Hunny – [Nate Traveller]

Nate Traveller has always been impressive. The prolific artist carries an emotional delivery and an incredibly difficult to ignore charisma that follows each of his songs, whether through heart mending melodies or poignant rap deliveries. His recently released project, Hunny, is a significant step forward in his sound and a shining example his artistic growth. Coming in at a total of 21-minutes for a total of eight songs, Nate Traveller’s reentrance into the space since sharing his three-track release Alone back in 2018. His new album finds an exceptional growth both in production as well as with features. Assisted on the production side by fellow rising artist, BabyJake, and featuring verses from Wes Period, ripmattblack, AKTHESAVIOR, and Mills, Nate Traveller creates mellow energy that not only sounds good but matches the fall season. Standout songs like “Solace,” “Low Blow,” and “Same Number” all hold intoxicating components that make this project special. Nate Traveller said the below about his new album and the overall feel he hopes his music brings, saying, “Nature and harmony are key aspects not just to my brand but to my personal identity. I want my music to help people find peace.” Listen to Hunny by Nate Traveller below.

Alone-[Eddy Rock]

Eddy Rock is a talent that you need to know about. As you all know, I’m a huge fan of the scene that has been developing in the Southwest Florida Area over the last couple of years. The talent that is present down there is truly unbelievable and it’s only right to put it on display.  The 239’s latest artist making it onto our pages is a guy named Eddy Rock. It’s been about a year since the up and comer has dropped some music, but today he’s back with a brand new track titled, “Alone”. I can’t even stress how good this offering is. I haven’t heard a more cohesive song in a long time when it comes to vocals and production. You should expect nothing but perfection from Eddy though as he’s worked as an engineer for many SWFL artists like Dominic Fike, Nate Traveller, BabyJake, ripmattblack, Brendan Bennett and ALX. Throughout the verses, Eddy sings about the common complexities that come with relationships and isolation. This reflective piece really opens the door for Eddy’s fans to get a look into his mind and creative process.  The stripped down ballad is just the beginning for Eddy Rock. If he …

Sunset-[Nate Traveller]&[ripmattblack]

If you know me, then you know that Nate Traveller is one of my favorite artists in the scene right now. Looking through his discography is like digging through a treasure chest; everything you find is valuable beyond belief. Today, the Florida native is back on our pages once again with a gem that needs to be heard in its fullness and entirety…this time though, he’s enlisted help from another florid based artist who you’ve seen on our pages before. A couple of weeks back, I wrote about an artist who goes by the name of ripmattblack. If you peeped that article, then you’d know about the immense talent he possess. Today, I’m so excited to share that both Nate and ripmattblack have decided to team up and bring us a stunning new song called “Sunset”. The melodic and sonically pleasing track highlights the best parts of the two artists respectively and its the coolest thing to hear how they compliment one another. I encourage y’all to hop in your car right now and drive down your favorite road and let yourself drift with the beautiful ambience that this track exudes. “Sunset is available everywhere, but I’ve attached the Spotify …

All U Need – [ripmattblack]

ripmattblack in an artist that needs no introduction because what he’s doing right now is truly in another lane that is so much different than what most music heads are used to hearing. It’s almost impossible to assign him a genre or categorize him without selling him short. After spending some extensive time with his discography, I’m convinced that matt’s music is from the future. He’s operating at a level that cannot be contained which makes him one of the industry’s most intriguing artists to date. Hailing from the South Florida pool of talent, ripmattblack is making it onto our pages for the release of his brand new music video for his well-received song, “All U Need”.  The new offering is a part of his latest project that dropped on April 28th entitled “Happy Hour”. The 7 song collection is a unique display of Matt’s undeniable talent and you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t stream it. I’ve attached the link right here, so on top of the “All U Need” video, make sure to tap in with “Happy Hour” as well. ripmattblack is a generational talent and that’s something you’ll see by watching this new video. His …

Sore Loser – [ripmattblack]

ripmattblack made his Lyrical Lemonade debut last November with “Winnebago,” a track that left quite the impression on me thanks to some wild visuals. Signed to Alamo records and armed with a crossover sound, I’ve been interested to see what the Florida-based artist would come back with; today, fans finally get to see, as ripmattblack returns with another intoxicating, pop-centric offering in “Sore Loser”. Hit-making duo Take A Daytrip (who are behind cuts like “Mo Bamba” and Juice WRLD’s “Legends”) bring their magic yet again, creating a beat that has a light, pop feel but still has mass. It’s perfect for ripmattblack’s crisp, sung-rapped approach where he adds just a little bit of a slurred drawl to match the intoxicant-laced, erratic persona he puts on in the lyrics and the accompanying visuals. This is yet another fantastic release to add to ripmattblack’s catalog, so be sure to check it out at the link provided below!

Winnebago – [RIPMattBlack] Ft. [ALX]

An artist that goes by the name of RIPMattBlack is making his Lyrical Lemonade debut today with his brand new music video for “Winnebago” featuring ALX. This one starts off with a pretty funny skit at the start the led into the bouncy instrumental and Winnebago based visual, and I have to admit that Matt’s vocal performance was executed very well on this track, and the feature on the back end from ALX made this tune that much better. Take a few minutes of your time and watch this brand new music video below! Directed by Ryan Sadler