Loner – [Jumex]

Jumex is an artist that is from Illinois and makes some fantastic music, and this afternoon he is making his way back on our website with his brand new music video for “Loner”.  Jumex is pretty fresh off of the release of his last music video for “Trapped” that was directed by Odd Future’s own Taco, and it has been doing some serious numbers, already well past four millions views and still counting! With all that being said I expected this new music video to live up to those high standards that he placed upon himself, and sure enough he capitalized with yet another sensational visual. As if creating the ear pleasing music wasn’t hard enough Jumex had his hand in the direction of this video along with some help from Kyle Cogan, and together they created something to be proud of! Take a few minutes of your day to check out this addicting new music video below and if you like it be sure to give Jumex a follow on Twitter here.

Trapped – [Jumex]

As some of you may remember a couple months back I posted about Jumex’s single titled “Trapped”, and today he is making his return to our pages today with the brand new visual for the song! Randomly enough this music video was directed by Taco from Odd Future, but I must admit that he did a fantastic job and together he & Jumex created something to truly be proud of. I really enjoyed this song coming into this one so I was excited to see what the visual had in store, and I am walking away from this one extremely pleased with the final product, take a few minutes to watch it for yourself below.

Loner & Trapped – [Jumex]

Jumex is an artist who is making his Lyrical Lemonade debut tonight with his brand new records titled “Loner” and “Trapped”. The first of the two is a laid back track over a guitar where he found a catchy way to put together a record filled with honest & self examining lyrics, switching his flow at a certain point mid way through the song that changed the pace is a refreshing way to make for an all around solid song. The second tune that was provided is simply a straight banger, it’s the polar opposite of laid back, he unleashed a ton of energy on this one but you can’t deny that it has an addictive quality to it. Stream both of these new songs below and if you like them be sure to follow Jumex on Soundcloud here!