Watch Riff Raff’s brand new interview on This Past Week

Riff Raff is a Houston, Texas legend who has been doing his thing in the music community for some years now, and he recently sat down with Theo Von of the This Past Week podcast for a dope new conversation. You will find the two of them speaking about a ton of random yet interesting subjects including when he first moved to Los Angeles, his come up, life before social media, Hulk Hogan approaching him about being a WWE wrestler, losing thirty pounds since being in Florida, some of his favorite cars, people that he thinks should grow mullets, his many animals he owns, shoes, the pants on the ground guy, some of his favorite sports figures, his favorite snacks as a kid, selling lemonade as a kid to get money, CD’s and more. Take about an hour out of your time to check out this hilarious new interview below.

Thank the Gang – [Twelve’Len]

Miami-native Twelve’Len has appeared on the pages of LL before as a guest–most recently as a part of Cesar Santalo’s “Light You Up“–but here he makes his solo-Lemonade debut thanks to a charismatic effort in “Thank The Gang.” For this one, the up-and-comer takes a second to celebrate not just his accomplishments but the people behind him who have made it all possible and he does so with a retro twist. Grabbing a chiming, cushioned beat from Mickey De Grand IV & FnZ and loading the visuals with fluorescent lights and a blurry coating (, Twelve’Len gives off an 80’s R&B type feel. Even with a cushioned 80’s vibe, his voice is still splashed that Florida grit to give the effort some edge. No word on if this is a part of anything larger as of yet, but considering how strong this track is, it wouldn’t surprise me to see it on a tracklist down the line.

Watch Trippie Redd’s brand new interview with Nardwuar

Trippie Redd was the latest guest on Nardwuar’s fantastic platform, as they caught up for a new ten minute interview when they were both recently in Miami, Florida. You will find Nardwuar asking Trippie Redd about plenty of things such as MF Doom, Slim Jesus, Kiss, XXYYXX, Lyrical Lemonade’s own Cole Bennett, Drake’s record “Shot For Me”, his tattoos, RSO, new artists he has signed, Ghostbusters, Eric Andre, why people should care about him and more! Check out this awesome new conversation below.

Everyday – [Splash Zanotti]

Florida emcee Splash Zanotti killed his Rolling Loud Set over the weekend and today he graces the Lyrical Lemonade pages with his video “Everyday.” The song stems from his project Sz Canis Majoris that dropped back in December of last year. In these FXRBES directed visuals Splash Zanotti is seen tying up a victim and torturing him whiling crooning over the track. Other scenes include Splashing reminiscing on more lighthearted times spent with his family and holding his son. Compared to the other songs in his discography this would be considered a switch up in Splash’s soundscape. On the contrarey, this is far from a feel-good song from the Miami lyricist. The message of the song and the images of the video are meant to portray a message that people hurt other people to feel. Watch the video for Splash Zanotti’s “Everyday” after the break.

Sunny Side Up – [Maddie Barker]

Maddie Barker is a teenager from Orlando, Florida whose making her Lyrical Lemonade debut today with her single “Sunny Side Up.” Growing up Maddie was exposed to a lot of jazz and soul records by hearing parents and you can gather that just by listening to her voice on “Sunny Side.” This song fits perfectly within the sad girl tunes or the low key and bedroom pop wave that is currently going on in music right now. I wish I had more music to dive into so I could see how Maddie plans to diversify and separate herself from the rest of the pack. But one thing that is working for her is that she’s still very young and she has time to build on her sound. “Sunny Side Up” is only the beginning of her journey and it’s off to a solid start. Stream Maddie Barker’s debut single “Sunny Side Up” after the break.

IDK WHERE – [Yeek]

As of late, Florida has developed a fascinating, deeply diverse identity in the cutting edge of music. From the ample supply of sound-shifting, trend-setting rap coming out of the state to the hip-hop-influenced indie of artists such as Yeek and Dominic Fike, the state is seeing a broad mutation in sound, style, and image. Barriers between genres are becoming increasingly blurred, artists are developing wide arrays of skill and sound, and more than anything, the music is just as incredible as it is unique, making Florida a must-watch area. That said, today, we introduce one of FL’s finest representatives right now — the aforementioned Yeek — with his brand new EP, IDK WHERE. Right in line with the connotation of the title, the latest from Yeek is a release that burrows right in between genres, blending a lively supply of influence into one, undeniably energizing style. The project arrives packed with stories of reflection and introspection, and quite often, it seems to shift further from an audience-intentive release into an almost diary-esque style of writing — that is, to the listener’s pleasure, of course, as the deeply personal lyricism resonates so well without compromising identity in the process. On both a …

RICKY – [Denzel Curry]

The ascension of Denzel Curry has been one of rap’s most rewarding sights to see in recent memory. Not only is the Florida artist’s catalog competitive with the best of them, but the sheer improvement and energy shown throughout all of his releases is a story for the ages. Needless to say, it’s always going to be a great day when Curry blesses us with a new release, and today, he’s here to impress with an undisputable banger and complementary visual, “RICKY.” Titled as a tribute to his father, this haymaker-inducing song takes fans to the backyard, where the striking intensity of street fights goes down in front of an enthusiastic crowd. All throughout the in-your-face vigor of the deliveries, Curry drops off some enticing pieces of advice from several family members, and resulting is a heavy emphasis placed on the wisdom and lessons imparted through the budding star’s upbringing. That said, this family-minded release brings fans much deeper into the animated world of Denzel Curry, so don’t sleep — “RICKY” is a must-watch and a must-listen! Director: Twelve’len Supervising Director: Zev Deans Producer: Wes Hager

Hold Me Back – [KB]

By: Stacy Burse, Jr. “My homies call me Thanos, cause that brother only snaps/” As he compares himself to Thanos, Florida-rapper KB (@kb_hga) really “snaps” on his new track, “Hold Me Back”. “Hold Me Back” is produced by Cardec Drums (@cardecdrums) and the song serves as an anthem to everyone who’s felt like things or people are trying to hold them back from achieving their dreams. Directed by Caleb Natale (@caleb_natale), who is known for his amazing visual effects and originally gained a following from Vine, the video shows KB in various locations like on top of a truck and behind-the-scenes with his tour-mates, all while including various eye-catching effects. This one is definitely a solid release, so check out the “Hold Me Back” video below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Clearwater – [They Hate Change]

They Hate Change is on our pages for the first time with their latest EP, Clearwater, released last month. I instantly became a fan of these guys after I was impressed by their previous project, the 22-minute Now, and Never Again, released last year. The glitchy and hovering boundary-pushing beats, along with catchy flows, encompassing a variety of intriguing subject matter, made it a stand-out project for me. The Florida duo, Andre and Vonne, are here in 2019 with an EP named after their hometown. It features the same chemistry and forward-thinking production as their previous projects, and not a moment is wasted on this 11-minute offering. From the instant play is pressed on the first track, a hard-hitting 808 bass kicks in along with a bubbly synthesizer, and this momentum doesn’t fall off in the slightest throughout the EP. The glitchy and quirky beats on here bang, and the two emcees have great mic presence, proving themselves as a duo who deserves more recognition. Subject matter wise, the two touch on their past and feeling unimportant, while sprinkling in some social commentary, most notably on “Tabs”, which features a fun, bouncy and melodic trap beat. Throughout the entire project …

LL Presents: The Matty Wood$ Q&A

Matty Wood$ is a creative out of St. Louis who I have been covering here on our website for some years now, but when he was recently in Chicago I brought him to the Lyrical Lemonade office for our first conversation face to face, and in turn we now have a dope new Q&A for the fans! Not only is Matty a super talented artist who creates great music, he has the overall look & charisma of a superstar and he just might be one of the funniest rappers I have ever met, and I am sure those traits will help him down the road. Most importantly, Matty has a great group of solid individuals around him in his 2200 crew that are going to keep him improving at all times, the sky is truly the limit for this young legend. Stream his latest album I’l Be Fine below while you check out the Q&A, and after you’re done be sure to follow Matty on Twitter here! — EM: Before we dive into the questions, give our readers who may not be familiar with you a brief introduction of yourself.   MW: You know who it is, Tony T, Matty …