4Tounce – [Johnny Utah]

It’s true when they say that you’re only one song away, at all times. At the very end of last year, I covered a song called “Crazy For Your Love” from an artist named Johnny Utah. He was compelling, his sound was lively, and quite clearly, he had the personality to turn heads. Now, less than a year later, Utah’s life has entirely changed, he has a still-growing hit to his name with “Honeypie,” and he’s considered one of the most promising rising talents out right now. Wild. Unexpected, maybe, but equally as well-deserved. Today, Johnny Utah is back with his first new song since the big break, “4Tounce.” Taking his time after the success of “Honeypie,” “4Tounce” isn’t rushed, and it certainly isn’t trying to be another “Honeypie.” Rather, the song finds a calmed Utah, crooning about his burning desire for love as opposed to a quick, one-night ordeal. It’s sincere, and more than anything else, it’s a hint that Utah won’t be defined by one hit song, no matter how great “Honeypie” may be. With this, one commanding element of “4Tounce” is the song’s intimate sense for storytelling. One lyric after another, Utah refuses to hide his aptitude …

Honeypie – [Johnny Utah]

Multi-faceted artist Johnny Utah is kicking off 2019 with a funky new electro-pop anthem with his song, “Honeypie.” The playful new video to the single captures an eye-opening side to Utah’s artistry and his natural almost comedic charisma in front of a camera. Johnny Utah isn’t going anywhere so we suggest you get familiar. The Jack O’Brien directed visual captures Utah being himself with no apology, chasing an actual apple pie around trying his best to catch it. The video alternates between comedic shots of Utah trying and failing at reaching his ultimate goal while simultaneously dancing and grooving to the funk-laced indie-pop record, the fun-loving energy exuded by Utah is inescapable. The clever metaphor of single and accompanying visual parallels the bliss-filled emotions of chasing love and wanting nothing more than to shower your partner with endless romance. The lofty vocal ability and infectious production produced by the former pizzeria manager has us captivated as to what else Utah has tucked away. This is Johnny Utah’s first single of the new year but will undoubtedly not be his last. We are fully locked in on what the gifted instrumentalist does next, holding our breath until his next musical or …

Honeypie – [Johnny Utah]

Johnny Utah is bringing electric energy into 2019 with his newest single, “Honeypie.” The lo-fi-pop ballad accentuates Utah’s ability as a musician furthering our fascination and obsession with his music. Johnny Utah seems to continue to deliver again and again. Beginning with a crescendoing of the lead guitar’s ballad, Utah’s electrified vocals come in as a stark contrast to the sun-soaked melody. Blurring the line between electric-pop and alternative, Utah delivers a sound that carries wisps of Daft Punk meets MGMT. His ability as a songwriter is cleverly displayed in the gleeful ballad that exudes the idea of blissed-out infatuation. The musical diversity showcased from Utah in such a short amount of time solidifies our high-reaching thoughts about the truly gifted singer-songwriter. This is Johnny Utah’s first single of the new year coming off the heels of “Crazy for Your Love.” Our giving us a lot of anticipation for more music from the multi-instrumentalist. Check out the charming new single, “Honeypie,” from Johnny Utah below and make sure to follow the eclectic musician on Twitter and Instagram.

Crazy For Your Love – [Johnny Utah]

Here to make his presence known on Lyrical Lemonade today is an upcoming artist by the name of Johnny Utah and his incredible new single, “Crazy For Your Love”. Addictive in energy and undeniably groovy in sound, this song is the kind of “funky” that makes you want to dance for hours on end. Utah uses his guitar to orchestrate the track’s galvanizing effects, and his impulsive, heart-led vocals are equally as impressive, lending hand to one of the most exciting singles I’ve heard in recent memory. Needless to say, this budding talent is more than ready to bring propel his lovable personality to stardom, so be sure to give him a chance by streaming the new single at the link provided below!