Watch Lizzo’s brand new interview on The Breakfast Club

When I look at all of the music that has been released so far in 2019 one standout album for me was Lizzo’s project because of her one of a kind voice and just how well put together that album was, so I was thrilled when I saw she stopped by The Breakfast Club for a dope new interview! You will find them speaking about tons of topics such as self love, her well received album, how she first got started in the music industry, playing the flute, signing to Atlantic Records, living in Houston growing up, being teased as a kid for being in band, f*ckboy stories, new music, being inspired by Missy Elliott & Lauryn Hill, watching Destiny’s Child perform at a Walmart in 6th grade, when she first met Missy, how involved she is with her music video ideas, the hardest transition she has had to make, grinding it out for damn near a decade, relationships, when she first started going to therapy, meeting Prince and more. Check out this awesome new interview below.

Pure Infinity – [SwaVay]

As I’ve written in the past, I’ve always found the idea of a “debut album” to be a daunting one. It’s an artist’s first chance to tell a full-length story from start to end, and often times, it takes the temperature for two things — one, what an artist’s “sound” is and where it’s headed in the future, and two, whether or not an artist can truly communicate a story or theme in a way that can keep listeners engaged for a prolonged amount of time. Here to check off both boxes and then some, Boominati artist SwaVay is here with his long-awaited debut album, Pure Infinity. Three years in the making, Pure Infinity not only allows SwaVay to come to terms with himself and his emotions, but it also soundtracks a 3+ year fight for the Atlanta artist to make it to where he is today. In such a way, the album is a compilation of tremendous ups and heart-wrenching downs, all of which hold value in the transformation of an incredibly talented artist and even more thoughtful, reflective, and grounded human. It’s a chance for SwaVay to let out everything he’s had under wraps for a few years now, and even more …

Shit – [My Favorite Color]

Amidst a plethora of blockbuster rap albums/songs that came out today, one artist who has still managed to capture my attention with a banger of his own goes by the name of My Favorite Color. Hailing from Pittsburgh, this budding talent may have dropped his new single, “Shit,” on a day scattered with releases from some of the biggest names out, but nevertheless, he gives listeners a variety of reasons why they should be paying attention, even during a time with so much else to listen to. For starters, the fierce, bass-booming nature of “Shit” makes it easy to latch onto from the start, but even so, My Favorite Color makes sure not to rely on the production to pull all of the weight. Rather, the budding artist sets loose a rambunctious set of deliveries, using his endless energy and head-turning charisma to attract listeners and keep them entertained throughout. Naturally, the result is a one-two punch of a song and a sure favorite for live performances and mosh pits in the near future. With this, “Shit” is a short, to-the-point offering, and as such, it holds the replay value to keep all eyes on My Favorite Color for several …

Digital – [IDK]

It may be IDK’s birthday today, but he’s the one giving out gifts. Not just any boring goodie bag either, but the first single off his highly-anticipated, debut album ISHEREAL. Though not as explosive or catchy as you might expect from a first single–especially compared to his last release–to me, “Digital” sounds like a deeper cut that will still fit nicely into the flow of the whole project. Don’t get it twisted, the (now) 27-year-old rapper, still delivers in full, slicing through Kal Banx’s clapping boardwalk with a potent, brutish flow, but it just has a different feel than a typical single. What I love about IDK’s approach here (and in general) is how his tracks progress and how the fluid the progressions are. The DMV-product is so good at changing his cadence, style, or tone and he does it so naturally as to never disrupt the flow of the song; it definitely keeps you hanging on every word. Happy Birthday, IDK! Can’t wait for the album!    

Somebody – [RobOlu] ft. [Jaché]

I’ve been hip to Atlanta native RobOlu for some time now, and over time, I’ve noticed an incredible amount of growth from the rising talent. Quite clearly, he’s always developing and growing his sound, and today, this hard work comes full circle with my favorite release from Olu to date — “Somebody” featuring Jaché. Melodic as can be, the unmatched smoothness of this song makes it an easy-to-love crossover track between the hypnotic worlds of rap and R&B. With each successive line, Olu bounces his slick deliveries off of Jaché’s unbelievable vocals, and the result is a tremendous balance between hard-hitting and gentle. Needless to say, in all of its love-minded lyricism, “Somebody” is a brief yet highly entertaining listen, generating a near-perfect representation of two incredibly talented artists and their ability to demonstrate the art of passion in music. That said, “Somebody” has just the right sound to connect with a broad array of fans, so be sure not only to check out the song and accompanying video below, but also to show it to all of your friends. RobOlu and Jaché make the perfect combination, and the world needs to hear it. Produced by @senseiatl Shot by @JCrumpOriginal

Smacked! – [Kiraly Payne]

Kiraly Payne is something like a OG on our platform, he has been apart of the Lyrical Lemonade community from the damn near start, and this evening he is back with his beautiful new track titled “Smacked”! A couple of years ago I brought Kiraly through the office for a Q&A, and when we linked up he introduced me to another talented young individual by the name of Austen Nobles who has done well for himself since, and he handled the soothing production this this track provided. This joint appears as if it will be apart of his upcoming EP titled Protect My Soul that is set to drop later this year, so be on the look out for that. Hearing the start of this track was interesting because of the way Kiraly messed around with his vocals, I haven’t heard him rap like this before, but I definitely liked what the final outcome was. Stream this brand new offering below!

Lyrical Lemonade Presents: The Shordie Shordie Q&A

As I rode in the car with my cameraman on the way to Atlanta I started to prep myself for this interview. Naturally, I like to be over prepared when I’m talking with someone so I’m able to dive into an in-depth conversation with the person. As I’m gazing off into the distance my cameraman asks me to play some Shordie Shordie to get in the mood for the interview. I play “Bitchuary” first of course. Everyone in the car’s mood immediately changes, I ended up letting Shordie’s album ‘Captain Hook’ ride. As I was listening I stopped thinking and worrying about what I was going to say for the interview. For the fact that I had been listening to Shordie’s music non stop over the past couple of weeks so I felt as if I had already known him. When we pulled up to the studio and we received a warm welcome by his manager and his team, Shordie was finishing up recording a song. After a little while, the blossoming Baltimore standout sat down with me and reassured what I thought to be true while riding in the car. That Shordie was as real and relatable as his …

Therapy EP – [6o]

6o has really impressed me this year, releasing 8 tracks since January, each one hitting in its own way. Now, he’s back with 6 more tracks, this time, released together as an EP entitled Therapy. That kind of work rate is astounding, but yet again he delivered something fresh. Following suit, 6o’s melodic-driven style engines the project. He really bounces atop some light, colorful production. Though there is a consistent vibe in the direction of the boardwork, 6o does a great job of incorporating unique elements into each one–like the intro on “Therapy” or the heavily atmospheric “Used To It”– to keep things flowing.  Vocally, he crooner has a feathery, poppy style, matching the production, but they have some real feeling in them and it’s reflected in the lyrics as well. That ability to convey emotion but do so with a glossy, pop-splashed feel is 6o’s strongest asset, is what has sustained his crazy drop rate, and makes Therapy EP required listening. Standout cuts: “Rather Be Dead,” “Paranoid,” & “Used To It” 

Ransom – [Lil Tecca]

One artist that we have ben raving about here at Lyrical Lemonade is Lil Tecca, who is finding himself back on our website with the release of his brand new music for “Ransom” with Lyrical Lemonade’s own Cole Bennett. If you examine Lil Tecca’s catalog you will see that he has only releases outright bangers one after another, this kid has been racking up millions of plays on his own despite still being a sixteen year old high school student and it appears as the release of this video is like lighting the wick to a firework, Lil Tecca is going to be one of the biggest new rappers in the near future. Don’t sleep on Lil Tecca, smash the play button below! song produced by Nick Mira & Taz Taylor

Baggy Eyes EP – [Michael Christmas]

This past Friday, Boston’s very own Michael Christmas blessed streaming services with his Baggy Eyes EP, originally released in 2016. It was clearly long overdue, given that it’s a project brimming with well-produced bangers that should be heard by any fan of the relatable and talented Michael Christmas. Baggy Eyes consists of charming and catchy tracks that continue to show off Christmas’s budding personality and humor. The production on here is really impressive, as we get a collection of uplifting and soulful instrumentals, along with some bouncy and melodic trap-flavored beats. Christmas also proves how talented a rapper he is, with some really slick flows and jaw-dropping rhyme schemes supporting his addicting hooks. The nuclear “Drums Might Wake Ya Mama Up” is the hardest-hitting track on the project, and features some dramatic strings during the chorus of the track, along with some flowery and spacey production during the verses. Vintage Lee, who released a single last month with MadeinTYO, is also featured on here and makes this track an overload of charisma between the two emcees. The legendary $ilkMoney is also featured on “Who Cares”. This is a great collection of tracks that stand as some of Christmas’s best work …