludes with an abrupt transition into the downtempo of the love-assured serenade, “Pray Together.” Nearing the album’s close, Q serenades listeners …

Phone Numbers – [Dominic Fike]

Unfortunate as it may be in many situations, fame tends to bring friends, peers, and even relatives out of the woodworks. When an individual finds success, especially in a monetary sense, a plethora of faces inevitably decide that they’re entitled to a portion of the winnings and attention, leading many artists to disconnect themselves from the outside world in the process. For one of today’s most promising young stars, Dominic Fike, this had led the Florida-bred talent to change his phone number several times, always running from the random people who try to eat off of his hard-earned success. Here enters Fike’s brand new single, “Phone Numbers.” Made in collaboration with none other than Kenny Beats, this offering provides listeners with a unique look at Fike’s balance between his roots in rap and his more recent pop stylings. The concoction of Kenny’s hip-hop prowess and Fike’s lighter, highly accessible deliveries plays a perfect line in the middle, and the result is a song that swiftly combines two worlds into one, easily-lovable piece for a wide array of listeners to love. That said, as is the case with the rest of Fike’s catalog to date, “Phone Numbers” is perfect for any …

Thug Cry – [Soldier Kidd]

Up and coming Florida rapper Soldier Kidd is back with his newest offering, “Thug Cry.” Truly emotive in melodic performance, gives listeners a short glimpse of the brutal expectations that come with being a “thug.” Drawing comparisons to artists such as Kodak Black, the rapper has made a tremendous splash in the game with headbangers. In my opinion, Soldier has shown his listeners that he is gracefully maturing. With heartbreaking lyrics such as, “I don’t wanna cry, I feel it in my chest / Thug gotta cry, when you feelin upset,” this song is extremely easy to relate to whether you’re a thug or not. The song represents letting go of your problems, and lets all listeners know it’s ok to cry. Bravo, Soldier Kidd. Produced by Yung Tago, the song radiates emotion, giving all listeners all the more reason to relate to the young rapper. In short, “Thug Cry,” is a big step for Soldier Kidd. Make sure to stream the new single here: Words by Barry R