Peppermint – [Khary]

Last featured thanks to a couple of freestyles, and, now, returning with a minimalistic video-assisted effort, it’s clear that Khary doesn’t need a ton of bells and whistles or window dressing to make great music. For “Peppermint,” the laid-back, stripped-down video — featuring a single shot of Khary waxing poetic in his living room — works with the unflinchingly honest approach, where the Rhode Island rapper opens up about depression, expectations, and “making it” as a creative. Despite some real heavy content, and a few lines that if you relate to, will echo through your core, the song never wallows in self-pity, keeping things light and charismatic and resulting in an effort that has significance and charm. Needless to say, “Peppermint” is honest and captivating in all the right ways, so don’t sleep. Check this one out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

One Punch Man Freestyle – [Khary]

Less than twenty four hours after appearing on our platform with his last release “L Freestyle”, Khary is back yet again with another freestyle track. this time around coming in the form of “One Punch Man Freestyle”. The bouncy and light hearted production on this song was provided by Austin Marc and Khary abousltely SNAPPED on this beat for nearly two minutes straight, leaving me with no choice but to run it back multiple times in a row. Khary also hinted yet again that this single won’t sound like the project that he plans on releasing, so I am thinking he’s just giving the fans these hot ass loosies before he blesses us with a masterpiece with his next album. Check out this brand new record below and if you are rocking with it be sure to share this song with a friend!

L Freestyle – [Khary]

Late last knight Khary released a brand new offering titled “L Freestyle” and it’s not anything you want to miss out on. Khary linked up with producer Cloud Atrium who blessed him with the bass knocking production and he took full advantage of the path in front of him, as he went STUPID with his aggressive verse. It’s a pretty short offering coming in at under two minutes in length, but I ran through it quite a few times because I enjoyed the overall sound of it and I believe that you will too. Along with the release of this new track Khary left us with some words adding: “MY NEXT PROJECT WILL SOUND NOTHING LIKE THIS BUT ENJOY.”

Captain – [Khary]

Khary has been in-and-out of our pages for the last few months, and we here at Lyrical Lemonade are excited to premiere his latest project titled Captain. Coming in at a steady 12 tracks, the full-length effort doesn’t let up for a second with features from Olu Bliss, Cloud Atrium and a handful of notable producers including Tedd Boyd, Dilip, Austin Marc, Haasan Barclay, Calev, Tee WaTT & Mike Irish who helped in the incredible finale in Anyway. Being put on the Rhode Island product just recently, it was interesting to make my way through an entire record and get a feel for the overall tone of his music and let’s just say I’m sure glad I did because there happens to be a number of tracks worthy of a second play (such as Nimbus & 4AM Thirst Ballad.) You can bet I’ll be keeping tabs on Khary as 2018 rolls on, but for now, get familiar with his latest project Captain and let us know if you’re feeling it in the comments!  

The Intern, The Captain, and Khary – [Khary]

Khary has been featured on our platform a couple of times in the past, and today he is making his way back with his brand new offering titled “The Intern, The Captain, and Khary”. This is the fourth time that we have received some new music from Khary within the past couple of months and they have all been hits, which is leaving me extremely eager to see what his album Captain, that is set to drop on April 6th. Khary absolutely flexed his unmatched lyrical abilities on this new joint, complimenting the soothing production that was handled by Slom perfectly. Listen to this brand new record below and let me know what you think about it in the comments!

Wifi – [Khary]

Currently on the road to the release of his forthcoming album, Captain, Khary has been blessing with some of his best work yet as of late. His artistry and image are increasingly polished, and with an abundance of visuals to complement the music he already he has out, the Rhode Island native’s catalog is becoming something truly special. Today, he visits Lyrical Lemonade once again with new visuals for his hard-hitting anthem, “Wifi”. Shot by Deyo Forteza and edited by Kousteau, this music video translates lively deliveries into a unique grouping of eye-catching scenes that will have you clicking replay again and again. It’s a well-fitting companion to an already-dope song, and overall, this video only reminds us that Khary is gearing up to drop an incredible project. Prepare yourself for April 6th and watch “Wifi” below!

4 AM Thirst Ballad – [Khary]

When it comes to consistency and maintaining a high threshold of quality, Rhode Island native Khary is an expert. His steady ascent in music has been fueled by a work ethic that speaks for itself, and by blessing fans with high-quality releases to keep his wave going, Khary has established himself as one of RI’s top runners. Today, he’s here to bless our pages with the Cloud Atrium-produced single, “4 AM Thirst Ballad”. Shedding light on the late-night calls that only happen when liquor is involved, this song acts as a smooth way to lead us further into the sound of his forthcoming album, Captain, as “4 AM Thirst Ballad” is the follow up single to last month’s banger, “Captain”. From what it sounds like so far, we’re in for a versatile project from this rising talent and personally, I can’t wait for what Khary has in store. Be sure to listen to the new track below and keep an eye out for more news regarding Captain.

Captain – [Khary]

En route to the release his forthcoming album, Rhode Island artist Khary is back here on our pages today with new visuals for his hard-hitting single, “Captain”. This track comes into the light decorated with trunk-rattling basslines and ambitious flows, finding itself pushed towards full potential through grainy scenes of the artist himself dancing in his apartment and feeling himself as he crafts what will surely be a great way to start off the near year in his new album. The complementary visual companion speaks to the ambitious, do-it-yourself approach of the song, and it becomes clearer than ever through this release that Khary is here for the long run. His incredible flow of high-quality work has definitely been paying off, and under the array of hits he has delivered, this will only continue as we round the corner into 2018. With that being said, click play on “Captain” below and get hip to one of Rhode Island’s premier artists.

1-800-IDGAF – [Khary]

Providence’s own Khary has been blessing fans with a consistent supply of thoughtful, calculated music for some time now, and with all the success that has come from this, it’s only right that the rising star should get to flex now and then. Doing just that on his latest Cloud Atrium-produced single, “1-800-IDGAF”, Khary lets the world know that he isn’t playing around. If he’s going to commit to making a banger, he’s going to do it with great passion and endless energy that any listener can latch onto, complete with controlled deliveries that could shut down any venue if they needed to. There’s truly no holding back on this braggadocious single so click play below and embrace one of the Providence’s most promising up and comers.

Wet Dream – [Khary]

Rhode Island isn’t a state widely known as a hip-hop powerhouse, but somewhere tucked within the state’s capital is Khary, a gem of an artist that’s putting on for his home city with undiminished loyalty. Within his consistent flow of dope releases comes his latest offering “Wet Dream”, a video/song produced by Luke Jr. that keeps it simple and sincere. It’s relatable, genuine, and most of all, impressive. The selfie-style visuals are raw in their candid glory, and by keeping it so honest, listeners have more than enough reasons why they need to paying attention to Khary. Each line resonates on a personal level, and “Wet Dream” shows that so much can be said with such minimal presentation around it, emphasizing the fact that the talent speaks for itself in this one. Between the personal delivery, soft percussion, and innocent keys, this release stands out as a perfect introduction to the intern-turned-rapper that is Khary. Check out “Wet Dream” below.