Bebey – [Theophilus London] ft. [Giggs]

Just recently, bringing forth a wave of positive energy and music will make you dance without even trying, Theophilus London decided to bless the world with an anthemic record entitled “Bebey“. Today, revisiting the song with an accompanying road mix featuring Giggs, new life is being breathed into London’s newest as he refreshes us on why he’s one of the most talented artists out right now. At heart, “Bebey” is impulsively happy and tropical-sounding in every way. The fun-loving melodies are nothing short of infectious, and with both Theophilus and Giggs making sure to perform their absolute best, we receive a gem of a song and a perfect soundtrack to any functions you may be throwing this fall. Check out “Bebey” at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Bebey – [Theophilus London]

After hitting our pages with the release of his mixtape, Nights B4 Bebey, just last month, Theophilus London is already back in the headlines with a brand new, feel-good record entitled “Bebey”. Praising women and celebrating natural beauty, this overwhelmingly positive offering is just the right song to soundtrack a life of both love and joy. By bringing his full arsenal of creativity and skills to the table, London is able to create quite a wonderful sonic atmosphere alongside the tropical, addictive sounds of this song, and quite frankly, it’s one of my favorite works from him to date. “Bebey” reminds us that Theo’s forthcoming album is going to be something truly special, so be on the lookout and in the meantime, be happy and listen to the latest from the highly-talented artist at the link below!  

Nights B4 Bebey – [Theophilus London]

Making his return to the spotlight today is none other than Theophilus London with a brand new mixtape, Nights B4 Bbebey. It’s been a minute since we last heard new music from the highly-talented New York native, and with his latest full-length effort, we hear that Theo is back and better than ever. The 16-track culmination of sounds brings forth luxurious rhymes, packed densely with the unforgettable personality of such an interesting mind. He translates life and its ranging emotions into a multitude of honest accounts, only to be complemented by some truly eccentric, wonderfully-executed instrumentals that will be stuck in my head all day long. That being said, this tape is meant to be the appetizer for London’s album, and if its any indication of whats on the way, we’re in for a bright future. Click play on Nights B4 Bebey at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments!