Boston is in a position to make a serious run on the national stage this year, and among those leading the charge is none other than Roxbury’s own, Jefe REPLAY. Currently buzzing off of the success of his recently-released debut project, Proper Finessments, this budding star has proven to do things his way with great success, and no better release could embody this than Replay’s latest visual, “FWM”. Featuring a slew of cinematic scenes, not only do these visuals capture the “effortless cool” of Replay’s music, but they also demonstrate the boss mentality that “FWM” takes toward success. The song itself is anthemic in this sense, and now, with some truly incredible visuals to match, Replay is able to bring his infectious vision to life in a way that listeners will be sure to respond to. Personally, I must say that “FWM” is one of the best music videos I’ve seen in a minute, and Replay’s self-assured attitude makes this as much of a lovable release as it is an inspirational one. Jefe REPLAY is setting the bar high with this one, so don’t sleep. Check out “FWM” below and be sure to look out for Boston in 2019 — the city and …

Proper Finessments – [Jefe Replay]

Few and far in between are projects that truly capture a moment in time, or a specific energy that refuses to be recreated. These are the projects that find longevity in their utter authenticity, and further so, these are the projects that we can deem important as they take the strides toward shared goals within a community of fans. Today, we have evidence of one of these projects as Boston’s own Jefe Replay hits the headlines with his long-awaited, highly-anticipated debut project, Proper Finessments. Several years in the making, Proper Finessments feels as though it perfectly captures the flourish and growth of Boston’s budding music scene over the past few years. It encapsulates a time and a place where the whole city refused to give up, creating their own infrastructure and finding their own resources to thrive despite never being known as a hip-hop city. Now, a few years removed from the beginnings of Boston’s current music scene, the city can look back and truly see how far they’ve come thanks to pure ambition and dedication toward brighter days. Jefe Replay has been instrumental in this growth that I speak of, and now that his debut project is out, it’s only right …

Foreign Exchange – [Jefe Replay]

Roxbury, MA representative Jefe Replay is the kind of artist who commands attention the second he enters the room. Replay’s personality marks him as a showman at heart, and up until this point, his music has engaged in this image with seamless chemistry. Today, listeners see this on display yet again as Jefe Replay joins Lyrical Lemonade with an energetic new cut, “Foreign Exchange”. Acting as an appetizer for the full course — his forthcoming project Proper Finessments — due for release Feburary 1st, this single lets us know that even while he’s been quiet over the past few months, Replay has been busy putting in work in the studio. Between excitable deliveries, woozy melodies, and a knocking instrumental, “Foreign Exchange” proves the MA native to be hungrier than ever, and naturally so, it’s the kind of track that you’re going to want to keep on repeat all weekend long. I could continue ranting on about this song, but I’ll just let you check it out for yourself at the link below. Stream “Foreign Exchange” and be sure to keep an eye out for Proper Finessments due for release at the top of next month! Produced by Tee-WaTT

Ball – [Michael Christmas]

Currently hitting the road in support of his stellar new album, Role Model, Michael Christmas is here today to keep the stocks rising with a visual companion for one of the project’s lead singles, “Ball”. Played to the tune of a championship basketball game, the power of this song arrives through it’s overwhelmingly positive, ambitious energy. Christmas truly believes in his vision as an artist, and this is directly reflected in the video as he checks into the game with a late substitution, holding the weight of a win or a loss on his hands. Also making cameos are numerous Boston artists including Millyz, Christmas’ DJ – Muyi Fre$co, Jefe Replay, Coach OG Swaggerdick (if you wants the hump, you gots to jump), and many more, all of which play in the game and help to make this an all-star set of visuals. That being said, all signs are pointing to the top for Michael Christmas as of late, so be sure to support the new video for “Ball” at the link below and if you haven’t already, listen to Role Model here! Produced by Thelonious Martin & Aniko Thomas A Shadow Lion Production:

Replay Interlude – [SuperSmashBroz] ft. [Jefe Replay]

For those who have been following Lyrical Lemonade for some time now, you may remember a write up we did on Boston DJs the SuperSmashBroz and their Massachusetts-oriented compilation project, Family Cookout last summer. Well, today, the SmashBroz continue what has been an eventful summer of shows and new releases with a brand new set of visuals for the song “Replay Interlude” off of the project. Featuring none other than Jefe Replay, this music video finds the Boston rapper in a natural atmosphere of women and partying, unleashing a barrage of clever bars with the same effortless style that we know and love him for. The Snapchat-incorporating scenery shows off unforgettable nights of good times, and all in all, this is a dope visual companion to go alongside a hard-hitting song, The SuperSmashBroz aren’t playing around this summer, so check out their latest offering at the link provided below! Shot by M9 Visuals Produced by LDG Beats

Plad Fine$$e – [Plad Fine$$e]

Currently at the forefront of Boston’s budding rap scene, Plad Fine$$e is an artist filled to the brim with hits, just as he has exhibited in the past with bangers such as “Cheese”, “Yellow Flame”, and “Grab It”, to name a few. Today, he makes his return to our pages with the release of his high-anticipated, self-titled debut project. 9 tracks long and with two features from fellow Boston front-runners, Jefe Replay and Lil Rich of StupidGenius, this project is quite frankly a collection of absolute hits. The trunk-rattling production courtesy of producers including LoLoTheGod, 4oTo Roles, and Lil Rich sets the tone for this standout debut as a force to be reckoned with, and considering the relentless energy coming through each song, fans are destined to keep this one on repeat for the weeks to come. But don’t take my word for it, show some love and check out Plad Fine$$e’s debut full-length project below!