Trippie Redd Showcases All Sides Of Him On ‘A Love Letter To You 4’

“I wasn’t necessarily looking for happiness, just less pain” – Trippie Redd on “Leray” Having been an avid fan of Trippie Redd’s music since his debut project, A Love Letter To You, released back in 2017, his musical journey has been nothing short of a rollercoaster. Not only speaking on behalf of the emotions that he puts into the craft, but for the fans, as well. While the first project in this series is what many fans will call a classic, the second project, A Love Letter To You 2 was a big disappointment for many fans including myself due to the fact that it seemed rushed, coming just five short months after his first project. Taking almost a year off, Trippie took time to perfect his craft for his debut album Life’s A Trip in 2018 which ushered him back in the great graces of fans and really showed his growth as an artist. On top of that, we also received the third installment in the Love Letter series which fans grew to love. 2019 was a year where it seems like everyone was releasing so much music, and in the midst of it all, Trippie came with his second album titled ! (exclamation mark) and the fans …

Melly vs. Melvin – [YNW Melly]

Despite his current circumstances, YNW Melly won’t let anything (not even bars) hold him back from blessing his fans with new music. Rumors spread months ago of a mixtape that would drop on Melly’s birthday—which did come out but fans felt it was not an official release. Nonetheless, here we are as we approach the years closing — Melly is back with his second release of the year with Melly vs. Melvin. Tapping into the cover art, we are shown a happier side of Melly alongside his “evil” counterpart, Melvin. This isn’t the first time Melly has alluded to his split personalities. He previously spoke about how he has two personas—not only speaking on behalf of his actions, but musically as well. One side of his is a more personal, soothing side. The other being his savage and uncontrolled side. On Melly vs. Melvin, we see the perfect mixture of both sides of him. The backwards “E” on the cover art is reminiscent of Eminem whom also alluded to his double personas Slim Shady and Marshal Mathers. Another comparison would be the T.I. vs. T.I.P. album as well. Sonically, there’s something here that will surely satisfy all angles whether you are a …

Behind the Boards: IGot20OnMyBeat “Double D’s” Beat Deconstruction

One of the many unsung heroes of the music industry is the producers. I decided to sit down with Charlotte, North Carolina’s own IGot20OnMyBeat — the producer of hit songs such as DaBaby’s “Walker Texas Ranger” — to talk about his origins and most recent rise with DaBaby and Stunna4Vegas. Above, I got to see 20 conduct a Genius-style beat deconstruction of Stunna4Vegas’s hit song, “Double D’s.” Check out the video and the short Q&A that derived from our sit-down. – – – – – – – First of all, I appreciate that you had me over here. When did you start producing? I started about 20 years ago, back when my brother was working with Rico Wade from the Dungeon Family. I was pretty much just being a brother and supporting. After a while, though, I started to take it seriously with my friend Joseph Fields, going to the crib after school and making beats on Fruity Loops. From there, I just stuck with it. So what were you listening to back then? Who inspired you coming up? Oh, man. I was listening to Timbaland, Missy Elliott, a lot of Ginuwine. Also, since Rico Wade was in my ear …

Hopeless – [Cst Dizzy] ft. [Cst Truey]

On the low, Milwaukee has been producing some real dope artists. I recently discovered Cst Dizzy via SideStream and I have been listening to him ever since. Cst Dizzy’s recent release, “Hopeless,” is an emotional, smooth, and melodic trap banger coming off of his project titled DIZZYGOHARD. The Milwaukee emcee puts his versatility on full display throughout this track, crooning his way through an atmospheric and lush instrumental with a-1 melodies and effortless flows. Uplifting, introspective, and motivational, Dizzy’s vocal delivery is comparable to artists such as YNW Melly, Young Thug, and other melodic rappers running the game. Assisted by a feature verse from Dizzy’s crewmate Cst Truey, “Hopeless” serves as an authentic taste of Milwaukee’s streets. Despite the song’s title, Dizzy remains hopeful in his lyrics, promising his listeners that he will remain focused until he makes it out of the hood. We’re rooting for you Dizzy. Listen to “Hopeless” here: Words by Barry R

Misunderstood – [Yung Bans]

The journey that Atlanta native Yung Bans has traveled over the past few years to get to this point is unlike anyone else, he has overcame advertises that are unimaginable, and although I won’t go in-depth about those any true Yung Bans fan knows he has came a long way to this release of his brand new debut album titled “MISUNDERSTOOD”. This project is a total of nineteen tracks in length and it contains some of the best material Yung Bans has released to date hands down, that’s what I was expecting though, this was a long time coming and I knew that Bans would have some serious heat tucked away for this special moment. Although Yung Bans was clearly the shining factor on this project, there are multiple star studded features from the likes of XXXTentacion, 03 Greedo, Young Thug, Gunna, YNW Melly, Lil Tjay, Slim Santana, Future, NAV and last but not least, Lil Durk! I enjoyed each and every single one of these records provided, but a couple of my favorites include the infectious track “I Don’t Even Crip” as well as HOT record “Ready Set Go”. Stream this brand new album via Spotify below and if you like …

Hot Sauce – [YNW BSlime]

Scrolling through my SoundCloud feed this morning, I stumbled upon a young artist by the name of YNW BSlime and his new single, “Hot Sauce.” Taken back by the song’s soaring deliveries and melodic vocal runs, I immediately began to ponder why the budding talent had the infamous “YNW” tag in front of his name, but upon doing some research, I soon realized that the BSlime is none other than YNW Melly’s little brother. Needless to say, musical talent clearly runs in the family, as BSlime’s comfortability and charismatic presence on the mic spans far beyond his young age. On “Hot Sauce,” he exudes braggadocio with ease, and even more impressive, his ability to balance the pitch and tone of his deliveries to match the production is something that I’d expect from an artist of far greater experience. With that said, in just about every facet imaginable, BSlime is a character and an artist who refuses to be defined by his young age, but rather, by his broad palette of talents. “Hot Sauce” is sure to attest, so give the new single a listen below and be on the lookout for more from one of rap’s youngest and most impressive …

What Imma Do – [Bernard Jabs] ft. [YNW Melly]

Throughout the opening months of the year, Bernard Jabs struck quickly and with great force, releasing several singles, appearing on Def Jam’s Undisputed collaborative album, and even blessing fans with his debut EP, Coldhearted. Now, a few months removed from these feats, Jabs’ streaming numbers remain high and his fanbase loyal as ever, leading us to yet another turning point in the career of such an exciting budding talent. With this, we introduce Jabs’ latest effort — a new single entitled “What Imma Do” alongside YNW Melly. The feature from Melly, of course, is a huge look for Jabs, but I also think it brings into the spotlight a conversation about collaborative efforts, specifically when it comes to viral artists and major labels. All too often, we see an artist blow up out of nowhere, only to drop a song with a massive artist just a few weeks later while trying to capitalize on their newfound attention — and sure, I see the value and purpose in this. However, with these collaborations, it becomes more about the name of the star on the song rather than the art of the song, itself. “What Imma Do” — as I can proudly say — …

Watch YNW Melly’s brand new interview with Real 92.3 LA

YNW Melly hasn’t done too many in-depth interviews to date, but thanks to the good people over at Real 92.3 LA we just got a brand new interview with him! You will find Bootleg Kev & DJ HED asking Melly about plenty of topics such as working with Kanye West, how he got probation, having ADHD & taking adderall as a child, the Florida rap scene, where he grew up, his friends in the rap community and so much more. Check out this awesome new conversation below!

Thotiana Remix – [Blueface]

I don’t believe that any artist has had a bigger year than California native Blueface, who is making his way back on Lyrical Lemonade today with his brand new music video for the remix to “Thotiana” featuring YG! Blueface connected yet again with Lyrical Lemonade’s own Cole Bennett to direct this visual and they truly went above & beyond, as they created yet another classic music video for the fans to enjoy. Watch this brand new music video below and if you are in Chicago come see Blueface live in concert tomorrow by buying a ticket here!

Mixed Personalities – [YNW Melly]

Florida superstar YNW Melly teased at a collaboration track with the Chicago legend Kanye West about a month ago on social media, and tonight he just blessed his rapidly growing fan base with a brand new music video for the record titled “Mixed Personalities”! YNW Melly and Kanye connected with Lyrical Lemonade’s own Cole Bennett to direct this music video, and with that cast of stars all working on one idea together you know that the final product had to be flawless. This music video will be in the conversation for video of the year when 2019 is said and done, I know that’s an extremely bold statement but I don’t think that is an exaggeration in the least bit. Watch this brand new visual below and if you enjoy it be sure to share it with a friend! Prod. C-Clip Beatz