loving you-[bodie]

Now that I currently reside in Arizona, it is always a great feeling to discover some dope new talent right here in the desert. Bodie Wade is a singer from the Phoenix area who is making his long overdue Lyrical Lemonade debut. The Los Angeles native grew up in a house full of musicians and started making music as soon as he came out of the womb. I wish I was lying, but after listening to his newest song, ‘loving you’, you’ll see that it’s definitely not an exaggeration. ‘loving you’ is not your typical love song. bodie’s latest offering is one that has grit, soul and beauty all wrapped up and ready to be served to anyone feening for a guilty pleasure track. The Arizona singer has the vocals on lock, but in order to add some excess flavor, he enlisted help from his friend and fellow vocalist, Reagan Capaci. The two of them together are a match made in heaven. Producer, Mofio Music created the perfect vibe that highlights both of their capabilities and brings it all together in a song that you won’t want to stop listening to.  I’ve attached the spotify link below so don’t hesitate …

It Rains – [Wiley From Atlanta] ft. [Kenny Mason]

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover…or in this case, title. You might see the name of this Lyrical Lemonade newcomer, Wiley From Atlanta, and be expecting a certain type of trap, but Wiley breaks the mold with a super unique style which, in a certain way, embodies the unconventional, creative spirit of Atlanta. He’s not what you might expect, and displaying this today, Wiley is here on our pages with one of my favorite discoveries of 2018, “It Rains” — an effort that encapsulates why I hopped on the bandwagon when I first came across his music in the first place What always jumps out to me is Wiley’s emotion and authenticity. Here, he pours (pun intended) over the end of a relationship, bringing to life his personal, emotional songwriting with raspy vocals that give off a truly genuine feel. Joining Wiley is fellow ATL-native, Kenny Mason, whose auto-tune twinged vocals fit incredibly well with the cascading, electronic-inspired beat from DvDx, and resulting from this collaboration, we receive a solid offering that I would certainly recommend our listeners check out. No word on if this is part of anything larger, but if you need more, I highly suggest Wiley’s …

DepressedInLA – [LIL PCP]

Brooklyn based rapper, Lil PCP releases his newest single, “DepressedInLA.” After a brief few days in the city of angels, Lil PCP returns with a track that embodies the energy he felt while visiting L.A. The track begins with a Spanish guitar that sets a certain tone to the ominous track. Once the bass kicks in the song catches a psychedelic vibe where Lil PCP excels in providing a melodic overture to the track’s darker production crafted by Alec Jackson and cFee! This is Lil PCP’s first offering of the new year following his collaborative effort, “Insomnia,” with Polo Hayes in November of last year. Make sure to keep an eye on Lil PCP as his distinguishable brand of music and following is garnering him mass amounts of attention on Souncloud and social media.

Habit – [Still Woozy]

Oakland, California singer and songwriter Still Woozy continues to build momentum with the release of his groovy psychedelic single “Habit.” Woozy is one of those artists that’s multi-talented and is influenced by various genres in music. The first song that captivated my attention was the track “Goodie Bag.” Right away I was enamored by his electronic sound blended in with small traces of rap and r&b influences. The transitions and breaks are smooth throughout the song which helps add to the funky element that Still Woozy embodies. I like to imagine it being like new age psychedelic music, something that could’ve come from the 70’s but still feels modern, This is the sixth single that he’s released from his vault and he’s currently headlining his own 19 city tour with supporting acts. Hopefully, when the tour is done we can get a full body of work that we can digest and dive into. Stream Still Woozy’s “Habit” below.

Leave Me Alone – [Neeko Crowe]

With the release of his new, four-track project, Neeko Crow took to Instagram to provide some context for the aptly titled Four Now, saying, “I’ve put an emphasis on making music that embodies how I feel at the moment of creation.” The approach clearly worked, as evidenced by the project’s standout cut, “Leave Me Alone.” Arguably the most powerful of the four cuts, “Leave Me Alone” comes from a dark place. Utilizing croaking vocals that stroll the line between singing and rapping, Crowe opens up about his demons with lines like “Trying to get away but out the depths, I couldn’t climb” and “See the glass half empty, my body emptier.” The subdued delivery contributes perfectly to this dark, haunting atmosphere, and production-wise, Neeko’s Houston roots are on display, with a hazy, syrupy beat that Chad Butler would surely bend a few corners to. If you dig this cut, definitely check out Four Now, but be ready, because Neeko Crow has range and no two songs sound alike.

Lullaby – [Inner Wave]

Rising indie rock band Inner Wave blessed us on Christmas with a new single entitled “Lullaby.” In 2018 there was a resurgence of a bunch of indie alternative rock acts. The Los Angeles collective can be categorized as modern psychedelia as well. “Lullaby” comes off the heels of the release of ‘Underderwater+’ EP. The 7 track project was the only drop this year from them and the track that most people have been trying to gravitate to is “2031.”Lullaby” embodies their patented mellow airy sound which is a staple throughout Inner Wave’s discography. Moving into 2019 I expect Inner Wave to make a bigger leap moving into the new year, but for now stream their new song below!

Miami – [Mal & Quill]

Atlanta natives, Mal & Quill return with a new video and project to close out 2018.  Their new video for “Miami” was released today alongside their second project of the year, Blessed Lil Bastards 3. Featuring a cameo from their mentor, Atlanta living legend Gucci Mane, Mal & Quill hop on a yacht to cruise the coast of Miami. The duo shares an undeniable chemistry not only sonically but through their complimentary cadences and individual skill as MC’s. The Spanish guitar-led track is perfectly embodied in the cinematic new video that also showcases the charismatic nature of the tightly-knit pair. Don’t sleep on Mal & Quill as they no doubt have their fingers on the pulse of stardom and will undoubtedly will be setting their sights on a big 2019. Watch the new video from the Zone 6 duo below and tell us what you think in the comment section!

Super – [Zack Villere]

  Thanks, in part, to the lovable weirdness of his hit song, “Cool”, we’ve come to know Zack Villere as the resident oddball who you can’t help but root for. Today, he expresses this eccentric personality in the form of a brand new single by the name of “Super”. In the description of the video on YouTube, Villere tells listeners to “run around a city to this song” — and while this may seem like an odd instruction, it makes perfect sense with the colorful sonic direction that “Super” takes. It feels like the warm grasp of the sunset pictured on its cover art, and further, it embodies the free-spirited mindset that all of Villere’s music seems to take on. Don’t just take my word for it, though — check out “Super” at the link provided below!

My Way – [Lucki]

Lucki is, without a doubt, one of today’s most innovative creators, and few series of projects have embodied this creative ambition better than the Chicago native’s Freewave tapes. As noted in our recent interview with Lucki, Freewave 3 will be making its entrance into the world soon, and in order to garner anticipation as well as give fans a small taste of what to expect, Lucki is here to give us the project’s first single today entitled “My Way”. Produced by Cortdot, this song follows the eccentric sonic direction that we’ve come to expect from such an exciting artist, as he looks toward a gentle, atmospheric melody to soundtrack smooth, quick flows and hard-nosed lyrics. Lucki is certainly ready to end his prosperous 2018 on a high note, and “My Way” is proof. Stream this one below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Blaxploitation – [Noname]

Elegantly outspoken is the best way that I can describe Chicago artist Noname. As shown in her new album, Room 25, this rising star cuts to chase and says what she wants to say, but not without doing so in a calculated, intelligently charismatic way. No better song from her sophomore offering embodies this better than “Blaxploitation”, which receives a visual companion today. Notably, this is Noname’s first music video, and as is the case with all of her music to date, she outdoes herself with this set of visuals, utilizing a short film format to tell the story of a song so deeply ridden with soul and density. “Blaxploitation” is a reminder that Noname is going to be around for a while, so I’ll let this one speak for itself. Watch the new video below and if you haven’t already, stream Room 25 here! Director: Alex Lill Producer: Brendan Garrett Full Credits in Description of Video on YouTube