Maxo Kream: Unparalleled Integrity

It’s 8:30 PM on Wednesday night, just two days before the release of Maxo Kream’s major-label debut, Brandon Banks. Piling into a dim, luxurious room at Manhattan’s 40/40 club, fans and peers alike await Kream’s arrival. Conversation is light, but the overarching meaning of the moment makes the air feel dense. Now years in the making, Maxo Kream’s slow-burning ascent is reaching a new apex, and this small room of listeners is fortunate enough to become witness just days before the album’s official release. A few moments later, a thunderous presence makes his way down the hallway. Turning left, he enters the room, 4 glossy chains on neck and followed by a posse of friends. It’s Maxo Kream, the man of the night. With each step, his presence grows stronger as the heads begin to turn toward his direction. Kream’s face lights up to see the welcoming crowd of listeners, but his eyes maintain a focused glare under the soft lights. The closer and closer he moves to the center of attention, the more the moment begins to set in. Here, just minutes away from clicking play on his long-awaited new album, time seems to slow down. The message becomes …

Ben/Frank – [NASAAN]

NASAAN is a creative out of Detroit whose name I have heard a few people I respect speak about recently, so I thought why not give him a chance? The next thing I know is he dropped this new music video for “Ben/Frank” at the perfect time, and after watching this one through at least a dozen times, I am walking away from this one very happy I took the time out, he gained a new fan today. I quickly learned at he can rap his ass off, I found a liking to the melody he created here, but what I enjoyed even more what the story he was telling. The picture he painting lyrically was displayed even better with this amazing new visual, I highly suggest you give it a spin below, and if you like it then be sure to share it with a friend!

Watch Denzel Curry’s brand new interview with No Jumper

Denzel Curry was recently at Wireless Festival in London performing and he got together with his homie Adam22 for an awesome new interview for No Jumper! You will find the two of them touching on several subjects such as the early days of Raider Klan, his come up, what has changed since that time, XXXTentacion, A$AP Mob, SpaceGhostPurrp, Xavier Wulf, mental health, being inspired by Andre 3000 & New York hip-hop, people being taken away too soon, Pouya, being careful with how he moves, the Florida rap scene and Denzel even turns the camera on Adam for a few questions at one point! Take some time out of your day to watch this brand new interview below.

Bad Habits  – [Blac Papi]

When an artist is from Philly, you can hear it. With different styles and flavors, I always find artists coming from Philadelphia have a sound with an edge and overall hunger in their tone. Blac Papi embodies what it means to be a Philly rapper, and he displays that in his recently released video for his new song, ‘Bad Habits.’ In the video, the rapper is seen walking through his hometown and chilling with the same people he grew up with. Throughout the song, the rapper articulates the struggles that success brings with lyrics such as, ‘I made it, I ain’t did enough. Ain’t satisfied til a hundred up.’ The catchy hook combined with the hard-hitting production done by Zachary Gayden, make this song an absolute Philly banger. Watch the music video for, ‘Bad Habits,’ here:

Valley Hopefuls LP – [Jordan Ward]

Jordan Ward has made it onto our pages before, but I thought it was time to take a much deeper look into the music of this artist and what separates him from most of the MC/Songwriters who are circulating through the industry right now. I initially discovered Jordan after hearing his mind blowing song entitled “Sandiego”. It was at this moment where I realized that this guy has a promising future ahead of him. That soulful and smooth song was just a part of a bigger project that Jordan dropped about a month ago. The 12 song LP entitled, “Valley Hopefuls” has just about everything you’d want when it comes to finding summer vibes to listen to. Not only does it showcase Jordan’s immense talent and versatility, it also tells a really cool story about his point of view and where he’s at in his life right now. I was able to grab a quote from Jordan about the project and he explained that it “…really came together organically. I was just moving around, making music, living life and creating with my friends. Ive been in LA for six years now but recently moved further into the Valley. That really …

Hoodie Strings – [Dava]

As much as I love the DIY pop scene that has come to prominence over the past few years, it’s become increasingly difficult to find artists who fit into the same or similar pocket that truly stand out. Naturally, as we’ve seen with so many other genres, the result of a sound’s success is volume and therefore, repetition, making boundary-pushing talents fewer and further in between. One artist, however, that is certainly adjacent to this scene without ever falling into anyone else’s sound is Dava — an unbelievably talented Denver-based singer who recently released a brand new single, “Hoodie Strings.” Off the bat, “Hoodie Strings” is an interesting one. The background melody, simple and catchy as can be, certainly mirrors something of a pop instrumental, but the knocking bass and rapidly-paced drums stray more toward the hip-hop world. As such, Dava seems to exist somewhere in between all of the madness, simply building and developing her own sound independent of the trends in the current day. With this, even beyond the instrumentation, “Hoodie Strings” takes Dava’s graceful vocals and fits them into a relatable, almost unsure story of love. As I’m sure we’re all familiar with on some level, love …

IDNT – [Wafflejax]

Fun, energetic, young, bouncy. I recently discovered Florida-based rapper Wafflejax. I’m not sure what it is about Florida, but there is an extreme amount of actual talent coming out of there. Not only is there a lot talent, there’s an exceptional amount of very young talent. Listening to Wafflejax, you’d imagine that you’re listening to a seasoned 20-something-year-old rapper, but in reality, you’re listening to a seasoned 17-year-old rapper. “IDNT” is essentially a short, concise track with an important message: don’t take life so seriously, enjoy, and have fun. What really impresses me about Wafflejax is his incredible control of his flow. Drawing comparisons to XXXTentacion, Busta Rhymes, and more, the young rapper is about to make a gigantic splash in the hip hop scene. Produced by MarvinTheMartian, the song has a captivating sample and a powerful kick, providing Waffle the perfect platform to spit on. He is a “must” on my list of artists to keep up with. Listen to “IDNT” here:

Luh You Not – [Ion Lil Gut]

Ion Lil Gut is back with yet another tear-jerker with his newest single, “Luh You Not.” The singer’s voice alone is enough to get anyone in their feels. Layered with emotional strings produced by frequent collaborator, Illa Da Producer, the song holds sentiment and easily evokes emotions. With lyrics such as, “She want me cuz I am the man. Can’t love you I just love them bands.” Throughout the track, Lil Gut discusses how his business (trapping) has made it difficult for him to find the right person. Not only are women constantly trying to gold dig and finesse the up and coming star, he does not have the time to commit to anyone. He knows what the lifestyle he chose comes with, and he deals with those consequences in “Luh You Not.” Make sure to stream, “Luh You Not,” here:


Vancouver’s young rockstar AC has been dropping a steady stream of melodic hits over the past year as I’ve written about previously. Earlier this week, he dropped “All4Me” which is one of his first official releases on streaming platforms since his collaborative EP with ILLYMINIACHI. Over the past few years, AC has adopted a much more melody-heavy rap allowing him to create music that is laced with iconic bars and a lot of his brash personality. This song has AC declaring he wants it all, as he deserves putting in years of work into his music and he’s only 18. Take a listen to the new track here, and be on the lookout for more singles from this artist on the rise!

Stay Flyy – [M A E S T R O]

If you haven’t heard the bouncy, summer new single, “Stay Flyy,” from rapper M A E S T R O, you are definitely missing out. The rapper has recently released a music video to accompany the self-produced banger. Everything about this track screams summer and the video compliments that perfectly. Distancing himself from the norm, viewers watch as M A E S T R O has an older woman waiting on him, making him pancakes in the morning, and giving him an allowance to hit Melrose for an afternoon shopping spree. Unusual, but definitely fun to watch. Removing himself from his previous role in the hit show, The Wire, the rapper, singer, actor and producer, is making an impact on the rap game and that is evident with summer smashes such as, “Stay Flyy.” With more on the way, don’t sleep on M A E S T R O. Watch the music video for, “Stay Flyy,” here: