Bad Boys – [Pivot Gang] ft. [Smino]

Chicago collective Pivot Gang have been showcasing their respective talents individually for a few years now, but, with the announce of their new project, it’s time for them to come together on some rap Power Rangers, Megazord type shit. Along with announcing their debut album, You Can’t Sit With Us, Pivot unleashed their latest single, “Bad Boys,” which hosts Joesph Chilliams, Saba, MfnMelo, and a guest appearance from Smino, each adding their own distinct flavors to the effort while still maintaining a cohesive, unapologetic vibe to the gritty effort. With such a talented roster, one of the most fun things about this album is going to be picking a favorite verse in each song. Here, I have to give the nod to Joseph Chilliams who showcases his knack for clever, uproarious one-liners. The way he uses humor is one of Chilliams’ biggest assets and I suspect, it’ll make him a fan favorite when the album drops; but really, with the whole gang along for the ride, it’ll be a pick your poison situation. You Can’t Sit With Us is set to drop on April 19th but is vailable for pre-order on iTunes right now.  

Studio Ground Rules – [Pivot Gang]

You’ve just been invited to a Pivot Gang studio session. Not sure what to do? Don’t trip—the Chicago crew’s latest cut comes with step-by-step instructions on how to not act a fool when in their presence. “Studio Ground Rules” is the latest posse cut to come from Chicago’s own Pivot Gang, and the squad offers up more of their signature charm, humor, and straight-forward rap style that fans have come to expect by now. They initiate a listener to how they like to run things in their dojo, stressing that they have little tolerance for bullshit once they’re locked in. Saba kicks things off by reminding us of just how creative he could get with one word, turning “hood” into a dozen different metaphors as if it’s nothing to him until he then passes the ball to Frsh Waters, who’s been giving us flashes of lyrical excellence since his return to the rap game last year. Waters’ contribution here is no exception either, as he holds his own with a verse that puts any doubts about his skills to rest. MFnMelo closes up the track with his unfazed, steady flow that’s as warm as it is intimidating, and the final …

Blood – [Pivot Gang]

Pivot Gang’s story up to this point has already been a long one, yet the Chicago collective spearheaded by Saba is only starting to garner the attention they deserve. Their new crew cut, “Blood”, serves as a reminder of the range of talent in Pivot’s ranks and a family reunion just in time for Thanksgiving. ‘Chicago’s Most Charming Rapper’ Joseph Chilliams kicks off the track with his signature sense of humor, followed by MfnMelo’s laidback flow that switches up the pace of the song at just the right time. Frsh Waters, who’s emerged this year with a few promising tracks of his own, closes the song out and finishes his last verse with finesse. Saba holds things down on the hook, tying the gang together by proclaiming his loyalty to his family. It’s been a minute since Pivot dropped a group track, and hopefully “Blood” is a sign of more to come. Listen to “Blood” below, and if you’re in Chicago this weekend, see Pivot Gang in action at the 2nd annual John Walt Day this Saturday. produced by @daedaePIVOT & @squeakPIVOT

alright – [Femdot]

After a snippet was teased on Twitter yesterday, LL favorite Femdot has just come through with a new song & visual for the Gilly-produced record titled alright. His last effort in happyoctober. came out nearly 6 months ago and since then, the Chicago emcee has looked to set the hype for his delacreme 2 tape and it goes without saying he’s gone above-and-beyond with this next hit. Over the trancing instrumental, Fem blessed the beat with his compelling lyricism that was brought to life spectacularly in the mind-bending visuals courtesy of brother-duo Strip Mall who has worked with Chicago’s most promising talents in Ric Wilson, MfnMelo, and ManWolves. With the forthcoming project set for this Summer, it’s safe to assume we’ll be getting more Fem music leading up to the anticipated release but for now, check out the latest song & visual from Femdot and stay tuned more details on the delacreme 2 project.

Study Hall – [AmbI Lyrics]

Producer, DJ and PIVOT Gang member AmbI Lyrics just shared her own project, and it is one that fans of Chicago’s music scene will not want to miss out on. Titled “Study Hall,” AmbI produces 8 ambient tracks that feel like a mixtape that was handmade for a rainy day. She blends elements of live instrumentation and some lo-fi vibes, crafting a sound that’s both subdued and memorable. The EP also boasts a roster of exciting features that bring each song to life in a unique way. Whether it be TheMIND bringing his unrivaled smoothness on “Miss Me” or Smino putting his signature touch on the short but poignant track “The Runaround”, AmbI makes sure every feature on this project brings something special into the mix and her beats feel tailored for each individual artist to shine in their own light. Listen to “Study Hall” below and catch AmbI performing with Qari, MFnMelo and others at Subterranean this Sunday:

LL Presents: The Sunde Q&A

When I first discovered Sunde she was on the stage at Subterranean in Wicker Park, about fifteen minutes into her set I leaned over to my friend I was with and said “I’m going to interview her soon.” About a week or two later I set up an interview with the young Chicago native and quickly discovered that there was more here than just raw talent, she is simply just a star in the making. I know that’s a big title to put on someone who is new to the game, but I am confident that Sunde is about to blossom into Chicago’s next big thing over the next few years. Don’t take my word for it though, learn a thing or two about her below & be sure to follow her on Twitter here!     — EM: Before we dive into the questions, give our readers who may not be familiar with you a brief introduction of yourself. SU: I was born in the Dem Rep of Congo and due to rising war in the country my mother and a few family members lived in a refugee camp in Cameroon for about 7 months until arriving to America. Rockford, …

Top 50 Chicago Projects of 2017

If you recall we released our “Top 50 Chicago Projects of 2016” list on the 31st last year, so it we had to bring it back this year due to the insane amount of talent that is coming out of Chicago. Each & every one of the artists included created something special this year for the world, but especially for the city, so it’s only right that we acknowledge their efforts. Please remember that this is in our opinion, & our opinions really don’t mean shit. Thank you to our terrific writing staff for all of the hard work they have put in this year, I will be linking their socials below so be sure to contact them about getting featured on the website in the future. Jacob Lusted • Lane Cowherd • Seamus Fay • Mike Del Ro • Jake Millan  • Miguel Alfaro This year has been a year of massive growth for Lyrical Lemonade as a whole: from getting our own HQ, to selling out shows in other cities, being featured in the Chicago Reader, working with some of our idols, growing our overall presence and much more. All of us here at LL would like to thank our supporters, whether …

Bandz On Me – [JBro Bugatti] Ft. [MFnMelo] & [JoFred]

An artist by the name of Jbro Bugatti is making his Lyrical Lemonade debut tonight with his brand new offering titled “Bandz On Me”. He joined forces with fellow Chicago natives MFnMelo and JoFred to make this one as good as it could be, and after the first listen through you can tell that they all came with their best effort, as they each laid some stellar verses. I was pretty unfamiliar with JBro Bugatti before this release, but I must say that I was impressed and that I will be checking up on his future releases from now on. I really enjoyed this record and I believe that you will you too, don’t take my word for it though, check it out for yourself below!

How You Live – [Saba] Ft. [MFnMelo]

Chicago’s own Saba just blessed his rapidly growing fan base with a brand new offering titled “How You Live” featuring MFn Melo! You can tell right from the first thirty seconds that you are in for something special, as Saba comes onto the uplifting beat as smooth as possible with a verse that’s sure to give you the chills. The hard knocking bass comes in around the forty second mark & adds a nice touch to the track, before Saba comes back on that beat with one of the hardest verses he has laid to date. The MFnMelo verse toward the middle of the track takes this one to the next level, as he snapped for damn near a minute straight, dropping plenty of memorable bars in the process. Check out the brand new song below & be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments! Prod. by Saba & Daoud

Lately – [MFnMelo] Ft. [Saba] & [DinnerWithJohn]

MFnMelo has been a regular here on Lyrical Lemonade for some years now, and tonight he is back with his brand new record titled “Lately” featuring Saba and DinnerWithJohn. The moment you click play you will we blessed with some wavy production that was handled by Saba, before Melo snapped for damn near two minutes straight, before Saba & Dinnerwithjohn came through and added their solid contributions. Each of the artists dropped some gems of knowledge in their verses, which ties into the idea of this song: “The song is loosely about perspective,” MFnMelo told 2DopeBoyz, “and thinking back on the process it makes all the sense.” MFnMelo is Chicago rap crew Pivot Gang’s proud provider of big man raps. “I’m OG Pivot,” he adds. “I was here before the inception. We all kinda grew together musically, so we have a lot of the same beliefs and influences. I’m just a lil more rough around the edges so it shows in my music.” If you have been following MFnMelo’s career to date, then you surely understand the strides he has made as an artist, and I’m excited to see where he takes it from here. Stream this brand new joint below and be on the look out …