Controversy – [Young Jasper]

“Global now, Chicago forever,” is the slogan that Lyrical Lemonade tags with their brand, so any time I’m able to hear a new artist from the area, it legitimately feels refreshing, humbling, and accurate to the company’s roots. Young Jasper is a prime example of this, a Chicago artist looking to go global, and after hearing this latest work, I don’t see why he won’t. His newest track “Controversy” is an eye-opener for those who’ve never heard his work, including me. A natural and raw talent, Jasper effortlessly delivers drowsy but charismatic bars over a melodic string-emphasized beat that immediately caused me to ‘add to library.’ The lyricism and timing that Jasper delivers with are special and had me nodding my head throughout its entirety. The video, directed by Nolan Busalacchi, is nothing that will blow your mind in terms of special effects, animation, or anything of the sort, but it didn’t need to. The visual is effective and crispy, with appropriate transitions and some spectacular framing that made the piece — which was seemingly shot in one location — incredibly pleasing to the eye. Right after listening to this track a couple of times, I had to go check …

detest me – [Glaive]

If you haven’t already realized that Glaive is legitimately the future of music, then you’re already behind the curve. That’s alright though because he decided to bless fans with another insanely good song entitled “detest me” as well as an unbelievable music video that is the perfect accompaniment to the record itself. Opening up with the instrumental produced by a slew of hitmakers like Jasper Harris, Hagan, Alexander Walter Bak, Haan, and Whethan, we are introduced to some incredible acoustic guitar riffs that get the song off to a gentle start before the beat drops and brings the energy to an all-time high, incorporating some heavy bass, synths, and percussion that truly takes this record to a new level. As Glaive begins singing, there is a sort of loneliness to his voice that makes it almost seem isolated and alone. As the beat begins to grow in energy, so does Glaive, though, and the way he inserts more and more enthusiasm as the instrumental picks up just combines the two components of the song perfectly, leading us to an epic pique that brings the house down and makes you want to get up and dance before bringing us back down …

Badmon – [Kill Jasper]

On one hand, you’ve got Kill Jasper: a 19-year old talent emerging from Compton, California whose voice and thoughtfully-melodic tone are his defining features. On the other hand, you’ve got Melvoni: a Brooklyn-bred name a few years younger than Jasper, but similarly melodic and faithfully emotive in his vocals. Today, pairing the two artists in a song that envelops the talent of opposite coasts, Jasper and Melvoni are here to unveil “Badmon” – an obviously melodic cut, but one that dives just deep enough to cut through the oversaturated market of melodic rap right now. Just under 3 minutes in length, “Badmon” is a paced release, resorting to a speed under which both artists’ vocals are able to fully shine. With each line, from Jasper’s rags-to-riches opening verse to the heart-in-hand shine of Melvoni’s feature, the song uses vocals to light the way while the production creates a consistent, impassioned backdrop, conducive to such a sound. Flowered with brief guitar licks, echoing background vocals, and even the in-and-out presence of the drums, every step along the way is calculated, and every note delivered in its fullest emotion. The result, a standout release in Kill Jasper’s growing catalog, and another must-listen …

Vendetta – [KILLY]

A few weeks back Canadian superstar KILLY puts his city on check with his energetic new single “Vendetta”. One thing that KILLY has always been able to do with his music is to create a ton of energy without exerting much himself, the intensity of his voice cuts straight through the beat to listeners.  The chime heavy production works well with KILLY’s intricate rhyme scheme, beat selection is always incredibly on point from his camp though. This entire song marks as a triumph for the success KILLY has seen and the opposition he faces in his own city. KILLY has been anything but silent these past few weeks, dropping impressive hit one after the other. “Vendetta” is one of the best of the pack, coming with a JMP shot visual that shows exactly how much the young Toronto is capable of flexing on the masses. KILLY said the video was shot on his second trip to the studio, with the first being the recording session. It matches the energy of the single perfectly and features a handsome Dalmation to add to the luxurious feeling to this one. It seems like KILLY is loading up for a strong 2020 so don’t …

It’s Victor’s Internet–we’re just living in it.

When I met Victor for the first time, the then 17-year-old musician and I had arranged to link up at a coffee shop in Wicker Park to record an interview. Huddled in the corner of the crowded room on a snowy afternoon, I asked the up-and-coming artist, whose track “Tinder Song” I’d just discovered a month prior, about the artists that had been inspiring him most lately. At the time, he’d mentioned names like Jasper Bones, Banes World, and Cuco. I remind him of that day now as we’re sitting in the chilly lobby of the Lyrical Lemonade office in the middle of summer in Chicago. He’d just gotten off the road opening for Cuco’s headlining tour, a full-circle moment that even Victor has trouble summing up in words. His new project, simply titled ‘Victor’s Debut’, seeks to take the experiences he’s had over this time period and sum them up in song form. The breadth of his music has grown along with him–a quality that comes through in the carefully arranged tracklisting of ‘Victor’s Debut’. While the first half presents more of the dreamy, emotional side that Victor’s music has explored deeply in the past, the second half undergoes …

Something To Say – [Young Jasper]

Young Jasper’s work ethic seems to know no bounds, and you wouldn’t need to look any further than the Chicago rapper’s latest EP to know that. With an already busy 2019 behind him (including opening for our Blueface show back in January), Jasper lets us know of his next moves on ‘Something To Say’. The 4-track project makes a solid argument for why Young Jasper is next up and an artist you won’t want to ignore right now as he continues to refine his style. On ‘Something To Say’, he cooks up some of his lyrically strongest work to date. He alerts a listener to his knack for rapid flows on the opening track “Problems”. From the jump, Jasper comes off as laser-focused on his craft and he highlights his own hustle in his lyrics. His delivery makes it tough to doubt him too, as he comes off as rightfully confident in his own abilities. Adding extra punch to Jasper’s bravado are some carefully selected beats from producers Yung Germ, J.U., and Ignite. Together, they supply Jasper with the appropriate 808 arsenal to back his boisterous tone. This fine-tuned balance of lyrical concentration over beats that still knock comes through …

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Wake Up – Young Jasper

It’s no secret that Young Jasper has the potential to do some serious damage, as he’s proven his hitmaking skills time and again with a catalog of underground bangers under his belt. Now, it seems Jasper is on the verge of something bigger with the release of his latest music video. “Wake Up” plays to the Chicago native’s strengths as a rapper: infectious flow, effortless delivery, and arrogant lyricism all feature prominently throughout. The video, filmed and edited by Ian Rennels, matches Jasper’s brashness with gritty footage of him sitting at a candlelit table by himself, seemingly commemorating his own successes. Jasper had been teasing this track for a while on Twitter, and the full video was premiered via No Jumper—no doubt a major sign that Jasper’s about to blow up at a whole new level. With a consistent winning streak behind him and a lot of new eyes watching him, “Wake Up” just might be the calm before the storm of whatever Young Jasper does next.

UNOGO – [Young Jasper]

Chicago stand up! Rising star Young Jasper has been on a mission for the top as of late, and today, he’s ready to proclaim his prowess with new visuals for the ever-popular banger, “UNOGO”. The Rojas and Jonnyboy-produced song is a banger in every sense of the word, so it only makes sense that the visuals would have to follow that same energy in order to work correctly with Jasper’s style. As expected, the young talent definitely matched the audio and visuals together quite seamlessly, looking to flex-worthy, colorful imagery of the women in his life to do so in the Pandy-directed music video. As the year goes on, Young Jasper will definitely be a name to keep an eye on, so if you weren’t already familiar, get a taste of Chicago’s next star by watching “UNOGO” at the link below!

Done – [Young Jasper]

2018 is turning out to be a big year for Chicago’s own Young Jasper. Fresh off his recent show with Lil Xan at Lincoln Hall, he’s unleashed “Done.” This track is the latest in a series of singles from Young Jasper this year and furthers his potential to ascend to the next level of recognition as a certified hitmaker. He’s consistently proven his ability to craft hard-hitting, explosive songs, and “Done” builds off of that hype with a more polished edge. Producer J.U., whom Jasper worked with recently on his track “Neon sanders,” assembles an arsenal of booming 808s and dizzying melodies which Jasper uses to his advantage. As he attacks the beat, Jasper makes it clear that he’s fed up with playing games, finessing over the production with crisp lines and his knack for catchy hooks. Director Pandy cranks the visual effects to the max for the song’s accompanying video, placing Jasper in an overwhelmingly trippy world that’s equal parts colorful and demonic. Watch the video below via Elevator, and keep an eye out for potential tour dates from Young Jasper soon.