Purple – [KiddTwoTimes]

KiddTwoTimes’ latest release “Purple” isn’t one you want to miss out on. Released just last evening, TwoTimes called up producer Zjakkies for the instrumental, providing him with an easy-going track with plenty of potential. This artist took matters into his own hands as he added a ton of flavor and brought some energy to it, resulting in a perfectly balanced track. Complete with a classic photo of A$AP Yams as the cover, this one is a winner. Check it out down below.

Fade Away – [KiddTwoTimes]

KiddTwoTimes is back on our platform tonight with his new song titled “Fade Away.” He connected with who seems to be his go to producer in Dree0, and together they whipped up a solid offering that you don’t want to sleep on. If you are unfamiliar with KiddTwoTimes up to this point, this is a good place to start, click play below!

Came A Long Way EP – [KiddTwoTImes]

KiddTwoTimes makes his Lyrical Lemonade debut today with his brand new project “Came A Long Way EP.” Although I have seen his name a few times here & there, I’m not to familiar with KiddTwoTimes, but after first listen I did enjoy this EP a lot. The fantastic production on this EP was handled by DreeO, Cho$en, RooMoney & last but not least BConDaBeat, they each really did their thing. I’m walking away from this project impressed & I think you will too, so click play below!