Something To Say – [Young Jasper]

Young Jasper’s work ethic seems to know no bounds, and you wouldn’t need to look any further than the Chicago rapper’s latest EP to know that. With an already busy 2019 behind him (including opening for our Blueface show back in January), Jasper lets us know of his next moves on ‘Something To Say’. The 4-track project makes a solid argument for why Young Jasper is next up and an artist you won’t want to ignore right now as he continues to refine his style. On ‘Something To Say’, he cooks up some of his lyrically strongest work to date. He alerts a listener to his knack for rapid flows on the opening track “Problems”. From the jump, Jasper comes off as laser-focused on his craft and he highlights his own hustle in his lyrics. His delivery makes it tough to doubt him too, as he comes off as rightfully confident in his own abilities. Adding extra punch to Jasper’s bravado are some carefully selected beats from producers Yung Germ, J.U., and Ignite. Together, they supply Jasper with the appropriate 808 arsenal to back his boisterous tone. This fine-tuned balance of lyrical concentration over beats that still knock comes through …

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Wake Up – Young Jasper

It’s no secret that Young Jasper has the potential to do some serious damage, as he’s proven his hitmaking skills time and again with a catalog of underground bangers under his belt. Now, it seems Jasper is on the verge of something bigger with the release of his latest music video. “Wake Up” plays to the Chicago native’s strengths as a rapper: infectious flow, effortless delivery, and arrogant lyricism all feature prominently throughout. The video, filmed and edited by Ian Rennels, matches Jasper’s brashness with gritty footage of him sitting at a candlelit table by himself, seemingly commemorating his own successes. Jasper had been teasing this track for a while on Twitter, and the full video was premiered via No Jumper—no doubt a major sign that Jasper’s about to blow up at a whole new level. With a consistent winning streak behind him and a lot of new eyes watching him, “Wake Up” just might be the calm before the storm of whatever Young Jasper does next.

UNOGO – [Young Jasper]

Chicago stand up! Rising star Young Jasper has been on a mission for the top as of late, and today, he’s ready to proclaim his prowess with new visuals for the ever-popular banger, “UNOGO”. The Rojas and Jonnyboy-produced song is a banger in every sense of the word, so it only makes sense that the visuals would have to follow that same energy in order to work correctly with Jasper’s style. As expected, the young talent definitely matched the audio and visuals together quite seamlessly, looking to flex-worthy, colorful imagery of the women in his life to do so in the Pandy-directed music video. As the year goes on, Young Jasper will definitely be a name to keep an eye on, so if you weren’t already familiar, get a taste of Chicago’s next star by watching “UNOGO” at the link below!

Done – [Young Jasper]

2018 is turning out to be a big year for Chicago’s own Young Jasper. Fresh off his recent show with Lil Xan at Lincoln Hall, he’s unleashed “Done.” This track is the latest in a series of singles from Young Jasper this year and furthers his potential to ascend to the next level of recognition as a certified hitmaker. He’s consistently proven his ability to craft hard-hitting, explosive songs, and “Done” builds off of that hype with a more polished edge. Producer J.U., whom Jasper worked with recently on his track “Neon sanders,” assembles an arsenal of booming 808s and dizzying melodies which Jasper uses to his advantage. As he attacks the beat, Jasper makes it clear that he’s fed up with playing games, finessing over the production with crisp lines and his knack for catchy hooks. Director Pandy cranks the visual effects to the max for the song’s accompanying video, placing Jasper in an overwhelmingly trippy world that’s equal parts colorful and demonic. Watch the video below via Elevator, and keep an eye out for potential tour dates from Young Jasper soon.

TIP TOP – [Young Jasper]

Emerging Chicago rapper Young Jasper has been on a hot streak lately, and today, he’s followed up with a quick but potent new track titled “TIP TOP.” Producer Bobby Johnson provides a sparse, aggressive beat and Jasper meets that minimal production with flows that stick in a listener’s head. Jasper gets right up in a listener’s face on this track, and at just over a minute and a half long, it seems less like a polished single and more like a teaser of more to come. Following a laundry list of solid new songs last year, Jasper doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Stream “TIP TOP” below:

Daylight Snow – Young Jasper

Announcing his latest track, Chicago rapper Young Jasper tweeted, “pls just take the time to get high, that’s all i want y’all to do seriously.” He captures this sentiment precisely on “Daylight Snow.” The up-and-coming rapper has crafted his laidback rendition of a party anthem, dropping bars about smoking, having a good time and altogether not taking things too seriously. In the spirit of keeping things mellow, he flows effortlessly atop a laidback, guitar-led instrumental supplied by producer Stunnah Beats. It’s an unexpected contrast to the more hype, aggressive sounds that Jasper has dropped this year, but it’s a welcomed change of pace suitable as the year winds down. So, take a break and vibe with Young Jasper below:

Final Phantasy – [Young Jasper]

Young Jasper is back with yet another new track to impress titled “Final Phantasy.” Although you might’ve heard about this kid from bangers such as “Bussin‘” or “My Name Is Uno,” this artist really switched it up on this one by delivering a laid back track for those listeners that thought he was only capable of one sound. Whether he’s going hard or slowing it down, one thing I’ve always appreciated about Jasper is that he isn’t scared to show off his vocal range in addition to his rapping ability, this song being an excellent example of that. Give this dude a shot by listening to his latest track available down below.

FaceTime – [Young Jasper]

Young Jasper has returned with producer Sega by his side for an all-new track, “FaceTime.” It’s important to notice the instrumental Sega provided on this one – it’s much different than the fast-paced beats Jasper usually takes on. However, he rose to the challenge of a slow, keyboard-based instrumental and made it his own. The song comes full circle towards the end when his recording session is interrupted by some girls trying to FaceTime him singing the words to “Outta State,” one of his most popular songs. Be sure not to sleep on Jasper any longer, check this one out down below.

Heart Break – [Young Jasper]

Young Jasper continues his hot streak with his newest visual for his track “Heart Break.” This video took place on the waters, giving off a lavish vibe that matched the energy behind the song. Pandy was behind the camera for this one, which was the same director that was in charge of Jasper’s previous “My Name Is Uno” video. The two kill every project they hop on together, this hopefully won’t be the last we see from the pair. Be sure to click on the latest one down below.