What I’ve Been On, Pt. 2 – [Jaymz V]

On his first project since being locked up for three years, the Chicago artist reunites with close friends and collaborators (Supa Bwe, Mick Jenkins, Qari) for a heartfelt return to form.

So Far, So Good – [Natalie Green]

Living in a car, Natalie Green’s last project — Natalie Green is my lover — was a passion project made out of emotional necessity. Each line and each note reflected a turbulent time for the rising artist, and while no solid conclusions were made on the record, the idea of trudging through emotional turmoil was refreshing in an odd sort of way. Natalie Green was in a tough time as we’ve all been at moments, and to get through it, he made one of the most honest albums I’ve heard in recent memory. Now with an apartment and a bit more stability in his life, the rising talent is back with his latest full-length effort, So Far, So Good. 12 tracks long, it’s easy to hear that Green is doing much better this time around. Of course, his life isn’t 100% figured out, but neither is anyone else’s. Rather, he’s admittedly and relatably imperfect, soundtracking the course of personal progression that has occurred since the last time we heard a new project from the bright young artist. In such a way, So Far, So Good feels like an extension of Natalie Green is my lover, bringing things closer to full-circle without ever actually reaching …

Bad Side – [Natalie Carr]

Pop songbird Natalie Carr shows off her potential drops her debut single “Bad Side.” Being a huge music nerd I try to listen to as much music as I can in a never-ending search to finding who is next. During that search one day I ran across Carr on an Instagram story from someone I follow and decided to go listen to her music. When I first played “Bad Side” I wasn’t completely blown away, but Natalie left me with an impression that I couldn’t ignore. Her songwriting was really impressive for this to be her first single. After digging deeper and having a conversation with Natalie and her team they’ve been working on developing something special behind the scenes. Producer and songwriter Firtz On Da Track who has been a key force behind the boards with the production on a lot of DaBaby’s hit singles. Natalie and her team will continue to push her sound to new heights when what she has in the vault and it should only be a matter of time before pop and r&b fans start catching on. Stream Natalie Carr’s single “Bad Side” below.

100 Bands – [Natalie]

You may remember Natalie’s first appearance on our pages last month with her astounding Bloodshot record and today, she makes her return with the next offering titled 100 Bands. Produced by Eddie Priest, Raze & Trophy, the Houston/ Chicago-bred talent dazzled once again with smooth vocals & wordplay on lavish desires including eating steak and lobster, wanting the whole cake and choosing between the Audi or the Wraith. Since her last release in Bloodshot, the anticipation has been set at an all-time high for Natalie to deliver on a follow-up and sure enough, she did just that and ultimately blew away my expectations on this next track. Having said that, waste no time clicking on the link below to take in 100 Bands and leave us a comment whether or not you’re feeling the latest from the emerging star, Natalie!

Bloodshot – [Natalie]

An artist simply going by the name Natalie is making her debut appearance today with an incredible new single brought to my attention called Bloodshot. Coming off her 4-track EP Shameful in June, the sparkling newcomer is looking to maintain the buzz from that project with this encapsulating self-produced effort that showcases Natalie’s infectious vocals and all-around musical talents that demand your attention immediately. With the majority of production on her latest Shameful project also coming from her, you’d best go check that out at the link here but before doing so, give Bloodshot a try below and stay tuned for more from Natalie on this side of the web. Mixing/ Mastering: @YungEddiePriest