Crack Pack Vol. 1 – [Tommy Richman]

Not too long ago, I was first put onto Tommy Richman and his unbelievably diverse world of music. He definitely caught me by surprise in all the best possible ways, and I was shocked at the fact that no one is really making music like him. In fact, one of the only people I could even compare him to would be Jean Dawson, an unbelievably remarkable talent who is blowing up at unexpectedly speedy rates. Coincidentally, I realized that Tommy spoke a collaboration with Jean into existence not too long ago on his Twitter, so I truly hope this comes to fruition as soon as possible. Just the other day, I found out that Tommy had dropped off a two-pack of brand-new songs which he calls Crack Pack Vol. 1, and both songs are as unique as I could’ve imagined. Opening up with some industrialized electronic sounds one “Kids”, the vibe quickly changes to a much more soothing, suave synth melody before drums come into the picture and change things up once again. After listening, I realized that one of my favorite parts is how the beat can transform into something completely different in the blink of an eye, yet …

Harry Teardrop: Two Songs, A Video, and the Brightest Future Imaginable

Towards the tail-end of the highly dynamic and evolutionary decade that was the 2010s, the underlying alternative music landscape began to enter what was then one of its most daring and forward-thinking periods that we had seen up to that point. The scene as it stood began to saturate itself in the ideals of the Internet age more than it had ever done in the past, with artists putting on a far more transparent image as far as their artistry was concerned, along with combining sentimental visuals with their far more passionate and experimental sounds respectively. Though this period has come and gone as far as how it stood in the aforementioned years gone by, artists at the forefront of that movement have taken this new decade with a new sense of approach and nuance in regards to progressing their still ever-so-ambitious creative goals and aspirations. Among these incredible acts was and still is Harry Teardrop, who solidified his status as a forerunner of this period with his EP 1000 Backyard Pools in May of 2019 — a genre-blending project of all things indie music and beyond that certainly put the greater online music scene at the time onto his …

Brevin Kim Are Not Of This Earth [Interview]

There is something to be said about making what many consider “genre-pushing” or “experimental” art as a rising act in today’s crowded Internet-based music scene. It is certainly a daring, yet worthwhile manner to begin one’s career with, as just the slightest diverging take on a given genre can allow for something of a “unique niche” to be carved within this very scene as it stands.  But since arriving to this landscape just a short time ago, Brevin Kim have proven to be leagues beyond that artistic outlook. The brothers out of Boston are a one-two punch full of nuance, novelty, and intuition — all under a blanket of unrelenting passion and willingness to create music completely of its own. The two have continuingly refused to conform to any tag they have been labelled with thus far in their still-brief time as prominent musicians, and despite being closely associated with such acts as Dylan Brady and others in the rapidly rising field of glitch-ridden hip-hop and pop, their music sets them apart from just about any other act in the history of music, let alone 2020 by itself.  Cal and Bren Paulhus had been separated by over 1,000 miles throughout …

Power Freaks – [Jean Dawson]

Jean Dawson made quite the impression with his last effort “Bruise Boy,” which dropped in February. the track left quite the impact on me personally and is actually one of my favorite songs of the year so far. Now, Dawson returns with one of my favorite videos of the year for his new effort “Power Freaks.” Don’t get me wrong “Power Freaks” is still great song– Dawson showcases, yet again, and anthemic, genreless, and catchy (yet grungy) sound– but the visuals for this really take things up a notch. Directed by Zachary Bailey, Mikayel (both of whom did “Bruise Boy) and Dawson himself, the three create some really imaginative, beautiful shots while still fitting the grungy, authentic, stripped-down atmosphere of the song. With a unique sound and keen eye for visuals, Dawson is really establishing himself as a supreme talent.

BRUISE BOY – [Jean Dawson]

When it comes to Jean Dawson, expect the unexpected. I recently came across Jean Dawson and it’s definitely been one of the most interesting experiences getting to know his music. Each song is a vastly different experience, sound, and, in some cases, language than the one before. What they all share is Jean’s palpable energy. His new video-assisted “BRUISE BOY” only reinforces and encapsulates Dawson’s star power and diversity. The hook has a distinct pop/rock feel with Dawson’s off-kilter crooning backed by devastatingly catchy riff, but he seamlessly transitions into more of rap feel with a jutting flow. In the second verse, he uses a slower, softer crooning that sets up the genreless, cascading instrumental outro. All of this brought to life with a trippy, colorful, video that captures the songs frenetic beauty to a T. Rock. Rap. Pop. Call it what you want, but one thing’s clear, Jean has “it.”