Joony gets an assist from Kelz on their new creative song titled “One Track Minded”

Joony has been an established artist in the DMV for a minute now, but after recent successes, his name reaches far beyond just his home region. Following his massively successful Pretty In Black tour, he’s expected to receive his first plaque after featuring on Brent Faiyaz’s WASTELAND, which reached gold status. In the meantime, listeners were blessed with “One Track Minded,” another wickedly creative production that features Brooklyn upcoming star Kelz, and a variety of other-worldly sounds, instruments, and vocal tones blending together with masterful precision. Both Joony and Kelz have loyal fanbases that cling to every release, and there’s no doubt that the collaboration of the two will cause this track to do well with their respective audience pool. I’m interested to see just how far this track can reach beyond that, though, as I feel the combination of the artists’ talents over this type of instrumental could do numbers far more than what may be expected. This two-minute-and-19-second song is a much-needed, refreshing piece of artistry that only further fueled my fandom for both artists. Check out “One Track Minded” on Spotify below!  

Moncler Moon Boy gets assists from CP and Spenzo on their Mafia Beatz produced “TFMB.”

Upcoming Chicago artist Moncler Moon Boy, assisted by city legends CP and Spenzo, impresses listeners in a new joint titled “NFMB.” Produced by Mafia Beatz, it has a modern feel, with digitized instruments and alienlike sounds that mesh well with the new wave of hip-hop. I hadn’t heard Moncler Moon Boy prior to this track, and I was pleasantly surprised. His hook and fine-tuned vocals laid a catchy foundation for CP and Spenzo to capitalize off, and that’s exactly what they did. If you’ve read the site before, you’ve likely seen the city legend CP’s name before. He’s been on a hot streak, with his latest project HALL OF FAME gaining him serious steam as he rolls into 2023. Spenzo killed his verse too, as his delivery fit really well into the creative beat. He and CP added the additional firepower needed to land this track into listeners’ libraries everywhere. Moncler Moon Boy is looking to ride this wave of momentum, and with work like this, it’s no doubt his name will continue to keep finding its way into listeners’ rotations. I’m excited to hear how his versatility grows his following. Check out “TFMB” on Spotify below!

Get to know 22-year-old Dark R&B Artist Just Yae

It’s Monday, which means a new week awaits us and to get it started, I’m excited to introduce you all to a new artist who should definitely be on your radar. If there are any LL readers from the Texas area, then this one goes out to ya’ll! Making his debut appearance on our page today is a Dallas native who goes by the name of Just Yae. I found the up and comer through my submissions email and from the moment I heard his music, I knew it was imperative that we get him featured as soon as possible. The 22-year-old Dark R&B artist/producer sent me over a few songs and I was pleasantly surprised at the level of excellence in each song. I instantly gravitated to offerings like, “Sober” and “PENTHOUSE”, two tracks that I believe perfectly showcases his talent and versatility. From a production standpoint, the Dark R&B vibe is definitely felt, while Yae’s perfectly textured vocal tone creates an ambience that will captivate you. Just Yae has the talent to put himself on the map, so make sure you tap in with his music if you want some new sounds to dive into this week. I’ve …

Lambo on Fire – [27Delly] x [TRAVI]

Harlem’s secret weapon 27Delly continues his impressive run with “Lambo On Fire.” The first time I featured 27Delly on the site, I wrote about his unique blend of skills that separate him from a lot of other artists in the game right now, specifically in a drill-heavy NYC. That’s exactly what he’s continued to do with his latest track, “Lambo On Fire,” his second release of his upcoming EP, Wake Up.   This two-minute-and-12-second joint is a beautiful representation of the dynamic nature of Delly’s work, and the feature from TRAVI only adds to it. The slow-bpm, drug-infused instrumental is incredibly unique, allowing both artists to float creatively over the top without creating too chaotic of a sound.  It’s easy to see that NYC needs an artist like Delly, as his fresh delivery will continue to shake up the industry and further propel him to stardom. I’m excited for Wake Up to drop, and with tracks like this, there’s no doubt it’ll be a major success.  Check out Harlem’s secret weapon 27Delly in his latest track “Lambo On Fire,” on Spotify below!

unless you leave-[Chase Elliott]

Like 2022, 2023 is going to be another year where I’m committed to only writing about music that deeply moves my soul. I want to be the best writer I can be for our listeners and the best always comes out of me when I have the opportunity to cover artists who are making amazing music. Today, the latest inspirational talent to hit our pages is none other than 16-year-old Chase Elliott. I believe I’ve written about him on here before, but if you aren’t familiar, then I hope this is the last time you’re able to say that, since the Minnesota High School student is one of the most/if not THE most promising talent in music right now. Today, I have the privilege of writing for Chase’s latest song called, “unless you leave”, one of the best offerings I’ve heard this week alone. What I love most about this up and comer is his honesty. Despite only being a teenager, Chase writes and sings from a place of vulnerability that most young people his age can’t even tap in with. To make it even better, the rising star has an angelic voice that will convince you of God’s existence …

Come Around – [Feni] x [Bankrol Hayden]

Paired with a brand new visual produced by Burnt Clips, LA artist Feni teamed up with Bankrol Hayden for their newest track “Come Around,” a flavorful joint that’s already doing numbers. In the modern era of hip-hop, Feni has found the sound that will continue to propel him on track to further stardom, and you can hear it at work here with this track. Adding Bankrol Hayden on this joint just added more firepower, as the two have individual sounds that I found mesh really well. The visual is wildly creative, with animations and transitions that make it really stand out. The color scheme matches the tone of the track too; bright, vibrant, and filled with energy. Feni has signed to Atlantic records and just released a new project Feniworld 2, which I’m sure will do major traction just as this track has so far. Check out “Come Around” on YouTube below!

Until We Meet Again – [wifisfuneral]

One of the most admirable things about South Florida legend wifisfuneral is just how transparent he has been throughout his entire career. His skills are nothing to overlook by any means, but it’s the messages he shares so openly and honestly with fans that have been able to connect with his listeners, build trust with them, and ultimately keep them coming back every single time he releases something new. I think that his authenticity has been a way for him to not only get some things off of his chest for his own sanity, but it lets fans know that whatever they’re going through, they’re not alone. Not only this, but it’s also the fact that he doesn’t hide from anything, and no matter how rich, famous, or well-renowned he has become since his introduction into the rap world, he goes through daily struggles just like so many of his admirers do as well. 2022 has been nothing short of a monumental year for the Floridian spitter, dropping an abundance of music as well as his recent 4 Month Binge Before Revenge mixtape that I am still keeping in heavy rotation, but that’s just one of the many bookmarks on …

D-LOW – [ITSOKTOCRY] & [Koto.]

I owe a whole lot to various artists who never shy away from a challenge, bringing innovation and artistry to the forefront of their music regardless of the judgment that haters may feel the need to share with them, usually on the internet. These fearless tastemakers are the reason why up-and-comers can be open to any style that helps them stand out and feel confident in their music without the fear of arbitrary opinions or subjective trolls. ITSOKTOCRY is one of the first emcees I go to when I get bored of everything else (which seems to happen quite often, to be honest), and he never fails to deliver exactly the kind of imaginative music that I crave after hearing so much monotony from time to time. I’ve been a huge fan for years, even before I got the chance to chop it up with him on social media, and seeing just how much confidence he exudes as well as the belief he has in his art helps illuminate his experimental nature and clarify why he’s not even close to afraid to take risks. When I saw that he posted a snippet of his brand-new song “D-LOW” on Instagram earlier …

Letter to Takeoff – [Gucci Mane]

No matter where you’re from, how you were raised, or what your background looks like, music goes so much deeper than the surface, but that’s something that can often be forgotten in the fast-paced internet generation. As a fan, even if an artist’s messages aren’t the most introspective, their music just might transport you to another place to get away from your troubles or worries, so the sound doesn’t matter if it is able to do something for your soul. The Migos have made an undeniable impact on the hip-hop world, something that wouldn’t have been possible without each member of the trio, and after the devastating news of Takeoff’s passing was announced, I seriously felt a pit in my stomach that hasn’t gone away since hearing the news. Not that it applies to the situation, but Takeoff was always my personal favorite of the three members because he just always found a way to masterfully demonstrate a new cadence, clever wordplay, and all-around entertaining elements from his lyrics to his ad-libs and everything else in between. He was one person that I never imagined would be taken from the world in his prime, so when I found out about …

Trick – [BFB Da Packman]

One thing that I feel gets overlooked when it comes to examining the Michigan music scene is the diversity that comes from the Midwestern state. The biggest sound to come out of the northern hub is one popularized by rappers like Icewear Vezzo and Babyface Ray, but when you look at a list of other emcees from Detroit or Flint, you see that musicians like Sada Baby, whiterosemoxie, BONES, and many others sound nothing like this currently exploding style. I love that because it shows Michigan isn’t just going through a phase in time, and I believe the state is only going to continue proving that they’re here for a long time as well as a good time. One of the most relatable yet intriguing individuals that calls Flint, Michigan home is BFB Da Packman, and even though he has lived in Houston for many years, he still manages to stick to his roots and show off his origins within his music. At first, I became a fan because his one-liners and wordplay were simply hilarious, but it didn’t take long for me to appreciate exactly how much thought and creativity went into his art. Sure, sometimes he may rap …