Myself – [Matt Muse] x [Joseph Chilliams]

Matt Muse is one of my favorite artists out of Chicago for so many reasons; he is doing great things in the community, he is a leader / educator for many young upcoming artists, he is a staple in Chicago, oh and he can rap circles around most of his competition. Today the Chicago native is back on our lemon filled pages with his brand new offering titled “Myself [Philautia II]” featuring vocalist Mon’Aerie and Pivot Gang’s own Joseph Chilliams! I have been listening to Matt’s music for some years now but this is by far his best release yet, you just can’t deny this soulful & love filled track, that finds Matt speaking on the things he needs to improve on. The Joseph Chilliams feature on the back end of this track brought that extra jolt of feel good energy & hilarious bars to make this one that much better, it makes me wonder if these two will do music again in the future. Regardless though, stream this brand new song below and if you like what you hear then share it with a friend!

Houdini & SoHo Freestyle – [Pivot Gang]

Late last night we got blessed with not one, but TWO brand new records from Chicago’s own Pivot Gang, and they aren’t anything you should miss out on. The first offering titled “Houdini” features theMIND and they created a pleasing record that starts off with a pretty slow-tempo and continually builds up slowly but surely throughout the entire track, with a handful impressive contributions that flow together flawlessly. The second record “SoHo Freestyle” is my favorite of the two because of the soulful & damn near anthem like production, and simply because all the emcees that graced the beat tore it apart! Pivot Gang as a collective have been having a tremendous year so far and it’s continuing with these two releases, stream them both below and see which one you like more.

Why Ya – [Charles Lauste]

Charles Lauste is a dope producer and DJ out of Chicago who has been making some noise with his GRWYF homies Femdot, Ohana Bam & 5thOfHen, who are all making their way back on our website today with their brand new music video for “Why Ya”. There have been a few crews in Chicago that have been showing out and accomplishing some great achievements, most notably the amazing Pivot Gang project from earlier this year, but the Get Rich With Your Friends movement is one that I have a very good feeling about for the years to come. They have all been building up their own brands and have been perfecting their crafts in their own right, it’s so dope to see every time that they come back together to collab it gets better & better, and this new joint might be their best yet! Take a few minutes out of your Tuesday to watch this brand new music video, and if you like what you see/hear then follow the guys on Twitter below! Bam • Chi • Fem • Hen produced by 5thOfHen

Naive – [Hailey Orion]

In today’s day and age, one struggle with the volatility of the internet is that of preparedness. Countless artists have been unexpectedly thrust into the spotlight off of a viral single, but so few of these talents are actually ready when the heads are turned their way. Resulting is a decline just as sharp as the rise, creating the remarkably high turnover rate that we see in music right now. With this in mind, Hailey Orion is in a fascinating spot. Her music, quite frankly, is more than ready to take over the charts, but Orion hasn’t quite reached her tipping point. On social media and on streaming services, her numbers aren’t anything crazy, but what’s so promising about Orion is her preparedness. Once that pivot point finally hits, Hailey Orion is off to the races, with her one-of-a-kind talents and pop-induced deliveries marking her as an undeniable star-in-the-making. Today, we see this readiness in the form of Orion’s latest offering, “Naive.” Acting as the first release since her last appearance on Lyrical Lemonade — the two-pack of singles, “Only If” and “Oh Well” — this silky smooth release is the exact breath of fresh air that I didn’t know I …

No Sleep – [Gab3] ft. [Skepta]

Channeling a unique blend between the raw energy of early 2000s punk and the 808s and sonic stylings of a trap beat, Gab3 is paving his own lane in music right now. Sure, at first, this style feels and sounds like a simple mixture of genres, but somewhere along the way, Gab3 found a pivot point where his individualistic style began to stray further and further from the linearity of a simple mixture. Rather, this deeply energetic sound has morphed into a lane of its own, and today, this couldn’t be better exemplified than in Gab3’s latest: a brand new single entitled “No Sleep” alongside Skepta. Acting as the lead single off of Gab3’s long-awaited forthcoming EP, this track sets the tone for the project on a profoundly intriguing note. Maybe it’s the pure heart that oozes out of each and every line or maybe it’s the mesmeric impact of the instrumental, but something about “No Sleep” is sure to stick with every listener. Songs like this don’t come around too often, and while music may be just one of Gab3’s multiple creative ventures, he’s certainly become somewhat of a trailblazer in a medium that so often becomes saturated with …

Prime – [Lexx Nova]

Staying stagnant is not an option for up and coming Atlanta-based rapper, Lexx Nova. The young emcee has been making big moves in the game over the last several years, collaborating with artists such as Mick Jenkins, OG Marco, Nessly, and more. But this isn’t about what Lexx has done; rather, what’s currently got going on and what’s to come in the future. On his latest offering, “Prime,” the rapper talks about a pivotal moment in his life: quitting his day job. Frustrated with where he was at in his life, the rapper decided to take action and fully pursue his dreams, which has evidently paid off. The wavy and dramatic strings are a perfect match of the message and sentiment Lexx is conveying in “Prime.”  The production, crafted by NINETY8, also possesses everything you want to hear on a banger: roaring kicks and crisp drums. All in all, Lexx Nova is a star in the making, and is definitely an artist to keep an eye on. Listen to, “Prime,” here: Words by Barry R

Mortal Kombat – [Pivot Gang] ft. [Kari Faux]

The rise of Chicago’s own Pivot Gang has been a long time coming, and earlier this year, the crew came into full effect with their first project as a collective in five years. Today, they’ve returned with a new visual for “Mortal Kombat”, one of the standout tracks on ‘You Can’t Sit With Us’. Pivot takes a victory lap in this new video, cruising around palm tree-lined streets in a convertible and bringing the whole squad out with them. Director Cam Robert aka Contact cloaks Pivot Gang in black-and-white tones, adding a sinister, classic vibe that coincides with the song’s straightforward lyricism. Robert doesn’t need much to keep a viewer interested, utilizing camerawork that immediately reminded me of GOOD Music’s classic “Mercy” video and other details that let Pivot shine with minimal special effects. Saba holds the track down, fitting a handful of flows into one verse and squeezing in ridiculously clever one-liners that might need a listen or two to fully sink in. Joseph Chilliams comes through with his signature hip rolls, dancing for the camera as he delivers his verse packed with his untouchable sense of humor. As the song winds down, rising star Kari Faux steals the …

Vault – [Allen Wilder]

A creative that goes by Allen Wilder is making his debut appearance on our website this afternoon with his brand new release titled “Vault”. However, I suppose I should add that this is his first solo appearance, because he was included on our platform before because he played a pivotal role in King Art’s tape that dropped earlier this year. Allen is an interesting cat because he does so many things very well, everything from his rapping, singing and even his adlibs are all on point. He rhymed circles on this joint and I even caught him paying homage to Future on this one, it was all around a solid listen and I think you will enjoy it, press play below. produced by Ricky Vela

Cousin Stizz’s Suffolk County: Identity, Storytelling, & Longevity

As an artist in today’s day and age, it’s easier than ever before to make your music accessible to the world. This empowerment for creators arrives with numerous benefits, but it also operates at the cost of visibility and in the long term, longevity. Now that anyone can put their music online and gain a following at the click of a few buttons, it’s easy for great art to get lost in a sea of mixtapes and loose singles, regardless of quality or sound. Furthermore, even if a given project or upcoming artist does begin to receive their deserved attention, the sheer volume of options that listeners are now presented with makes it difficult to capture an audience’s focus for more than a few moments. With this in mind, how, in the current condition of music, does a project last? Why do people keep listening and what is it about either the music or its positioning that makes them want to stick around? Well, like all things, there’s no black and white answer to provide here. Nevertheless, one reason that we’ve seen in several cases throughout recent years is that of cultural context. If a project can capture and create a moment …

Above Ground – [The O’My’s]

A few days back Chicago duo The O’My’s released a sensational new EP titled Above Ground, and it’s a project that you’re going to want in your rotation this summer! It’s a rather quick listen through coming in at just six songs in length, but the tape flows so smoothly together that you hardly even notice the songs change because the transitions are so seamless, it just feels more like an experience. That’s what I have grown to expect from these guys though, they create extraordinary and timeless music so I expected more of the same, and this tape is flawless if you ask me. The lone feature on this project comes from the Pivot Gang leader Frsh Waters on the record “Mood”, which was arguably my favorite track on the tape. Stream Above Ground for yourself below and let us know what you think in the comments!