Futsal Shuffle 2020- [Lil Uzi Vert]

I’m sure by now you’ve already seen the insane dance videos that Lil Uzi Vert has brought into the world of virality in order to hype up his latest single “Futsal Shuffle 2020”. He created a dance and teased the new track for probably around a month if not longer at this point, getting fans, other artists, and himself to post videos of themselves doing the shuffle. Well, the song is finally here, and I must say it’s as unique as Uzi is himself. The production sounds like it could take place in Japan during the year 2050, with futuristic synths that add a new layer to Uzi’s sound. To be honest, it feels like these synths can almost be a bit overpowering at times, but they cut out and give the rapper some time to show off his style and charm before coming back into the beat. Although I’m not sure if the classic dance video game Dance Dance Revolution is still in existence, this song could without a doubt fit right into their playlist. I don’t know how I’d feel if Uzi’s long-awaited upcoming album Eternal Atake sounded like this on every track, but if this is just …

The Mop – [TisaKorean] [Kblast] & [Huncho Da Rockstar]

2019 has seen multiple dances become wildly viral thanks to the massively popular apps like TikTok and Triller to help catalog and amplify these infections dance moves. As we come to a close on the year, we may have just been blessed with one of the best dance records to release in the past 12 months. TisaKorean has become known for his bubbly personality and electrifying dancing, fresh off the video for his shopping mall anthem “AERO (Blow the Whistle)” he returns with a dance craze that’s already beginning to take over the internet. After first hearing this song, I knew Tisa had another potential viral hit on his hands. It all went to another level when last Sunday Odell Beckham Jr. scored a monumental touchdown and celebrated it by doing The Mop, followed by teaching his team members on the sideline. This is only the initial spark but the video has found its way into a ton of videos on TikTok and Triller already during one of the biggest party weeks in the US. With an infectious dance move to go along with a song that will get people moving as soon as the chorus hits. Tisa is joined …

A Closer Look Into Wicca Phase Springs Eternal

On the Road Again, Wicca Phase Springs Eternal Talks the New Approach of Latest Project “Suffer On,” the Impact of Lil Peep’s Death, Major Label Wooing, and the Future of GothBoiClique For the first time ever on a headlining tour, Adam McIlwee, the Pennsylvania  electronic angst auteur who records as Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, has gone out with a stage backdrop, and it’s impressive. But last week in Brooklyn, he didn’t use it. No need, really, as the artist was performing in front of one of the most dramatic views a New York venue has to offer: the elevated tracks of the J, M and Z trains, which rumble by periodically mid-set, just outside the beloved indie venue Market Hotel. It feels like a moment for Wicca Phase. Maybe not a splashy, look-at-me moment, but then, flexing is not really for McIlwee, who at 29 has already logged several notable chapters in an unlikely musical path, one that’s bridged punk, hip-hop, emo, and most recently evolved into singer-songwriter acoustics. He’s still based in his native Scranton, PA, where in the late 2000’s he fronted the indie outfit Tiger’s Jaw, until more electronic and experimental tendencies led him to split from …

100 Bands – [Natalie]

You may remember Natalie’s first appearance on our pages last month with her astounding Bloodshot record and today, she makes her return with the next offering titled 100 Bands. Produced by Eddie Priest, Raze & Trophy, the Houston/ Chicago-bred talent dazzled once again with smooth vocals & wordplay on lavish desires including eating steak and lobster, wanting the whole cake and choosing between the Audi or the Wraith. Since her last release in Bloodshot, the anticipation has been set at an all-time high for Natalie to deliver on a follow-up and sure enough, she did just that and ultimately blew away my expectations on this next track. Having said that, waste no time clicking on the link below to take in 100 Bands and leave us a comment whether or not you’re feeling the latest from the emerging star, Natalie!

Matt Ox No Jumper Interview

Matt Ox was recently in L.A. for his first Cali show. Yes, the internet sensation was out in L.A. for a show and what is even more unbelievable is that this man was one of the last guys to hit the stage. Who else at this show you ask? Well you might have heard of one guy. He goes by the name of King Sosa otherwise known as Chief Keef. Pretty impressive stuff for someone who isn’t even in high school yet. Since he was in  L.A. NoJumper reached out to him and asked if he wanted to be interviewed and he gladly accepted the invitation. During the interview, thy chopped it up about what exactly is up with him being the internet’s new biggest craze. Also, NoJumper got a chance to talk to Matt Ox’s manager, Chxpo along with man who produced his “Overwhelming” track, Oogiemane. Watch it below.  

Slow Me Down – [Nathan Knew] Ft. [John Walt] & [Kraze]

Just a day after the release of his track “Rari Dreams,” Nathan Knew came back even stronger with the release of “Slow Me Down.” Just one listen will instantly having you vibing with the young Chicago emcee. Nathan Knew linked with Pivot member John Walt on this one who unleashed one of his finest hooks, as well as Kraze who definitely put the finishing touches on the last verse. Nathan is no doubt spitting truth and the contributions of Walt and Kraze make this one that much better. Take a listen to the BLCK MRKT produced track below.  

Holographic Chief Keef Performance

Last night, I was fortunate enough to shoot at Craze Fest, where a holographic Chief Keef was brought out.  Keef’s hologram was only able to perform one song before his performance was shut down.  Keep in mind that this was a hologram, the show took place in Indiana (where unlike Chicago, he has no warrants) and also the fact that Sosa’s hologram was introduced with him saying: “Stop the violence, stop the killing, stop the nonsense – let the kids grow up.”  Check out the footage I captured before his set was shut down. Shot by Cole Bennett