Hills Have Eyes – [POORSTACY] & [Travis Barker]

Out of all the unlikely collaborators in the world, Travis Barker making his way into Hip-Hop music might’ve been one of the most farfetched transitions I can think of. Although I’ve been a fan of his long before entering into this new genre, one thing I respect more than anything else is the fact that he never even slightly gave up his artistic integrity and brought his same trademark attitude and boldness from his Punk days to his new Hip-Hop explorations. Travis is a legend in every sense of the word, so seeing him come together with many new, up and coming artists is a treat considering he can give them valuable pointers in the industry while also helping shape them and perfect their respective crafts. One of my favorite tag teams that he’s a part of comes with his work with POORSTACY, Internet Money’s carefree rule-breaker, and every single song they’ve put out together has been a smash hit. Back in December, they dropped off their collaborative single “Hills Have Eyes”, and this quickly became possibly my favorite STACY song of all-time. That’s why, when I saw that the duo teamed up with director and editor Mooch to create …

Serpent – [Lil Spirit]

Recently I’ve been writing about a lot of Internet Money artists and although they’re only a very small sample size of the entire music industry, the IM roster contains some of the most talented, versatile musicians in the entire scene. Whether they work with artists like Iann Dior, POORSTACY, TyFontaine, or any of the other talents on their team, each musician brings something unbelievably different but equally as captivating as the rest of their crew members, and they’re only just getting started. If you’re familiar with the label, you’ve probably seen the young, blue-haired artist who goes by Lil Spirit, and if you’ve heard his music, you know just how powerful his voice truly is. Most recently, Spirit decided to drop off one final single before the end of the year entitled “Serpent”, and although it’s a bit more upbeat and faster-paced than some of his more emotive, poignant offerings, his talents are on full display throughout this unbelievable record. As the instrumental begins, synth-like vocal chops play out in the background as snaps, claps, and drums combine with a buoyant bassline that is the perfect foundation for an all-out hit. As Spirit begins to sing, his words start out …

Delectable – [TyFontaine]

It’s no secret that I’m a massive fan of Internet Money, and I have been even longer before their unbelievable album dropped. I can press play on any song by Iann Dior, Poorstacy, Lil Spirit, Turbo, or anyone else on their roster and be transported to an entirely new universe in the blink of an eye. Just a week ago, Internet Money’s very own Tyfontaine dropped off his brand-new single “Cuff Jeans”, and I haven’t gone a day without listening to it probably ten or more times. Its hook is absolutely incredible, his verse is as impressive as it is diverse, and his abundance of talents are sprinkled all over the short offering. Fast forward seven days, and it turns out that the fun is only beginning. As he has been preparing fans for the release of his second project of the year entitled We Ain’t the Same, he finally announced the mixtape’s official release date, which is next Friday, as well as the tape’s tracklist which includes features from 24kGoldn, Coi Leray, TheHxliday, and of course Lil Keed on their previously released single “Duse N Juice”. With a list of 16 songs, there’s no telling what we can expect, …

i don’t rap! – [Poorstacy]

In my personal opinion, at the rate that Internet Money has been pumping out hits, I don’t believe they could do any wrong even if they tried. Throughout their dexterous roster, there are a number of musicians creating some of the most individualistic music and although almost none of it sounds the same, their common connection is IM. Poorstacy is one of the wildest yet most intriguing members of the collective, and he has been a name I’ve paid attention to ever since first hearing him on label mate Iann Dior’s song “Urself”, and ever since hearing his incredible contribution to the Industry Plant standout track, I haven’t missed a single offering from him. He just never does anything that’s expected of him and doesn’t do things by the book which keeps fans on their toes and has given him the opportunity to show off the incredibly wide range of talents he possesses. Once again, he caught me by surprise by releasing two new tracks in the form of a miniature EP of some sort entitled i don’t rap!, and he even specifies that it’s a leak in the title, even though they were uploaded to his official SoundCloud account. …

Don’t Look at Me – [POORSTACY]

Internet Money standout POORSTACY has only recently been introduced to me over the past couple of months, but he has rapidly grown into one of my favorite artists not only on the IM roster but in the entire music industry. He’s so versatile with his music, sometimes opting to go with a more Hip-Hop vibe while other times strictly going completely Punk Rock and not even giving it a second thought. I think he and his fellow IM counterpart Iann Dior have similar aesthetics, but Iann seems to include slightly more Pop-like elements that I thoroughly enjoy, while STACY sticks to a more hard-nosed, ruthless style most of the time. When STACY dropped his highly anticipated debut album The Breakfast Club just a couple of weeks ago, I was blown away. I was expecting a lot, of course, but it just took my expectations to a whole new level. Then, out of nowhere, a couple of days later he dropped a couple of new songs for a deluxe version, one of them being “Don’t Look at Me”.  This song shows off exactly what I mean as far as his Rock influences are concerned, but also leaves some room for him …

Wait – [Stacy Money]

Stacy Money has been featured on our platform quite a few times in the past and is making his way back tonight with his brand new offering titled “Wait”. I have known Stacy Money for his stellar verses and complete sounding records for over a year now, but when I dove into this new joint I was more than pleased with the softer & more melodic vibe that he provided on this one. Take a few minutes of your time to check out this brand new tune below and if you like it be sure to let me know in the comments section!

Acne II – [ATM] ft. [Stacy Money]

ATM and Stacy Money are both regulars here at Lyrical Lemonade, and today, we get to hear them unite their respective waves with a hard-hitting new offering titled “Acne II”. Produced by the connector of dots and hitmaker himself, Cor Blanco, this single is a fast-paced testament to the lively energy that each of these standout artists brings to the table. Individually, they’re able to entertain listeners and craft together anthems with ease, and once paired together under such an infectious beat, it only makes sense that a heater is what comes of this collaboration. The music speaks for itself on this one, so be sure to listen to “Acne II” at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments!

LALALAND – [Stacy Money]

Well, we were patient in our waiting, but the big day is finally here. Stacy Money has finally released his new mixtape, LALALAND, and based on my first listen, it exceeds any expectations I held prior to release. This rising star has been on my radar for just a few months now, but by showcasing the full scope of unique artistry that he holds in this tape, I truly believe that I discovered him on the brink of absolute explosion. LALALAND is 18 tracks of melodic, smooth energy and infectious, anthemic songs, meshing together to form a solid piece of work that any listener can identify with in some sense. Stacy covers themes such as love, ambition, success, and triumph, all of which bounce right off of stellar production placements from Cor Blanco, Captain Crunch, Xanboy, and zJakkies, among others. I could go about this one all day, but if there’s one element of praise that this write-up should leave the tape with, it’s that each song truly feels like it was handcrafted in a way that masters the art of creating a vivid aesthetic using the intersection of sound and lyricism. Stacy Money holds skills in songwriting and structuring far beyond his years, …

Pole – [Stacy Money]

Ever since my initial introduction to Stacy Money just a few days ago, I haven’t been able to forget about the feeling that his music invokes. It’s memorable in regards to the mood that it creates, and, lost within a barrage of ambitious lyricism, it truly does stick with you after just one or two listens. Today, Stacy is back on Lyrical Lemonade to deliver all of this and more on his new single, “Pole”. Led by production from Swvde, this luxurious illustration of the desirable lifestyle that the young artist lives is certainly nothing to skip right over. The song is well-crafted both lyrically and sonically, providing the perfect explanation as to why Stacy Money’s stocks have been rising at such a rapid rate in recent months. That being said, listen to “Pole” below and be prepared for a new mixtape from Stacy Money entitled La La Land due out for release on April 20th!

Curious – [Stacy Money]

Jersey rapper Stacy Money has blessed our pages with a number of dope singles in the past, and today, he’s here to take the spotlight yet again with a brand new offering entitled “Curious”. Produced by JaySplaSh, this hard-hitting offering acts as a perfect testament to the melodic style that Stacy seems to bring to the table with such unrivaled ease. His vocals arrive with a loosely-fit flow, emphasizing the effortless style that the young artist is able to communicate in an intoxicating fashion, as he holds a considerable amount of potential as a hit machine. “Curious” is just the right anthem to back this claim up, and in this light, the track is inarguably destined to run up the numbers as time goes on. That being said, Stacy Money is a name that you won’t want to forget about as the year progresses, so be sure to invest in his stocks early and listen to “Curious” at the link below!