MVK3 3M S!CK – [Bari]

St. Louis native/Chicago-based artist Bari is perhaps best known for his effortless approach to melodic rap, floating over tracks with a level of soulful finesse that balances catchiness with cleverness. His MSTRGLSS project earlier this year offered the most culminating execution of Bari’s sound so far, and he gives us a glimpse of where he’s headed next on his new song, “MVK3 3M S!CK”. On the record, Bari’s melodic ad-libs become one with the instrumental, softening the bass-rattling 808s and smoothening out the beat’s jagged edges. Although it’s tempting for a listener to just get enveloped in Bari’s muddled melodies, there’s also no shortage of personality in Bari’s lyricism once you listen a little closer, and his sense of humor mixed with general shit-talking feels nothing but genuine. The full breadth of what Bari brings to the table has come in flashes of brilliance throughout the music he’s dropped thus far, and this track teases the next step in his promising trajectory. Listen below: (Prod. By @1NikoTheGreat )

Purple Sheets – [Pold] x [Baribal]

If you aren’t already familiar with the Soundcloud page ‘Good Society’ I suggest that you give it a follow, because they provide tons of extraordinary instrumentals on their platform, and the latest to catch my ear is “Purple Sheets” by Pold and Baribal. I can’t quite my finger on what type of genre that I would consider this beat to be, it is so perplexing & layered that you simply cannot classify it, but either way just know that it sounds sensational! Both of the producers who contributed to this instrumental come all the way from Poland, they are massively talented in my eyes, but if you too happen to enjoy their tunes then follow them here!

Q&A: Jay2’s Energy Brightens Zero Fatigue’s Roster

After taking a break from releasing new music, Chicago rapper Jay2 returned last month with a new EP aptly titled ‘4 Tha Wait’. The 7-song project features some of Jay2’s most energetic music yet, taking the same fast-paced flows and animated wordplay that’s remained consistent throughout his work and packaging it in a more melodic way–a natural progression for his already lively, lighthearted style. Jay2’s evolution as an artist has been an ongoing process, beginning when he first started working with engineer Chris Classick. Through Classick, he met Smino and Bari in 2012, and started working with Monte Booker not too long after that. Coming up with a tight circle of collaborators and friends, which later led to the formation of Zero Fatigue, has allowed Jay2 to hone his craft over the years. Now, the 24-year-old artist is gearing up for a headlining show at Schubas this Friday. Read about the upcoming show, his favorite Lil Wayne mixtapes, and his forthcoming album in our latest interview: — MDR: How/when did you get into music? Jay2: When I was maybe 15. I always liked it, and I used to do little freestyles when I was younger on a voice recorder. Then …

Shae – [Darius the Barbarian]

Fortunately, over the last couple of years, several musicians, especially in Hip-Hop, have been openly expressing their sexuality. Artists from Frank Ocean, Tyler the Creator, Kevin Abstract, and recently superstar Lil Nas X, are just a few of the main artists to publicly announce the fact that they are bi-sexual or gay. With that said, Darius the Barbarian confidently and jokingly speaks on his sexuality on his newest single, “Shae.” The song describes how Darius and his best friend were trying to be “the baddest” in an attempt to seduce their school principal. With lyrics such as, “when lunch come, go through the back door, lasers on the wall so ass to the floor,” Darius is just having a good time on this bouncy and rambunctious track. Produced by Brooklyn-Native, Jab, “Shae” is designed to be just as expressive and full of attitude as Darius is throughout his verses. Futuristically inspired, the lead melody guides listeners through an entire story while maintaining the natural bounce necessary to keep them moving. Darius the Barbarian does not hold back, and he is proud of who he is. You can hear it in his voice and his projection. With more on the way …

Hit Yo Spleen – [Miia Yang]

Now that the warm weather is beginning to come back around, the music in my heavy rotation is changing. In general, this transition means switching from the slower sounds of the winter into more animated, fun releases to match the energy of the season, but of course, there are some bangers that will remain because, well, they’re bangers. With this, while scrolling through SoundCloud earlier today, I was immediately taken back by the latest song from Miia Yang, “Hit Yo Spleen.” Not only do the bright melodies and deeply-cut kicks complement one another flawlessly, but Yang’s nonchalant, effortlessly charismatic deliveries immediately had me bobbing my head to this release. “Hit Yo Spleen” fits perfectly into the transitional period of music that I’ve experienced lately, and even further, this is the kind of song that you can’t deny no matter what time of the year it is. Miia Yang clearly knows how to grab your attention and keep it, using raw personality and a knack for melodies as her undying fuel. That said, I would most definitely recommend “Hit Yo Spleen” to all of our readers out there, so be sure to check this one out below and let us know what …

Z4L – [Smino] ft. [Bari] [Jay2]

While Smino’s latest project, NOIR, held a plethora of unforgettable moments, sounds, and styles, perhaps one of the more slept-on elements of the project was the slew of features, all of which kept it close to home for Smino as he picked the perfect cast of characters possible. Today, we see this idea come to life as the new visuals for “Z4L” arrive alongside two of my favorite featured talents on NOIR, Bari and Jay2. First off, “Z4L” is one the best songs on NOIR simply thanks to its lush, electrifying energy as well as the clear chemistry between all three artists. It sounds less like a Smino song with two feature verses and more like a family gathering of sorts, as everyone involved shares the spotlight and contributes to a meaningful, captivating final product. Beyond this, the replay value on this one is extraordinary, making it the perfect song to receive an accompanying set of visuals. That said, along with some cameos from artists including Cousin Stizz and Buddy, this music video illustrates both the feeling and literal storyline of “Z4L” with seamless precision. Especially as we head into the warmer months of the spring, the splashes of color and mesmerizing effects are …

Forever Always – [Peter Cottontale]

Peter Cottontale is a leader in the Chicago music community and in honor of Valentines day this year he just blessed us with a tear jerking new visual for “Forever Always”. You can tell that Peter and his team have worked closely on this video for some time now because it came out flawless, it’s filled with positivity and nothing but feel good vibrations, both sonically and visually. Watch this brand new music video below and if you like it be sure to give Peter a follow on Twitter here! ft. Chance The Rapper , YEBBA, Daniel Caesar, Madison Ryan Ward, Rex Orange County Additional vocals: Ben Lusher Richard Saunders Tierney Chamberlin Elliot Skinner Jabari Rayford (LifeofJackRed) Rachel Robinson Darius Scott (D. Scott) Additional Production: Nico Segal Nate Fox Strings: Amanda Bailey Bass: Verner Jr. (DJVerner)


On two separate occasions this week, we here on Lyrical Lemonade have had the privilege to write about new releases from none other than STL native Bari, and today, he’s back yet again to take over headlines with a stellar new project, MSTRGLSS. Heading into my first listen of this one, my expectation was that the project would hopefully take me further into the world of unwavering soul that Bari is able to tap into so effortlessly. I hoped to learn more about who he is as an artist, and now that I’ve had the opportunity to give this one a few listens through since its release, I must say that Bari delivered on this and then some. MSTRGLSS is the result of St. Louis-bred soul taking on the world, one day at a time. Bari is honest with himself and about life, but even beyond this, he’s a dreamer at heart who refuses to be held back by any forces in his control. This mixtape is decidedly ambitious in ways that, as a listener, you can’t help but love, and only pushing this prowess to the next level, Bari’s vocal and lyrical performances are the best they’ve ever been. In terms of making …

Interstellar – [Monte Booker] ft. [Bari]

Stained with St. Louis soul and an endlessly captivating voice, Bari is one of my favorite artists coming out of STL’s flourishing music scene right now. Ever since his guest spot on Smino’s “Z4L” and “Summer Salt“, I haven’t been able to stop delving into the world of the budding star, and today, marking one of 2019’s most exciting collaborations to date, Bari is here on Lyrical Lemonade alongside Monte Booker with a brand new single entitled “Interstellar”. While I certainly didn’t see this joining of forces coming, it makes perfect sense that the eclectic, complex worlds of Booker’s otherworldly production and Bari’s southern charm would mix at one point or another. Bari’s effortless deliveries and STL-induced hymns are the result of a strong sense of artistic identity that few artists achieve in such a cohesive fashion, and likewise, Booker’s eccentric production style is as individualistic as it gets (mainly because he’s on an entirely different level than the rest of the game). Resulting from this collaboration, we receive a starry-eyed new single that perfectly soundtracks the beauty of both artists involved, and for that, we need to appreciate this one. Tracks like “Interstellar” don’t come around every day, especially with a …

Comicon – [Bari]

Zero Fatigue member, Bari has released a new single titled, “Comicon.” The distorted bass-rattling banger is just a looise before release from his upcoming project, MSTRGLSS, set to drop tomorrow, Friday February 1st. Staying true to the song’s title and single artwork, Bari raps at light-speed throughout the record making quick references to Dragon Ball Z, the need for a mink coat and a McLaren. Bari showcases his elite level rapping ability, over the prodxvzn produced track that rightfully highlights Bari’s uncanny ability to find a pocket, a trait shared between him and fellow Zero Fatigue members. This is the first time Bari has surfaced since releasing his EP, The Prefix, in early September of last year. We could not be more thankful to have new Bari on the way. Listen to his new song, “Comicon” below and make sure to show some love to the emcee on Twitter and Instagram.