Beam Part 2 – [Payday] ft. [Jackboy]

Although it’s still quite early on in her career, Payday has been making some unignorable moves in recent memory. She has a very smooth, nonchalant cadence that comes off as playful and almost elementary at times in all the best possible ways, and her uniqueness, when compared to other counterparts in the music world, has stood out to fans all over the country. Obviously, if you’re familiar with Payday’s plethora of hits, her most notable song is most likely “Beam”, a jazzy, lighthearted offering that is probably her biggest hit to date. Although this might not be my personal favorite song by Payday, it’s still an undeniable success that fans have eaten up, and when I saw that she was teaming up with Florida’s own Jackboy for a remix to the record, I couldn’t help but tune in as soon as it dropped. While I love the remix without a doubt, I was even more excited to see the Mikey Rare-directed music video, and I couldn’t wait to share it with you all as well. Opening up in an arcade of some sort after hours, a janitor is cleaning the place as flashes of Payday cruising around on her skateboard …

Pull Up – [Mikey100k]

Most artists find a niche in one certain aspect of music, whether that’s producing, singing a certain genre, songwriting, or something else of the sort. However, North Carolina artist Mikey100k has built his reputation as a multitalented creator as both a singer and songwriter – a rare talent that not many possess. His latest single “Pull Up” is a beautiful track released in response to his followers continuous support while they wait for a project from Mikey. He has all the talent and traits of a successful R&B artist; with smooth and rangy vocals, consistent romantic themes, and catchy hooks. “If you need a hand baby slide on me, brand new watch that only mean that I got time on me.” Mikey expects more singles to be released soon in preparation for the completion of a new project in the near future. The Raleigh native continues to gain an audience as his consistent supporters keep coming back for more and new listeners are entranced by his work. Stream “Pull Up” below!