Watch Kerwin Frost’s New Interview With Lil Yachty

Especially in the boundary-blurring age of the internet, music culture and fashion culture have seemingly become one and the same. Using social media as an outlet, we’re often bombarded with interactions between our favorite music stars and fashion influencers, and while this symbiotic relationship has remained a critical part of the art we consume, few characters have gone out of their way to highlight this fusion as much as fashion icon Kerwin Frost with his new series, Kerwin Frost Talks. To be fair, the first episode of Kerwin Frost Talks was with fellow fashion legend Luka Sabbat, but Frost’s latest two episodes have featured a few of my favorite musicians out right now — Dev Hynes of Blood Orange and most recently, Lil Yachty. By nature, these conversations act as a perfect gauge to the aforementioned relationship between influential figures in two different subsects of culture — however, even simpler than that, they provide an engaging, fun look into conversations between two friends that we all know and love. That said, Kerwin Frost is an eccentric, easily lovable host, and in the latest episode of KFT with Lil Yachty, he not only provides his audience with a fantastic interview, but …

The Lyrical Lemonade Christmas Afterparty

Lyrical Lemonade Christmas Official Afterparty w/ DJ Scheme and Kerwin Frost 12/22/18 Ages 18+ Doors: 10:00pm Avondale Music Hall General Admission: $10 Tickets here!