Hidden – [Ronen]

Making a strong return to the pages of Lyrical Lemonade today, Ronen delivers a wildly impressive EP titled Hidden. With lead singles “Hold My Weight” and “I Won’t” released earlier this year, Ronen showcases all of the reasons why he continues to find success and new fans along the way. As he bolsters a unique sound and captivating melodies, he creates an undeniable atmosphere in which fans can’t seem to let go. Throughout Hidden, Ronen provides relatable scenarios that touch on ideologies that most young people can lose themselves within. When I asked Ronen what the purpose of Hidden was, he replied with a simple answer that he “wanted to depict the thoughts and emotions that he internalizes every single day.” As I’ve had the pleasure of watching Ronen grow and develop, I’m beyond excited to see what he has in store for the coming months. Be sure to stream Hidden below and follow the rising star on Instagram and Twitter!

OFFIT – [G2]

Following his last release titled “Cream”, LA rapper G2 returns today with his latest EP, OFFIT. Working directly with Southside, G2 delivered a very promising project that could be considered his best release thus far. I had the privilege of speaking with G2 a few weeks before it dropped and he gave a clear vision as to what this project was intended to do. He stated that he “has been working on this project for about a year. I took this long because I really wanted it to be the best work I could make. Once I felt that, I decided it was time to let my fans hear the music.” Between G2’s infectious energy and desire for stardom, it only takes one listen through to understand him as an artist and the direction that he’s headed. Throughout OFFIT, G2 was “expressing himself, his environment, and what he was going through” during that specific season of life. With ten undeniable tracks, G2 is slowly accomplishing what he notions as “bringing a new sound of music to LA,” and now having a very solid full project under his belt, G2 said he plans to tour and step on stage multiple times throughout …

Family Ties – [Benji.] ft. [Inez]

Amidst a myriad of things and people that will come and go throughout the years, family is one of the unbreakable ties that we have in this life. Whether biological or not, it’s what reminds us that we’re all in this together at the end of the day, and further, it’s something that we know will always be there for us to fall back on when we need it. Here to speak to this sentiment in a beautiful, uplifting way is an artist by the name of Benji. and his latest release, “Family Ties,” featuring Inez. Supported by a bubbling instrumental and lively supply of percussion, this offering finds Benji. in several different settings, all of which keep things entertaining without losing the purpose of the song in the process. Meanwhile, the rising talent’s slick flows and rapidly-paced, highly-impressive lyrical performance ride right alongside, circling back around to the concept of family with an impeccable chorus form Inez, seamlessly communicating the beauty of the family ties that we all have in some way, shape, or form. “Family Ties” the song is an enthralling listen on its own, but once the imagery of real families and a variety of different humans …

A Quiet Farewell, 2016–2018 – [Slauson Malone]

Starting things off with a vocal sample that proclaims, “the world is coming to an end,” Slauson Malone’s unbelievable new project, A Quiet Farewell, 2016-2018, is a beautiful deconstruction of sound, chaos, and life, all fit under the reach of 20 songs. Quite frankly, after listening to this project twice so far, I’m not even entirely sure that I have any of the right words to describe the glorious splashes of color that characterize this such profound eccentricity. What I can say, however, is that Slauson Malone’s sound and style are completely out of orbit with anything else I’ve heard this year, and I mean that in the best way possible. Speaking to this point, with features from Caleb Giles, Maxo, Medhane, Pink Siifu, and several others, Malone’s marriage between obscure sampling, soulful features, and a cluttered creative direction is one that communicates an ingrained sense of soul, both in the music itself and in its structural integrity. He’s an artist’s artist, and one that refuses to be anything but himself — a trait that, upon listening to A Quiet Farewell, 2016-2018, I can firmly say is one of Malone’s best. This project is an absolute gem, so be sure to give it …

Vintage Like Lee – [Vintage Lee]

Vintage Lee is one of those characters whose presence you’re immediately aware of when they enter a room. My first experience with Lee and her music was in 2016, when she opened up at a show I was seeing in Boston. Quickly realizing her effortless style and mysterious, pimp-minded allure, I went home and immediately started doing my research, leading me toward one of Boston’s most promising rising talents and one of my favorite artists ever since. Today, this support comes full circle, as Lee takes possibly her biggest leap yet with “Vintage Like Lee” — a brand new single alongside none other than MadeinTYO. While this pairing may not have been something that many people saw coming, it makes perfect sense that two artists of such natural-born charisma would complement one another perfectly on a song based around their undeniably smooth styles. Atop production from Bizness Boi and Ye Ali, the two ride the hypnotic waves of melody, feeding off of one another’s braggadocious rhymes in the process. Furthering this, the prowess of “Vintage Like Lee” goes far beyond the surface, as their quick-witted chemistry speaks to MadeinTYO’s respected reputation as a talent scout of smaller, star-bound artists. That said, …

Pressure – [Lucki]

It goes without saying that Freewave 3 is still one of the best projects released this year. Quite frankly, Lucki is one of the best lyricists alive, and to say that it’s always a gem when we receive new music from the Chicago native is an understatement. Today, hitting us with a gift as we head into the weekend, Lucki is back on our pages with a brand new loose release, “Pressure.” Using a sleek, slightly ominous melody, this offering attests to the fact that Lucki is a diamond of an artist, always thriving under pressure and performing his best when the stakes are high. In this song, he maintains a wide-eyed slew of lyrics and an effortlessly alluring cadence, pointing to ease with which it takes Lucki to impress. Freewave 3 sparked a well-deserved conversation about Lucki being a king of the underground right now, and with songs like these as proof, I don’t think there’s any more debate as to whether or not this is true. Stream Lucki’s brand new single at the link provided below!

Welcome Home – [Aries]

Seeing all of Aries’ success as of late is a wonderful sight. I vividly remember watching his YouTube beat remakes when his channel was still breaking just over 10,000-20,000 views per video, and now, to see the seamless and highly successful transition he’s made toward his career as a solo musician, I can’t say I’m anything but happy for him. Today, we see all of Aries’ growth come full circle as he just released his brand new album, Welcome Home. As noted by the title, this project feels like a profound attempt for Aries to ground himself and begin to understand the world around him — fame, love, trust, and all. There exists a breadth of emotions, sounds, and styles that come across throughout the album’s 9 songs, and if not anything else, the sheer versatility on this one proves that Aries’ appeal is approachable from countless angles. Truly, he’s the kind of artist who has something for every kind of listener to enjoy, with Welcome Home to attest. That said, this album is certainly a turning point in Aries’ career as a whole. Surely, he’s a fascinating case study to see how YouTube fame can translate into a musical output that …

Blue Don’t Make Me Cry – [Wiley From Atlanta]

Discovering new music is my favorite thing to do, but the constant search for something new can sometimes feel like a revolving door. I’m not sure how the rest of the Lyrical Lemonade crew feels, but, for me, but writing about songs can sometimes make it feel all the more intermittent or transactional because you are always on the hunt for something new. With that said, someone, I’ve found my self listening to, following, and rooting for, is Wiley From Atlanta. A genuine fan of his, I’ve been looking forward to the release of his debut album, Blue Don’t Make Me Cry for some time, and now that it’s here, I’m happy to report it’s just what I was expecting. I could tell you about how the production weaves seamlessly between hip-hop, rock, soul, and R&B but still remains fluid and cohesive, or how Wiley’s raw, smoky vocals give the album some serious depth and texture, but more than those things, what really stands out, what made me a fan in the first place, is his honesty and authenticity. Born from the death of a friend and the end of the relationship, you can tell this project meant the world to him. …

The Moon & Back – [BrownBoi Maj]

BrownBoi Maj is beginning to become a commonly featured artist here on our platform, as tonight he is back with his brand new visual below “The Moon & Back”. This is the first single off of BrownBoi Maj’s forthcoming project I Hate You To The Moon & Back” that is set to drop on May 13th, and this joint is a touching and heartfelt joint that he wrote about a prior relationship, I see many of his listeners relating to this one. Maj linked up with video director Camo No Flage Show who brought this song to life, together they made something to be proud of & something to hold his fans over until the tape. Take a few minutes of your day to get familiar with BrownBoi Maj by pressing play below, and if you like what you hear don’t forget to give it a thumbs up!

Watch Smino’s brand new interview with Tim Westwood TV

Smino and his right hand man Monte Booker recently sat down with the legend Tim Westwood for a brand new interview, and it’s not anything you want to miss out on. You will find them speaking on plenty of subjects such as his come up, his album NOIR, being born and raised in St. Louis, performing overseas, J. Cole, the Hoopti Tour, Nelly, moving to Chicago, breaking his foot on his first tour, his stellar visuals, the London scene, his relationship with T-Pain, auto tune, Coachella, his first album, Soundcloud, play-listing, attending the Dreamville bootcamp, his biggest fear being running out of passion and more. Check out this brand new interview below!