Pipe Dreams & Lessons From My Mistakes – [Liv.e]

Liv.e is an artist who I first got in tune with a month or two ago when she dropped a sensational music video for “TheLazyEaterBetsOnHerLikeness” and I instantly became a fan, so I am more than happy today that she is back on our platform with two new records titled “Pipe Dreams” and “Lessons From My Mistakes… but I lost your number”. The first of the two is an uptempo jam that finds Liv.e gliding over an intriguing instrumental, it’s very unique and I haven’t heard anything like it before, it was a rather quick listen coming in at less than a minute & a half but I was pleased with it nonetheless! The second joint finds her on top of a more hip-hop/jazzy type of beat, and she started the song off with some excellent rapping which then led into some smooth singing before the beat faded away for a few seconds & switched up into a different sound which sounded just as good. I can’t decide which one of these songs I like more, they both had really interesting elements to them, take a listen to each of the songs below and see which one you prefer!

LazyEaterBetsOnHerLikeness – [Liv.e]

Liv.e is an artist who I had the pleasure of discovering earlier today when I randomly clicked on her music video for “LazyEaterBetsOnHerLikeness”, and within a couple minutes, I completely fell in love with her music. The first thing that grabbed my attention was the delightful production that was handled by Mejiwahn, before Liv.e’s angelic vocals left me with my jaw on the floor, completely stunned with her talent and style. Not only was this song completely soothing and ear-pleasing, the visuals were ON POINT, shout out to the video director Livingston Matthews for helping Liv.e create something unique and memorable. This was the best music video that I have watched all day, I highly suggest that you give it a few minutes of your time below, you just might find your new favorite artist.

Lil Big Man – [Maxo]

As an artist, longevity can often be found in honesty. Rather than painting pictures of the life that an artist wants or sees others living, it’s more impactful when music speaks on reality, regardless of how difficult or easy reality truly is. For Def Jam-signee Maxo, this honesty is a virtue, and no better body of work could exemplify this than his new album, Lil Big Man. 10 tracks long, Lil Big Man finds beauty in the eyes of struggle, using dense, weary-eyed bouts of introspection to show the ways in which Maxo makes peace with himself and his life each day. The LA native is figuring it out just like us all, and his latest project is simply an open-book reflection of this sentiment, allowing him to achieve a level of candid authenticity that can’t be imitated. That said, to be human is to be flawed, and Maxo is here to document his own struggles in a cathartic manner that we can all relate to and learn from. In addition to the lyrical prowess presented on this record, the soulful bed of production here is what truly pushes Lil Big Man to become the standout project that it is. Each beat knocks with …