Numb – [Vela Seff]

As with many other things in the world, learning about something that’s new and admirable to you means you start small and branch out from there. While this might be a strange way to start an article, I feel like this is how I felt as I grew as a rap fan and as a member of the music industry. I guess I started out with as broad of a category as possible, listening to mainstream emcees that I quickly got bored of because it all just sounded too fabricated, so it didn’t take long for me to look elsewhere. When I did, I discovered that the local hip-hop scene was full of the most diverse and intriguing artists in the entire world, so this is where my sonic journey truly began. As I explored, I came across BIGBODYFIJI, an absolute legend in Chicago, and along with him came an entire group of characters who were making music so much differently than anyone else I had ever heard. Vela Seff was a name that kept popping up at one point or another, and as I started tapping in with him as well, I realized that he is just having fun …

DR*G PARTY – [Vela Seff]

It always amazes me how incredible the Chicago underground music scene is, and even after getting away from certain artists’ music for one reason or another, I always get sucked back in, but you’re not going to hear me complaining even slightly about that. When thinking of local legends like BIGBODYFIJI, Jose Franco, and others, they bring me back to a time years ago when they’re all I was bumping, and I couldn’t stop telling my friends all about them. One of the many names that I was always listening to was Vela Seff, a talented artist who has been making waves in the local scene for years, yet he still doesn’t even get close to the amount of recognition he deserves. While I have gotten away from his music in recent history for no reason other than my busy schedule, when he direct messaged me and told me about his Jose Franco-shot music video for his song “DR*G PARTY”, I was drawn right back in. This song comes off of his project First Round Pick, and while I need to make time to go back and listen through this tape, I couldn’t help but write about this song itself. …

Boof 2- [Vela Seff]

Decent Militia general, Vela Seff, is premiering his hazy visual for “Boof 2” on Lyrical Lemonade today, the final track off of his Boofmane EP which dropped earlier this year. Shot by Tyris Films, we see Vela float over the zJakkies instrumental with ease, while living up to his “Boofmane” title. Be on the lookout for a special guest cameo from DJ Stain as well and make sure to play this track at full volume for the optimal experience. Boofmane is out now so after you hit play on the visual for “Boof 2” below, make sure to revisit Vela’s stellar 8-track EP and follow the Chicago rapper on Soundcloud and Twitter while you’re at it! Mixed and Mastered by Jasper

I’m Not The Devil- [Nancy Amore]

In case you aren’t familiar already, Nancy Amore has been steady producing for some incredibly dope artists including hits with Chicago rapper Vela Seff and wavy ambient tracks with Milwaukee’s Tombo but today he is featured on our LL pages with his singing debut. Over his own signature production, we can hear the Chicago creative croon with emotion, “Never gonna love quite right/That’s alright/I’ll be fine”. The vulnerability of this latest offering makes it a gem and one that is perfect to indulge in during the late hours of the night. Be sure to press play on “I’m Not The Devil” below and follow Nancy Amore on Soundcloud and Twitter (@NANCYAMOREXXX ) to keep up with all his collaborations and hopefully more singing tracks in the near future!

Boofmane – [VelaSeff]

Decent Militia’s, VelaSeff , comes through on his thraxx gang shit with the Lyrical Lemonade premiere for his latest EP, Boofmane! This project is a cool collection of up tempo instrumentals and heavy, bravado filled verses that showcase Vela’s unique approach to music. As a rapper/producer, he played a large role in creating the sound of the EP, however, he also recruited a heavy hitting arsenal of producers to help out including  NANCYAMOREXXX, Just_Jasper, hurtboii, ProdByXanGang, and zJakkiesTG! There is even a mega-rare BigBodyFiji appearance on the track, “Wire”, and as always the two kill it spitting some unrelenting real shit. You can listen to Boofmane below and on all music streaming services available, be sure to follow Vela Seff on Soundcloud and Twitter for more from the Decent Soulja! Art by @teejayspencer

Pull Up – [Vela Seff]

Vela Seff is back on our pages for the premiere of “Pull Up”, his first single off his upcoming project dropping later this year. This self produced banger finds Vela contemplating why everyone is rapping the same and for good reason, the Chicago rapper’s flow is unparalleled and considering he crafted the intense beat himself, few creatives can say they are on his level. Be sure to hit that play button below and follow Vela on SoundCloud and Twitter (@VelaSeff) to keep up with his EP release!

Wassup – [Vela Seff] Prod. [DraeDaSkimask]

Decent Militia’s own Vela Seff has returned with a brand new eerie banger produced by DraeDaSkimask titled, “Wassup”. Mixed and mastered by Jasper Macrae, Vela goes off with the rude raps building up expectations for his upcoming project. His performance at Reggies Rock Club earlier this month definitely ignited the crowd to start flipping shit so there is no telling what a full project from the talented producer/rapper is going to do. Follow @VelaSeff on Twitter and Soundcloud to stay up to date with the latest drops, for now be sure to play “Wassup” below!

Propane – [Vela Seff]

Vela Seff has returned for an interesting new track called “Propane.” For this one, he called up Nancy Amore once again, who also helped out with his previous release called “Cardio.” These two artists really pushed their creativity on this track, as Nancy challenged Vela with a very strange tempo to rap over and he matched it perfectly. There’s not a doubt in my mind that these two will have more in store for us, but until then, be sure you get familiar by pressing play down below.

Cardio – [Vela Seff]

You might be familiar with his production, but for his latest track, Vela Seff stepped into the booth to bring us “Cardio.” With Nancy Amore and Hurt Boii on the production side of things, you already know this one is good. The duo provided a bass-heavy yet catchy instrumental that complemented Vela’s tone nicely. Don’t miss out on this one, give it a listen down below.

Kids – [Rooski]

Rooski has made a return to our pages – this time he came with a new loose track called “Kids.” If you’re familiar with Roo, this track isn’t the typical sound he usually brings to the table. With VelaSeff on the beat, this artist challenged himself to by slowing down from his typically aggressive style. Rooski and Vela have been up to something lately, as they also collaborated on Rooski’s previous song, “Kitchen.” Make sure to familiarize yourself with this duo down below, it looks like we have plenty of material from them on the way.