Just Friends – [Eli Major]

Chicago’s own Eli Major singer and songwriter drops his first single of 2019 with “Just Friends.” This new offering embodies the perfect mood for the Springtime. “Just Friends” is a smooth laid back ballad that combines contemporary r&b with melodic and soulful sounds. The narrative of the track explained by Eli via email is him “telling a story of rekindling feelings from a past relationship that has to begin to resurface over time.” “Just Friends falls into the alternative r&b category and Major has expressed his desire to continue experimenting with this style of music. This doesn’t come as a surprise as Eli Major stated to me some of his musical influences include Frank Ocean, Khalid, Coldplay, and Daniel Caesar. It should be interesting to see what path his musical journey takes as we travel deeper into the year. We should expect a project from Eli around this Fall so that gives us something to look forward to. Listen to Eli Major’s soothing track “Just Friends” after the break.

Walls – [Ryan Woods]

Beyond the act of storytelling through lyrics, music has the unique ability to actually paint pictures of the scenes that it describes using the sound that surrounds the words. Here to deliver a perfect example of this, an artist by the name of Ryan Woods is here with an incredible new single entitled “Walls.” By splashing color onto the story at hand here, Woods’ latest is a striking example of the power of instrumentation in music, specifically when considering what exactly the sound adds to a given song. Sampling a police siren and pairing it with a dreamy set of guitar riffs and cathartic vocals, this release embodies the idea of creating an entirely new world through music. The rising talent’s songwriting skills are certainly impressive by themselves, but just as impactful are the sun-soaked chords here that push “Walls” to the next level. That said, this is a wonderful release all the way through, so be sure to check out “Walls” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Watch Lord Apex Perform “Vintage Garms” on COLORS

  I’ve been a big fan of West London native Lord Apex for some time now, and today, taking on a well-deserved opportunity, the rising talent is here with his own episode of COLORS during which he performs “Vintage Garms.” Taken off of his Smoke Sessions Vol. 2 mixtape, this song is the perfect release to bring to the esteemed COLORS studio, matching perfectly alongside the hypnotic, deep shade of green that provides a complementary aesthetic to the performance. Additionally, Apex’s rendition of the song is, as expected, hazy and soulful as can be. It’s a perfect example of the effortless charisma that Apex embodies, marking just one of many reasons why he’s one of London’s most promising emcees at the moment. That said, we here at Lyrical lemonade have been big fans of Apex for some time now, and it’s a wonderful sight to see him garnering the attention that he deserves. Watch Lord Apex take on COLORS below! Produced by Drae Tha Skimask

Five Life Lessons From J Dilla’s ‘Donuts’

By: John Matraia Loops surround us in our everyday lives. Rings. Coins. Wheels. Even donuts, a favorite snack of the late producer J Dilla. But loops mean much more than those run-of-the-mill items when looking at J Dilla’s magnum opus: the 31-track journey through life that is Donuts. For those unfamiliar with J Dilla (also known as Jay Dee), he was a music producer and rapper from Detroit, born in 1974. On Donuts, his most acclaimed solo body of work, he proves himself as the master of loops (short, repetitive sample patterns) found at the core of every song. In fact, the album as a whole acts as one never-ending loop, running seamlessly from the first song to the last and then back to the first. Dilla communicates through these loops on this instrumental project, speaking volumes without any vocals from the man himself. Dilla created Donuts entirely on an MPC3000, a device that the Detroit producer knew the ins and outs of more than almost anyone, without any technological help from the machine’s myriad of capabilities. More specifically, Dilla famously made the project without “quantization” — a feature of the MPC that moves certain drum notes in place with …

Sophisticated Intellect – [Levi Carter]

Levi Carter is the kind of artist who doesn’t need to release new music too often in order to turn heads. Rather, his naturally charismatic, boss mentality grabs attention without ever having to reach for it, marking one of many reasons why the Bronx native has become such a promising force in rap over the past few years. Today, Carter is back on Lyrical Lemonade with a brand new night-visioned release, “Sophisticated Intellect.” Backed by a chilling, hard-nosed beat, this ominous offering keeps it straight to the point, detailing the events and attitudes that have made Carter the man he is today. In the visuals, adding a dimension of imagery to this menacing release, Carter holds a balloon for a majority of the video, acting as a point of contrast between the lyrics and the accompanying scenery. With this, the creative direction visually is seamlessly on par with the impressive sonic direction, making “Sophisticated Intellect” an all-around must-watch and must-listen. That said, all signs are pointing up for Levi Carter, and based on the stone-cold attitude that his latest release embodies, it’s clear that he’s not playing games on his ascent to the top. Check out “Sophisticated Intellect” at the …

WJIT – [Curtis Roach]

Curtis Roach first caught my ear in 2017 when he released his energetic Highly Caffeinated mixtape, and since then, the Detroit artist has been pushing his jazz-influenced sound to even more exciting places. Today, Roach returns with a music video for his latest single, “WJIT”. Taking form as “Curtis the Jit Man’, Roach brings us to the roller rink for an ultimate homage to Detroit’s influential dance scene. The track itself also takes inspiration from the city’s dance music, incorporating the upbeat rhythms that powered the viral fast footwork movement. Roach embodies this energy with finesse, simultaneously boastful and carefree in his verses. It’s hard to stay still while bumping “WJIT”, and after watching its equally infectious visual accompaniment, you’ll probably be looking up the closest roller rink near you too. Check out this one below and let us know what you think in the comments!


In the streaming age of music, complete, unique ideas and albums are often compromised for the sake of quick appeal. Whether accredited to monetary gain, the ease of finding success via trend-hopping, or for the sake of virality, a considerable portion of popular music has continuously turned away from quality in favor of pure volume and therefore, increased streams. However, while this idea certainly caters to the general consensus of decreasing attention spans, it certainly doesn’t condemn the success of the groups and artists who take the opposite route, putting out full albums and achieving growth through quality releases and authenticity. Certainly, this might come at the cost of time, but in the eyes of longevity, artists can still make a lasting impact in this way, just as New York city band LAUNDRY DAY is opting to do. Comprised of 5 members — Etai, Sawyer, HW, HP, and Jude — LAUNDRY DAY is an operation born out of friendship. Reflected in the pure cohesivity of their three projects to date (including their latest, HOMESICK), the group works as a whole, communicating impassioned, undeniably genuine accounts of the life and emotions that they know best. Sonically, LAUNDRY DAY’s versatility plays into …

Wasteland – [Tierra Whack]

With three singles released in the past three weeks, it should come as no surprise to hear that Tierra Whack has been on fire as of late. Even with such frequent releases, she’s been able to consistently impress with each one, offering up beautiful slices of the life and personality that she so gleefully embodies. Today, this streak is kept up as Whack is back on our pages with her fourth offering of #whackhistorymonth, “Wasteland.” Smooth as can be and decorated with bright splashes of background vocals, this offering gives the budding star a chance to show off the incredible array of cadences that she first perfected on Whack World. Clocking in at just over three minutes, Whack never ceases to entertain, one line after another, and as a result, I feel confident in saying that her fourth offering in four weeks is yet another fantastic example of Whack’s unique talents. That said, be sure to stream “Wasteland” at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments! Animation by @poormarty Artwork by @brotherzachary

La La Land – [Bryce Vine]

Los Angeles recording artist Bryce Vine teams up with fellow west coast star YG to drop a vibrant track in “La La Land.” I first stumbled across Bryce Vine’s music back in 2017 with his song “Drew Barrymore.” Early on I could see the potential with his sound and him being able to craft music that would translate over to a certain audience. Vine’s music has a carefree and blissful tone to it similar to the likes of rappers like Chance the Rapper and Kyle. Bryce’s talent shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise if you do some digging. His mother is the talented Tracey Ellis Ross, who played a hand in Bryce getting into music at an early age. “La La Land” is a summer record so everything from the hook to the verses is happy to go lucky and it’s a tune that’s actually really catchy. YG’s verse on this track is the whipped cream on top as he embodies the overall west coast theme of the single. Stream Bryce Vine’s “La La Land” below.

In Bloom, Forever – [Lord Felix]

Brockton, MA native Lord Felix is certainly no stranger to our pages here at Lyrical Lemonade, appearing in headlines several times over the past year or so with his inimitably clear creative vision and undeniably impressive execution of this vision. Today, ending the long wait for his debut project and binding together the energy and emotion of all of his past releases, Felix is back on Lyrical Lemonade with the release of his first full-length offering, In Bloom, Forever. Personally, I’ve been waiting for this project for about two years at this point, and while that’s certainly an insane amount of time to build up anticipation for any body of work, I must say that Lord Felix delivered on his promises and then some. Presented with a rainbow-gradient cover photo, this project embodies its artistic direction by presenting a rainbow-like range of emotions, from sun-soaked, bright yellows all the way down to an ominous black that soundtracks Felix’s lowest moments. Likewise, the title, In Bloom, Forever, tracks the progress from one color to the next, taking note that however high or low he’s feeling on a given day, Felix is always blooming and growing, both as an artist and as an individual. From …