meadow – [uglyfriend] & [david shawty]

As I got further into the underground music scene, especially in Chicago, there were a few producers who truly created the entire sonic landscape that I grew to love more than anything else. Brent Rambo was at the forefront of this unique music, and uglyfriend was right there with him making some of the most outrageously inventive instrumentals in the entire music scene. They just incorporated sounds that I never imagined could work in hip-hop music into their soundscapes, and there was never a track produced by them that I heard and wasn’t pleasantly surprised by. Thanks to them, my mind was opened to an entirely new sound and even more incredible artists who took this style and ran with it, and my music taste has been changed for the better ever since. Recently, I have seen all over social media that uglyfriend has been spending a ton of time hanging out with david shawty, one of my more recent favorite artists, so I figured it was only a matter of time before they dropped some heat. The result of this friendship so far is their recent song “meadows”, another unique track that uglyfriend actually spits on, diversifying his portfolio …

Switch – [Handz Huncho] x [Cosha TG]

Brent Rambo and Uglyfriend are two of my all-time favorite producers, and they have been for years at this point. They have created so many different sounds that fueled the underground ever since the early days of the SoundCloud boom, and I’ve respected their individuality ever since. With their success and sheer tenure in the industry at this point in time, they work with so many different artists who I might not be familiar with, but I enjoy being introduced to because I never know what I’m going to get considering the range of styles that the two producers are able to bring to life. Most recently, Brent Rambo raved on Instagram how Cosha TG has the best hook of the year on a collaborative song with Handz Huncho called “Switch”, and I just might have to agree after tuning in. I’m a bit ashamed because I was unfamiliar with either of these talents and they’re both from Chicago which makes my shame even more abundant, but now that I’m in tune, I can’t wait to dive into the plethora of other music they’ve dropped recently. Brent and Uglyfriend create a beat that’s admittedly obscure for them, but that’s kind …

Lonely – [Komla] x [Lil Xelly]

Chicago has an abundance of new rising artists, and Komla has been making a name for himself within the community and this afternoon he is back on our website with his brand new offering titled “Lonely” featuring Lil Xelly! As if it couldn’t get any better to see these two unique talents connect, when I saw that Brent Rambo and Uglyfriend produced this song as well, I just knew it was going to be something special. This song is extremely short, coming in at just over a minute in length but you can’t deny how catchy and good it is, and I believe the short length will only help boost this records streams because you have no choice but to run it back multiple times in a row. Go ahead and stream this brand new tune below!

Coolin – [Freako]

It’s been a little bit since the last time we got new music from Chicago emcee Freako, but lucky for us he just released a brand new jam just a few minutes ago titled “Coolin”. It’s a up-tempo and infectious joint that Freako jam packed with quick-witted bars that you will find yourself nodding along to, this fantastic instrumental was provided by the mega talented producer Uglyfriend, and sure enough this dynamic duo blessed us with a great song. Along with the release Freako left us with some words adding: “RIP EP I love you bro”.

2019 payup freestyle – [Komla]

Chicago native Komla is certainly no stranger on our platform and this afternoon he is making his way back with his latest offering titled “2019 payup freestyle”. He joined forces with his right hand man and super producer Uglyfriend who blessing him with this addicting instrumental and Komla wasted no time getting to it, snapping off a quick one minute freestyle filled with a ton of memorable bars. Take a few minutes of your day to check out this new song below and if you enjoy it be sure to give Komla follow on Twitter here!

Life Is A Joke – [Brent Rambo]

Lyrical Lemonade favorite and Chicago front runner Brent Rambo released a brand new EP late last night titled “Life Is A Joke (MEME Part 1). There is a total of fifteen records on this EP and several different skits that make it feel more like a movie rather than a project, I don’t think it’s a reach to say that this EP is Brent’s best work to date. We all know Brent Rambo is one of the best producers that the city has to offer, but for this EP he brought in a few friends to help him on that side of things including Uglyfriend, Kvshtheo, Oscar100, Nine9, z3ta and last but not least, Ginseng. There’s only a few features on this project from the likes of fellow LL favorites Duffle Bag Buru, RonSoCold as well as Nolanberollin, and each of them provided a solid contribution. We will see what the rest of 2019 has in store for Brent Rambo, but if I had to guess I would say be expecting to see this tape on our top 50 Chicago projects list at the end of the year!

Stop Frontin! – [Komla]

Chicago native and LL favorite, Komla, is back on our pages today with the release of his new single, “Stop Frontin!” Komla teams up with Uglyfriend & Deaf on this track as they lay down the perfect production for him. Komla has been steadily impressing us with every release for a year now and is continuously proving he’s an artist to watch out for as we enter 2019. With an aggressive flow and impeccable beat selection he has made his mark as one of our favorite up and comers. Be sure to press play on his newest single below and to let us know what you think in the comments!

Stop Frontin! – [Komla]

Chicago emcee Komla is finding himself back on our website tonight with his brand new offering titled “Stop Frontin!”. He met up with producer Uglyfriend and Deaf who laced him with this multi-layered instrumental, and Komla took full advantage as he attacked the beat with an aggressive flow dropping some gems in his lyrics as he snapped for two minutes straight. Take a few minutes of your time to check out this brand new record below and if you rock with it be sure to give him a follow on Soundcloud to stay in tune with him.

Lucky Charms 5 – [Lil Xelly]

Lil Xelly immediately became an LL favorite after we covered his #RROCKETPOWER tape on our pages last month and though it seems it’s barely been a week since his last project, it’s totally normal for Xelly’s roll-out as he is back again with Noir Brent for, Lucky Charms 5. Coming in at 5 tracks, the tape saw executive production from Noir Brent with additional sauce from UglyFriend, Lulrose & Cortdot who helped in the finale titled Over Again. Word of Xelly’s ecstatic energy & unmatched work-ethic has quickly spread throughout the music world and after having his latest video for Maneuver premiere on No Jumper, it’s safe to say the ball is rolling for the promising newcomer. Make sure to let loose Lucky Charms 5 featuring below and stay tuned for the next work from Lil Xelly & Noir Brent!


After just dropping his last project “The Devils Advocate” a month ago, Chicago’s HateSonny is already back with another new EP to update your summer playlists with. Sonny comes through with the same explosive energy on “SONNY VS. THE WORLD”, keeping things dark and aggressive like on his previous releases. He makes this immediately known on the EP’s opener, “EGO DEATH”, as he raps over synths that feel like the music you would hear before facing the final boss of a video game. The production talent on this EP is equally impressive, with contributions from areyoudeaf, uglyfriend and Noah & Space adding a grim sonic backdrop to Sonny’s ominous bars. Stream “SONNY VS. THE WORLD” below and look out for more this summer from HateSonny: