Don’t Try This At Home – [J.K. The Reaper] & [Supah Mario]

After a fury of hype singles, rapper J.K. The Reaper and producer Supah Mario have released their highly anticipated 9-song EP. Now, many of you should be incredibly familiar with J.K. as one of the original mic slayers of the SoundCloud era. He’s only refined his penmenship in the past years and his latest project is concrete evidence. Titled Don’t Try This At Home, The Reaper performs some death defying stunts over impeccable production. Supah Mario has been having an incredible year, working with the likes of Drake and Lil Uzi Vert. His co-sign does not come lightly, working with an established artist with strong writing skills shows J.K. is everything we thought he could be. With singles like “Hot Ones” and “Freak of the Week” being a small sample of the heat on the EP, there is a lot of versatility form J.K. in between the bass-blasting heaters we’ve come to expect from him. On tracks like “Mob” and “Norf $ide”, J.K. shows his range bringing his intensity levels way down. If you are expecting the more aggressive sound J.K. is known for then look out for songs like “Run It” and “Make It Rain” which are by far two …

Mother of My Kids – [TyFontaine] ft. [Summrs]

TyFontaine is a name you should probably be pretty familiar with at this point in time, and if somehow, you’ve been sleeping, please let this be your wake-up call. Either way, he has consistently been working with various artists of all different levels of fame and recognition, and Summrs is the most recent talented rising star he decided to team up with. While I’m not overly familiar with Summrs and the extent of his previous work, I have heard of the Lafayette native mainly due to his insane work ethic, putting out so many projects in such a minuscule amount of time that you need more than your two hands to be able to count them. Regardless of if Ty or Summrs piqued your interest and prompted you to tune into their most recent record “Mother of My Kids”, the chemistry that these two talents possess is more than enough to keep you intrigued and mesmerized throughout. The two-minute runtime of this brand-new record. Slayer produced this hit, beginning with some ambient, spacey synths, pounding 808s, and hasty hats that give a fairly underground, gritty vibe to these two autotune specialists. While Ty might start out the track with a …

It Nvr Gets Better – [Kuru]

One might think that an ever-growing music landscape such as the all-too-prominent next era of pop music would have quite the project-base to flaunt at this point, given how close the scene is to effectively hitting the mainstream. But this scene has always been singles-dominated, and it has continued to be that way even in its most resounding period as we stand today.  A number of conclusions arise from identifying this fact as a whole, but two extremely prominent ones seem to stick out more than anything else: the sheer quality of the singles makes this concept an inherently positive one anyways, and when a project is effectively released by a given act in this scene, it carries far more emphatic weight upon it given its comparative rarity. These events are star-making moments all things considered, and arriving after a recent string of incredible project releases within this scene behind Blackwinterwells’s Stone Ocean and Midwxst’s Secrets is the equally prolific Kuru with his very own full-length offering entitled It Nvr Gets Better.  Inside a short 9-minute package are 4 remarkably executed tracks that essentially lay every single artistic facet that Kuru has to offer on the table for the world …

Slayerr – [TM88] ft. [Lil Uzi Vert]

New Lil Uzi! So we should be happy right?… Right? Although the rapper promised that his highly anticipated album, Eternal Atake, will indeed be released in the near future, can we really be sure? No. Are we happy with his mysterious feature on, “Slayerr”? Absolutely. Uzi’s appearance on familiar collaborator and producer TM88’s new single is a statement he is making loud and clear: He will rule the charts and our hearts this summer. The Philly rapper delivers his vocals with the same energy and emotion that gave all of his fans reason to follow him throughout his career. Per usual, TM88 does not hold back with his strong production and vicious 808’s that are able to literally shatter glass. Just the thought of a new Lil Uzi album has had the internet buzzing for the last two years. For now, the world is at peace as we all enjoy a lil bit of Lil Uzi. Words by Barry R

Demon Slayer – [Fijimacintosh]

Fijimacintosh has been putting out extremely well put together music for a minute now, and today he is back with what I believe to be his best music video for “Demon Slayer”. This record is a hit and has been blasting through speakers for months so it’s awesome to see it finally get the proper visual that it deserved.2018 has been a great year so far for Fijimacintosh and I don’t see him slowing down any time soon, I see him continuing to blossom into a star & becoming a big name in hip-hop very soon. Check out this brand new music video below and if you like it be sure to give Fijimacintosh a follow on Twitter here!