Aite Come On – [WalknTalknCheck]

Currently, I am writing this article instead of a number of other write-ups from the past week that has surfaced, but none have me quite as excited as the debut of Nashville rapper WalknTalknCheck that has made a very bold statement with his first project release, Aite Come On, shining both lyrically and melodically, showing off his excellent vocals and numerous flows. Track two, “Dead Broke” was a particularly intoxicating record, produced by fellow Nashvillian IVBeats who has been on quite the run himself recently. WalknTalknCheck’s vocals on this track are impassioned and reminiscent of other southern titans like NoCap or Rylo Rodriguez, and while these are lofty comparisons I do not make them lightly. “Cramp My Hands” is a more sanguine cut off the record that features him utilizing his playful flow over the uplifting instrumental. Aite Come On comes to a close with the track “Break the Rules” where he gives quite possibly his best performance from the entire project, blending both melodies and grimy lyrics on top of his already emotionally potent vocals. Don’t sleep, WalknTalknCheck is sincerely the next big thing out of Nashville.