Tell Me – [Helix Tears]

As if this fact could ever be lost within the rising cast of talent that make up the next era of pop music, the essence of collaboration as it currently stands between them is alive, well, and thriving at arguably its highest level yet in regards to their musicianship. And though this is certainly the case among these figures on a singular level, it makes it that much more clear when they join their various collectives up for a resounding cypher on occasion.    Though these moments were all-too-rare at one point, they have seen their frequency rise as each and every collective begins to find their footing in the scene. And no collective has their footing as stable and as secured among them than Blackwinterwells’s very own Helix Tears — who has just rounded up acts from the likes of Gooncity, NoHeart, Novagang, and plenty more for their newest lengthy cut entitled “Tell Me.”   15 different artists align this absolute mammoth of a feature list, and they are all held in ideal symmetry and with perfect care by the outstanding work on production from two of the most in-demand producers in the scene itself: Delto and Angelus. The …

Among Us – [Noki]

Arguably the biggest catalyst that continues to drive the rising underground pop scene towards the mainstream is the strikingly apparent sense of community and collaboration that each act within the scene itself shares. Though this concept is carried out on a single artist-to-artist basis, it is better – and exceptionally at that – displayed through the countless amounts of collectives that exist within the community — practically uniting these artists even more than they would’ve been on their own in the process.    That sentiment is exactly what prominent scene figure Noki wanted to illustrate on their latest track “Among Us” — a 7-minute cypher that unites artists from a variety of collectives onto what can only be described as an absolute mammoth of a single.    Though Noki is simply a tried and true member of one of the present collectives Helix Tears, they were also able to compile the likes of Bloodhounds, Novagang, SlowSilver03, NoHeart, and Gooncity to fully complete both this immense song itself and that aforementioned illustrating of the scene and its emphasis on collaboration.    With the amount of talent on this track from the outset, there is simply no way for it to become …

Morphine – [Princess Nokia]

Back in April, Princess Nokia dropped her pivotal “A Girl Cried Red” mixtape. The project marked an important shift for the viral New York artist: while her previous projects drew from dark, aggressive trap influences, AGCR took things on a more alternative route, trading in cold bars for angst-ridden melodies. So, it’s fitting that the new visual for “Morphine”, a standout track off AGCR, captures the rebellious energy of a rooftop rave in New York. Filling the scene with beautiful, colorfully dressed dancers looking like they’re having the time of their lives, Nokia just wants everyone to have a good time with her music. It’s an unexpected contrast to see such a bright visual accompanying lyrics centered on feelings of loneliness, but directors Travis Libin and Destiny Frasqueri make it work in a weirdly compelling way.