Later – [Emawk]

The best part about writing for Lyrical Lemonade is having the opportunity to bring amazing artists to light. It’s no secret that there is an abundance of music being placed on streaming platforms each day, which can sometimes cover up the true gems that need to be heard. Today, I’m so excited to be writing about one of these true gems who goes by the name of Emawk. The Boston born musician was raised in Nairobi, but currently resides in New York City. I thankfully got exposed to Emawk after his music popped up on my discover weekly playlist one day; and from that moment on, I have been absolutely captivated by every single one of his projects. If you take a look at his social media, you will notice that Emawk is not mainstream, although his music quality would argue otherwise. He has put together an amazing body of work that is filled with sounds that demand to be heard. His newest offering, “Later” falls in line with many of the masterpieces that he has created thus far. When you press play, the first thing you will notice is  Emawk’s majestic vocals. In this song and many others, his …

Buzzed Love – [REGALJASON]

Throughout my days, I listen to a lot of great music, but it is very rare that I hear a song that completely catches me off guard. Whenever I stumble upon one of those tracks though, it’s only right that I tell you guys about it. ‘Buzzed Love’ is a song by Lyrical Lemonade newcomer, REGALJASON, that blew me away. The 19 year old British-Jamaican singer/songwriter definitely came out swinging with his debut offering.  The track starts off with a melodic organ accompaniment that seamlessly escorts you into the inviting experience of REGALJASON’s voice. The production was utterly magnificent, but the most impressive part about this piece is definitely the vocal talents that are displayed by this rising artist. Once you’re sucked into the ambience thats created by this song, you’ll realize that this is a piece of art that also conveys a very important message. ‘Buzzed Love’ is a track that illustrates the party life style and all of the ups and downs that come along with it. Just like it’s easy to get caught up in the party scene, REGALJASON makes it just as easy to get caught up in this song, as I have been for the …

Homebody – [Wes Ambien]

A New York based synth-pop/indie rock act that goes by the name of Wes Ambien is making his Lyrical Lemonade debut tonight with his brand new project titled “Homebody”. If you are a daily visitor of our website then you are accustom to finding high quality hip-hop music so this project might be a little different than you are used to hearing, but trust me when I say that Wes Ambien will be the most unique artist you hear all day. The Yonkers native offers of soothing and at times psychedelic sound that grows on your the more you listen to it, all in all he released a solid tape and I suggest you stream it below!

It’s A Risk – [Anthony Russo]

Making his Lyrical Lemonade debut with the release of his newest single titled “It’s A Risk”, Anthony Russo continues to impress with his undeniable talent. After touring with G-Eazy earlier this year, Russo has been consistently releasing records that find fans stunned and wanting more from the rising artist. With the help of Jamil “Digi” Chammas and Justin Lucas on the bouncy production, Anthony generates an astounding ambience throughout this track with the power of his passionate vocals and relatable lyrics. He told us that “this is one of my favorite records lyrically because I think it’s so relatable to young people. From teenagers to college kids and vice versa. I feel like a lot of us are a bit lost and searching for the part of life that sets a fire in us, most of the time placing lies beyond the vast unknown. For me, taking the first step into that unknown was what led me to where I am today. It’s scary… but rewarding”. Anthony will also be joining Chelsea Cutler on the US side of her World Tour (Part II) starting in February 2019. Be sure to give “It’s A Risk” a listen below and follow Anthony …

Very Scary – [Killy]

After bursting onto the scene late last year with his breakout hit Killamonjaro, Toronto’s newest rockstar Killy is back with the wild visuals for his latest banger titled Very Scary. Laced with production from a couple of his go-to producers in Daxz & 16yrold, Killy went ahead and bodied the ambient trap-beat with his piercing autotune that ultimately put him on the map alongside hip-hop’s booming generation of straight turn-up music. Along with that, the David Del Rosario/ WVMR-directed cut illustrates the raw energy throughout the track with mesmerizing shots of Killy mobbing with his gang and sporting some very lavish outfit choices. Coming off a fruitful 2017, you can expect Killy’s name to pop-up even more this coming year, but first, get in-tune with Very Scary below and let us know which Killy song is your personal favorite in recent memory. Directed By: David Del Rosario & WVMR 

FILM- [Leaf Set]

The last time we had the pleasure of covering the mysterious Chicago collective known as Leaf Set they had just released their single “Propeller/Nosebleed”, in anticipation of their second EP titled FILM. Well the long wait is finally over, but if we thought their singles were an indication of what was to come- we were dead wrong. There are 12 tracks total on FILM, meaning there are 12 distinct scenes that each possess a mood of their own accompanied by colorful, surreal cover art. These scenes flow and crash into each other so cohesively, comparable in effect to a Quentin Tarantino or Wes Anderson movie, but this is a Leaf Set FILM and is like no other musical release we have seen this year. “Who is Leaf Set?” is a question you may find yourself asking, and one that does not exactly have a correct answer given the groups organic knack of creating and collaborating with many artists in the city- leading to many honorary members I am sure. However, the talent behind the majority of the production lies with Jordan Dillman and Kwame, who bring sonic life to the mind bending photography and edits of Leaf Set’s visual talent, Rachel and Drake. FILM is definitely a team …

Indie – [Shaun B]

East Atlanta R&B artist Shaun B is back with a refreshing single titled “Indie.” His newest song sees him stay with his ambient, hypnotic sound while adding to it a catchy hook and freeing, melodic verses. The album artwork was done by Atlanta photographer Cam Kirk, and the smooth production was put in place by Atlanta production duo SlowKings. “I called it Indie because I thought it represented freedom. It represents doing what you want,” said Shaun B. In the single day since it’s release, the track has done over 6,000 plays on SoundCloud. The organic East Atlanta R&B sound Shaun B creates is nothing short of extraordinary. Press play below and enjoy “Indie.”  

Beauty (Sporting Life Remix) – [Jamie Isaac] ft. [Allan Kingdom]

Following last week’s release of the “CNT U SEE” remix, U.K jazz/ambient hip-hop producer Jamie Isaac has debuted another remix from his upcoming Couch Baby Revisisted project. This time around, it’s a remix of “Beauty”, with added production from Ratking’s Sporting Life and new vocal contributions from former Kanye West collaborator Allan Kingdom. Allan’s unique delivery compliments the silky-smooth saxophone riffs and Jamie’s vocals perfectly, and Sporting Life’s production give the track the urgent edge missing in the original. Listen to the remix of “Beauty” below.