My Bad ‚Äď [Koins]

Those who have been paying attention to our pages for some time now probably recognize the name of Eugene Cam. He’s been featured on Lyrical Lemonade on numerous occasions in the past with solo content and additional placements, but today, Cam makes his way back alongside a brand new talent that we haven’t covered until now: an artist by the name of Koins. Together, in part, they bring forth a new project entitled My Bad. 9 tracks long, this other-worldly tape features 5 production placements from Eugene Cam, while other credited production hands include Autumn Keys, RIVR, and Daju. In addition, we receive features courtesy of Dae1, Shitty Cornelius, and Keanu. With these names helping to identify the eclectic sonic direction of My Bad, I was quickly able to fall in love as a listener with Koins’ seamless deliveries and subsequently fervent lyrics. He takes full advantage of the roller coaster of stylistic ventures presented on the project in order to fully encapsulate an intricate musical mind, and in doing so, it quickly becomes apparent that the budding artist’s finest strengths fall within his ability to create such vivid pictures with his words. This tape feels like a ride on a cloud …

#RROCKETPOWER ‚Äď [lilxelly]

Cover Art: @PAPIKODONE  Lilxelly has just come through with a brand new 5-track tape hosted by DJ Nick Marino, and it’s certainly worthy of your undivided attention. Titled #RROCKETPOWER, the 5-track effort features production from Cashcache, KanKan, Trapphones and Charlie Shuffler on the instant standout Excellent. I wasn’t yet familiar with Xelly before being put on this tape released just hours ago and after first impressions, it goes without question that I’ll be keeping tabs on the up-and-coming talent. Do yourself a favor and let #RROCKETPOWER ring through your system and stay tuned for more from Lilxelly in the near future.

For The Sport- [Monster Mike]

Happy 19 day ladies and gentlemen, in honor of such a prestigious holiday we would like to present to our readers a brand new EP titled, For The Sport, featuring the gritty stylings of Chicago’s own, Monster Mike and hypnotizing instrumentation from heavyweight underground producer, Luke Almighty. This project is unlike anything we have ever seen from Mike due to his experimentation with new melodies and harder flows, but one thing that has remained the same is the relatable, authentic lyricism he employs on every track. Sure maybe not everyone dabbles with substances as much as the 19 veteran but throw in some booming Luke Almighty production, clever Rick and Morty lines, and an unlimited arsenal of sports references and you have the ingredients for an incredibly iconic tape. Balancing slower paced, thoughtful anthems with tenacious hard-hitting bangers there is truly something for every rap listener. Be on the lookout for Lil Up who proves he is destined for greatness by killing his catchy features on the project. BiGBODYFiJi, Roo$ki, Iceface, Robbie B. also make memorable appearances on the EP while Deaf co-produced the first track with Luke. Overall, this is a great listen from start to end so click play on For The …

Alone- [Freako] x [LordFubu]

Lyrical Lemonade veteran, Freako, has been working on a very special project with exclusive production from one of Florida‚Äôs most talented musicians on the scene, the one and only LordFubu‚Äď and tonight we are happy to premiere the very first taste from their upcoming EP. ‚ÄúAlone‚ÄĚ finds the Chicago rapper floating over Fubu‚Äôs futuristic, dreamlike instrumental with dexterous lyricism, utilizing his signature cathartic flow to build up a surplus of energy that leaves us wondering what surprises the tape holds. Freako and Fubu are a natural sonic fit we would have never expected and it is exciting to hear there are more gems where this came from. Notorious Oklahoma visual artist, Kodone, handled the wavy artwork for the track which matches the vibrations of the song perfectly. Kodone is actually prepping to open up his own online art store tomorrow, right on time for Valentine‚Äôs Day, featuring¬†3 pairs of Kodone Force 1‚Äôs, 5 pieces of his favorite own personal art (20 prints of each only, numbered/handsigned and framed) and only 20 Kodone website launch t-shirts for the online release at 3pm cst so be ready because this rare collection WILL sell out. Be on the lookout for Freako and Lord ‚Ķ

Breakfast In Bed- [Stacy Money]

Stacy Money is back with an addictive new single which contains everything to love about the New Jersey rapper. ‚ÄúBreakfast In Bed‚ÄĚ, produced by Yung Guapo, features a smooth synth in the background along with some clean drums that Stacy approaches with his signature cool, relaxed flow to make yet another hit. He touches on the theme of infidelity spitting, ‚ÄúI was getting to that bag you was getting lonely/ girl I thought you was the one until she fucked my friends/ I would never let you do me wrong like that‚ÄĚ, so you already know all the jaded lovers are going to be chanting that bit real loud. With the excellent¬†XOXO,¬†The Yellow Tape and Icetober¬†projects all released in 2017, this has been a pivotal year for Stacy Money as he has established his unique sound- a difficult task amongst an industry full of wave riders and imitators. Hit play below and get in tune now because ‚ÄúStacy Money- in dis bitch hoe‚ÄĚ is going to be popping up even more in 2018. Artwork: Kodone

The Yellow Tape ‚Äď [Stacy Money]

The Yellow Tape is the latest offering from Jersey rapper, Stacy Money, a drippy 6 track EP whose songs will be stuck in your head from the second you hit play. It is a brief compilation that flexes the crisp auto tuned crooning which makes Stacy Money’s sound so addicting. He recruited zJakkies, leanbwoy, Jay$plash, gucci theif, CjD, xangang, and lowsockk to handle production and from the artist names alone you can tell you’re in for a dynamic listen. Hit play below and follow Stacy on Soundcloud and Twitter (@cokestasy) to stay up to date with the newest releases, the project is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!  Artwork by the one and only PAPIKODONE

Watch PAPIKODONE’s Interview with Chicago Sleepers

Yesterday, the Sleepers crew celebrated 4/20 by releasing their interview with PAPIKODONE, an artist highly-praised for his incredible album covers and unique clothing company, DEATHat5. Papi was joined alongside Liam who also helps out with D5. The duo told stories of how each of their careers came to be, often stemming from hilarious stories that took place in their hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Papi furthered the conversation with stories of major artists contacting him for cover art, the business of clothing, and much more. Be sure to tune in down below to learn about all that these two have in store.