Goofiez – [Mother Nature] & [BoatHouse] ft. [Valee]

I’ve mentioned it copiously in the past, but I just always love it when the city of Chicago comes together to create. We have some of the most talented and captivating individuals in the entire world, so when artists come together to put their own unique spins on a song, you always know it’s going to be something crazy. Recently, super duo Mother Nature and hitmaker BoatHouse announced that they were going to be releasing a new project in the near future entitled SZNZ and they’ve even given us a sneak peek of the tape by dropping a couple of singles, so the anticipation for this record couldn’t be any higher. While I’ve been consistently bumping songs like “Momentz” and “Cloudz” since they released in anticipation of the forthcoming project, I was beyond pleasantly surprised to hear that they decided to drop another single called “Goofiez” with one of my personal favorite Chicago emcees Valee, and the results are just remarkable. Obviously, BoatHouse takes care of the production with some strong, thumping drums, eardrum piercing hats and claps, and some intense, almost sinister synths that create the foundation for an emphatic and assertive banger. In the hook, it sounds like …

Cloudz – [Mother Nature] & [BoatHouse] ft. [Sir Michael Rocks]

It seems like recently I’ve been writing about a lot more Chicago artists than normal, and I’m not mad at that even slightly. I love supporting my city because I know how talented so many individuals here are and I want the rest of the country to experience this as well. As far as major influencers in the Chicago music scene go, independent label Closed Sessions has been a force in the industry for quite a few years, and they’ve signed some of the most talented artists inside of the city and out which means that anyone on their radar has to be on your radar as well. Most recently, dynamic duo Mother Nature decided to team up with fellow Closed Sessions signee BoatHouse to announce a collaborative project called SZNZ that’s due out in April, and I couldn’t be more excited. In order to build some buzz around this upcoming release, they teamed up with Chicago icon Sir Michael Rocks on their brand-new single “Cloudz”, and the results simply speak for themselves. BoatHouse is simply a hitmaker in every sense of the label with this record being no different. Within the beat, he utilizes some ambient, spacey synths or …

One Time – [Ajani Jones]

I have said it before and I will say it again, Ajani Jones is a gem from the city of Chicago, and today he is back with a brand new offering titled “One Time”. The first thing that captured my attention on this joint was the stellar instrumental that was cooked up by Ajani’s right-hand man, BoatHouse. Shortly after that though, Ajani stepped up and delivered easily one of his most ear-pleasing jams to date. I feel like Ajani caught a certain energy on this song + expressed it perfectly, it’s a feel-good jam that you just can’t help but enjoy. However, just because Ajani was in this melodic mode, don’t think he slacked on the bars because he gave us the best of both worlds here. Enough talking about it though, stream this new track via Spotify below!

A Conversation With Ajani Jones

Ajani Jones is someone who I first got familiar with roughly five years ago when he was just a small artist making dope music in the city, since that point, he has grown a tremendous amount as an artist + as a person. He has become one of the top tier young talents that are gaining notoriety in Chicago, he is the kind of artist who makes music that I consider food for thought, he creates with tons of passion + he takes his craft incredibly serious. These qualities are on display whenever he drops a new project or single because, in the handful of years I’ve been listening to him, he hasn’t missed yet. I interviewed Ajani a couple of years ago, but now that I am doing more on-camera interviews here at the Lyrical Lemonade headquarters in Chicago, I wanted to bring him by for another conversation + catch up with him. I had a good time chopping it up with Ajani, it’s the perfect interview to read/watch if you are a fan of him and even if you don’t know his material at all. Listen to some of his music, watch some of these clips + learn …

Our Latest Compilation – [Closed Sessions]

Closed Sessions is an independent hip-hop label who have been doing their thing in the Chicago community for a decade-plus, they have helped advance the careers of plenty of the city’s gems and currently have a stacked roster, but today they are finding themselves on our site as a collective with their recent album release simply titled Our Latest Compilation. The good people over at CS have always heard a good ear for talent, so on this project, they recruited some skilled artists such as Khary, Open Mike Eagle, Dave B, Kipp Stone, Kemba, and the Chicago legend ShowYouSuck. However, they didn’t forget to display what talent they have in their own building, as Ajani Jones & Mother Nature got some bars off + this tape was entirely produced by the goat BoatHouse. If there is one thing that the folks over at Closed Sessions can do flawlessly, it’s piece together a project, I highly suggest that you give this one a spin. Smash that play button below! Tracklist: 1. “Whiskey & Push-Ups” feat Open Mike Eagle 2. “Hundred Dollar Bills” feat Dave B. 3. “In Case I Don’t” feat Khary 4. “What It Do, What It Be Like” feat Curtis …

Naughty By Nature – [Mother Nature]

Chicago’s own Mother Nature are a duo that I have been a big fan of for a while now, they were even featured on our Top 50 Chicago Projects of 2019 list a couple of weeks ago, and today they are back with their brand new record titled “Naughty By Nature”. This release comes with some major news for Mother Nature, as they have officially signed to independent Chicago record label Closed Sessions! They will be joining a pretty stacked cast that includes the likes of Ajani Jones and Jack Larsen, but adding these two skilled emcees to the mix is only going to make them stronger as a collective. Straight up, Mother Nature is the best bar for bar duo in the city that I can think of, they seem to be lightyears ahead of their competition + receiving a backing for CS is only going to help them sharpen their skills. This record is the last release that is set to be apart of Closed Sessions forthcoming LP titled Our Latest Compilation that is set to drop on Monday, the newest installment of their compilation series that stretches back to 2010, so make sure that you are on the lookout …

Top 50 Chicago Projects of 2019

Turning the page into the next decade, our fourth edition of the “Top 50 Chicago Projects of the Year” list marks a special occasion. From the first list until now, four years means more than just four years of picks. It tracks four years of growth from some of our favorite artists, and a chance to watch last year’s entries rise up the ranks and improve, one year after the next. This year, we’re welcoming several Chicago mainstays as well as a plethora of new faces. The constant between every pick? A strong representation of the talent in Chicago, solidifying the city as a front runner in the trend-setting landscape of hip-hop. If there’s any city presenting some of music’s premier faces, both old and new, it’s Chicago, just as we aim to capture on this list. That said, below is Lyrical Lemonade’s top 50 Chicago projects of 2019. Thank you to all of the artists working so hard to provide us with music, and here’s to a promising decade to come for Chicago music. From 2019 ’til infinity. Honorable Mentions: Chanelle Truvillion, Kiraly Payne — 50) Josi Green & Ausar – The Good & The Bad EP Josi Green …

Super Fye – [BoatHouse]

BoatHouse is a creative out of Chicago who has been making some impressive instrumentals + helping artists craft their sound, and just yesterday he released a brand new release titled “Super Fye”, because that’s simply what it is. BoatHouse recruited Akonixx to hop on top of this instrumental, who I wasn’t too familiar with before coming across this record, but I am walking away from this joint very intriguied in his talent. This record is apart of the build up until BoatHouse released his full length LP sometime in November, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for that! You can take a few minutes out of your day to check out this brand new tune below, if you’re rocking with it go ahead and give BoatHouse a follow here!

Under The Weather – [Ajani Jones]

One of my favorite artists out of Chicago is the mega talented Ajani Jones, who is back on our lemon filled pages this afternoon with his brand new offering titled “Under The Weather”. I love Ajani’s music in general, but the only thing that can make his music better is his right hand homie Boathouse on the beat, and that’s exactly what we got here. This is a slow tempo and more introspective joint that finds Ajani treating the beat like a therapist, airing out issues and concerns he has had on his mind, and it’s a 10/10 if you ask me. Along with the release of this joint, Ajani left us with a couple words saying: RIP Nipsey Hussle

One Punch – [BoatHouse] x [Ajani Jones]

Closed Sessions artists BoatHouse and Ajani Jones have been teasing the release for their collab project “One Punch” for a minute now, and late last night they released the five track effort and it’s even better than I expected. Ajani Jones has been one of my favorite Chicago rappers for a couple of years now but he has really evolved as an artist from the sounds of all of his new material I have heard, and this project is the perfect showcase of his raw skills. Ajani wasn’t the only shining factor on here though, BoatHouse cooked up five of the best instrumentals I have heard all year, each of them having their own unique, anthem like quality to them. Take a few minutes of your day to stream this brand new tape below and if you like it be sure to share it with a friend! Mixed and Mastered by BoatHouse and Michael Kolar