What It’s Gone Be / Everything I Need – [Brittney Carter]

Whenever people ask me what new upcoming Chicago artists are some of the most talented or have the most potential, I always seem to mention the amazing Brittney Carter, who is back with two new songs today titled “What It’s Gone Be / Everything I Need”. It’s not every day that you get blessed with some new material, and definitely not often that you receive two brand new joints from her, so I was thrilled when I saw that these were released! I liked both of these records provided, by my favorite one was definitely the second, it’s so soulful and ear-pleasing. Brittney Carter is so talented man, I can’t wait to hear a full-length project from her sometime in the future! Also, hopefully, we can bring her by the LL office soon for an on-camera interview soon. For now though, listen to these two brand new songs below!

Far From Here Freestyle – [Brittney Carter]

I apologize because I am admittedly a few weeks late to this one, but not too long ago the rising Chicago star Brittney Carter released a new jam titled “Far From Here Freestyle”. Brittney Carter is one of the newest gems to come out of the city and she has been making some serious noise this year with her witty, punch line filled tracks just like this new joint, which finds her displaying her lyrical ability + rapid flows. Brittney gave us some killer bars here that any true hip-hop fan can enjoy, I have a good feeling about where her talents are going to take her, but press play below to see her skills for yourself!

Practice & Supplicate – [Brittney Carter]

I have been on these pages raving about Chicago talent Brittney Carter time and time again so far in 2019, and today she is back with not one, but two brand new records titled “Practice” and “Supplicate”. The first joint is kicked off with the classic Allen Iverson comment about “practice”, and it led straight into a groovy ass beat that was created by Lil Kydd and DJ Scend, before Brittney came through with a charismatic flow & some killer bars. The second offering had me HYPED when I saw the production credit because Brittney connected with the GOAT Ro Marsalis, and I don’t think i could whip up a better duo of young Chicago talent that I would want to see on a track together more compared to these two, and g they went dumb! I have been planning on bringing Brittney Carter through the office soon for an interview, so hopefully we can knock that out soon and get the Q&A to the fans, but as you wait for that go ahead and check out these two new tunes below!

Breakthrough – [Brittney Carter]

Chicago creative Brittney Carter has been putting out some quality music for a minute now and has been growing her presence in the Chicago music scene, and this afternoon she is back with her FIRST EVER music video for her song “Breakthrough”. For being her first visual ever I must say that I was blown away with just how good it came out, a large amount of this credit goes to @miguelvisuals_ who was the mastermind behind the camera. Take a few minutes of your day to check out her debut visual below and if you like it be sure to give her a follow on Twitter here. Song produced by Disrupt and Heir Porter.

Brittney Carter releases two new songs!

I have been speaking highly of Chicago talent Brittney Carter on our pages for a minute now, and the other day she released not one, but two brand new records! The first one is titled “You Can’t Hold The Torch”, where she continued her recent trend of dropping super quick one minute gems over some soulful production that may ring a bell for some, where you will find her dropping damn near the hottest 50 second verse I have ever heard. The second offering is called “Beatrix Kiddo” and I was PUMPED at the beginning when I heard one of my favorite J Dilla Instrumentals, and sure enough the Chicago spitter tore that beat up as well, making for my favorite of the two. Take a few minutes of your time to check out both of these new songs below and if you like Brittney’s sound be sure to give her a follow on Soundcloud here.

Guess Who’s Bizzack – [Brittney Carter]

One of the best gems that shined in 2018 was Chicago’s own Brittney Carter, and a few days ago she released a brand new offering titled “Guess Who’s Bizzack”. Any hip-hop head will recognize this classic instrumental as soon as they press play, as Brittney Carter flipped Scarface’s smash hit, and sheeeeeesh she did her thing on this beat! I have wrote thousands of articles about hundreds upon hundreds of different artists & creatives here on Lyrical Lemonade, but it’s not too often that I get this feeling about a talent, understand that you guys are witnessing the start of something great. Brittney Carter has an extremely bright future ahead of her and I am so excited to watch her continue to grow into the artist that she’s going to become. Stream this brand new joint below and if you like what you hear be sure to give Brittney a follow on IG here.

Paper Crowns – [Brittney Carter]

Brittney Carter was featured on our website once way back at the start of 2017 on a track that she was featured on, but today she is making her solo Lyrical Lemonade debut with her brand new offering titled “Paper Crowns”. She joined forces with producer Mike Jones who constructed this laid back instrumental, and she took a couple minutes to bless us with a display of lyrical excellence, rhyming about everything from her fears to just how she got to this point. Listen to this sensational new record below and if you like it be sure to give her a follow on Soundcloud here!

Operation X – [Dougy] Ft. [Ali] x [Brittney Carter] x [Stark of Huey] & [Femdot]

Chicago native Dougy just recruited multiple hot artists to hop on one record, as he linked up with Ali, Brittney Carter, Stark of Huey and last but certainly not least, Femdot for a brand new track titled “Operation X.” Operation is definitely the right word to use when talking about all the different talents used on this song, but there’s no doubt that he picked the right crew for the job, as they each contributed solid efforts in order to make for an all around good listen. Don’t take my word for it though, check it out for yourself below and let me know what you think about it in the comments section!