BBS – [Phoelix]

Phoelix is no stranger to our page. The multi-faceted artist has played a helping hand in some of our most revered projects; from Noname’s Telefone to Saba’s Bucket List Project. Today the Chicago-based musician returns with an animated music video for his latest single, “BBS.” The video, which was written and directed by the multi-instrumentalist, comes to life through the growing crescendo of the production. Phoelix wastes no time, plunging into the chorus of the song that reiterates its title, “BBS” a call-back to the black rims on his yellow Maserati. The animated version of Phoelix proceeds to pick up his two friends on the way to “club 92” where the trio meet a bevy of women whom they begin to exchange looks with. Locked in on one woman, in particular, Phoelix has a premonition, looking into the future of what a night with the women would entail. Needless to say, things do not go as harmoniously as he imagines. The flex-filled two-minute track is a compact punch detailing Phoelix’s steadfast attitude towards the women he meets, championing himself above all else. This is Phoelix’s second single of the new year following in the footsteps of his previously released single, …

Song 32 – [Noname]

    Quite honestly, no is doing it quite like Noname right now. She’s captivating, she’s strong, she’s vulnerable, she’s talented, she’s funny, she’s a star, and real talk, she’s one of the best lyricists alive right now. Ever since the release of her acclaimed 2018 mixtape, Room 25, Noname has been releasing some one-off singles, and today, she’s keeping up the streak with a brand new offering, “Song 32.” Backed by a silky smooth, sun-soaked instrumental, this offering is decadent in sound and deeply enchanting in subject matter. Per usual, Noname’s flows gently and gracefully skate across the surface of the production, and balancing out the density of the verses is an unforgettable, lullaby-esque chorus that brings us back to a lovable chant, “yipikaye.” That said, Noname’s latest is yet another fantastic offering to add to her catalog, so don’t sleep on this one. Check out “Song 32” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Watch Noname, Smino + Saba on The Tonight Show

Last year Noname recently one of my favorite albums of the year with Room 25, and a couple of days back she performed live on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon along side her frequent collaborators Smino and Saba! Noname is certainly no stranger to the limelight as she has performed on television a couple times prior to this, and sure enough Noname, her band and her team did a magnificent job at giving us a memorable + special moment for Chicago. Take a few minutes of your day to check out this awesome live performances below!

Watch Noname perform “Ace” on Jimmy Fallon with Saba & Smino

Noname’s Room 25 may have dropped last summer, but the Chicago poet and rapper is certainly not done basking in the light that her sophomore album has brought into the world. Following up her special homecoming New Year’s shows, Noname brought Room 25 to the Tonight Show stage last night to perform “Ace”. Flanked by Smino and Saba, the whole squad showed out and delivered a breathtaking live rendition of the track, striking me as one of those performances that gives you a renewed appreciation for the song. Smino’s melodies sound even more buttery while Noname attacks the mic possessed with a mix of bliss and gall, and once Saba comes in with his verse, the crowd immediately meets him with applause. This one is a gem, so be sure to watch the three artists perform “Ace” below:

Song 31 – [Noname]

Noname is not only one of the best rappers in Chicago, she is easily one of the best rappers in the game and her brand new offering titled “Song 31” proves that. The soulful instrumental on this song caught my attention from the jump, and once I found out Phoelix was the mastermind behind it it made perfect sense, he is one of the best overall creatives from the city and he really excels on the production aspect. It amazes me that Noname can tear apart beats time and time again with such a soft tone of voice, pay close attention to what she’s actually saying on this track, trust me when I say it will take a few rewinds back. Take a few minutes of your night to check out this brand new tune below!


While Chicago has been known as a reputable city in hip-hop for numerous years now, this revered position has not arrived without the constant innovation and hard work of the artists that so faithfully represent the prowess of their home city. It is these artists that we have to credit for this respected reputation, and we here at Lyrical Lemonade try to honor this in every way possible by constantly bringing new Chicago acts into our headlines here on our website. That said, 2018 has been yet another fantastic year for Chicago music, so we went ahead and compiled a list of our “Top 50 Chicago Projects” of the year. This now marks the third year that we have been putting out this list, and we believe that it’s safe to say this year’s list might just be the most solid one from top to bottom that we’ve seen yet. Thank you to our terrific writing staff for all of the hard work they have put in this year, I will be linking their socials below so be sure to contact them about getting featured on the website in the future. Seamus Fay • Mike Del Ro • Sam Morrison • …

Blaxploitation – [Noname]

Elegantly outspoken is the best way that I can describe Chicago artist Noname. As shown in her new album, Room 25, this rising star cuts to chase and says what she wants to say, but not without doing so in a calculated, intelligently charismatic way. No better song from her sophomore offering embodies this better than “Blaxploitation”, which receives a visual companion today. Notably, this is Noname’s first music video, and as is the case with all of her music to date, she outdoes herself with this set of visuals, utilizing a short film format to tell the story of a song so deeply ridden with soul and density. “Blaxploitation” is a reminder that Noname is going to be around for a while, so I’ll let this one speak for itself. Watch the new video below and if you haven’t already, stream Room 25 here! Director: Alex Lill Producer: Brendan Garrett Full Credits in Description of Video on YouTube

Watch Noname Make Her Solo TV Debut on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Noname made her solo TV debut last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The gifted lyricist brought three songs from her critically acclaimed album, Room 25, to life for the New York studio audience. Performing renditions of “Blaxploitation,” Prayer Song” and “Don’t Forget,” Noname delivered a powerful performance. The performance begins with a palpable energy that you can see flowing through the band and Noname as they begin fast, capturing your attention from the moment the lights dim. The accompaniment of her frequent collaborators Phoelix and Brian Sanborn as well as her backup vocalists created a church-like atmosphere allowing the band to shine. The medley featured every aspect of Noname that we love, her lyrically prowess, metaphor layered testimonials and rapid breakdowns of the complexities of life. Hopefully this isn’t Noname’s last TV performance and we can get to see more beautiful live adaptions of her songs. Watch Noname’s incredible medley below and give us your impression of the live performance in the comment section!

Room 25 – Noname

A lot has changed in the life of Noname since the release of 2016’s ‘Telephone’ cemented her as one of the most pivotal rappers out of Chicago. The success of her project, embarking on solo tours, and moving to LA have all escalated the anticipation for her next move, which arrives today in the form of ‘Room 25’. The formative experiences that have occurred since ‘Telephone’ materialize in one way or another on ‘Room 25’, and Noname’s quick to remind us of her prowess as a raw storyteller. While Noname usually thrives off anonymity, selective about what music she puts out and how much exposure her public persona garners, she knows how to let listeners in when she feels like it. When she does open the door, you’re greeted by a comforting intimacy and an off-beat sense of humor underscoring the personal struggles and social commentary that follow. I’ve only made my way through the entire album a couple times so far, but the rewind button has already gotten some heavy-use as I try and keep up with the Southside wordsmith’s stream of consciousness. As always, she keeps her circle of collaborators tight, calling in longtime friends and hometown heroes …

Pitchfork Music Festival Lineup 2018

I have attended Pitchfork Music Festival for a few years in a row now, and although all of them have been great this latest lineup is easily my most anticipated. Some of the many acts that I am excited to see include Lauryn Hill, Noname, DRAM, Smino, Kweku Collins, Ravyn Lenae, Chaka Khan, Fleet Foxes, Earl Sweatshirt, Saba, Courtney Barnett, Blood Orange, and many more! Don’t miss out on this event that takes place in just a few weeks, you can purchase single day or three day tickets here!   WHERE: UNION PARK – 1501 W. RANDOLPH STREET WHEN: JULY 20th  – 22th