BALI- [Rich Brian] ft. [Guapdad4000]

Usually, it takes a good amount of time and effort for a meme rapper to change the perception of fans to that of someone who should be taken seriously in the music world. Luckily for Rich Brian, his extremely unique, deep voice garnered the attention of fans from the start, so although his song concepts might have been comical, he didn’t have much trouble transitioning into a legitimate rap career. Since doing so, he has gained a massive following, going on tours and collaborating with some of the biggest names in music. In order to spend his time in a productive way during this quarantine period, Brian decided to release a brand-new music video for his song “BALI” featuring Guapdad 4000. Spaced-out synths, speaker-busting 808s, and rattling percussion all pair flawlessly together to form a crisp foundation for an absolute hit. Although he is clearly known for his deep voice and intricate flows, Brian has recently been experimenting with singing and the results are pretty resounding. On the hook, Brian chops up his words before stretching out others, truly showing how variable his artistry can become. I actually didn’t even realize it was him singing at first because he really …

Hood Rich – [GuapDad4000]

Here to brighten your day and drop off a brand new anthem to light up the week, GuapDad4000 is back on our pages with a brand new single entitled “Hood Rich”. Produced by @Dupri1_, this song addresses the fact that GuapDad’s stocks are rising as well as the concept of being hood rich in and of itself.  The checks are coming in, the plays are stacking up, and right now, this rising talent is certainly on his way to the top, so it only follows that he has been treating himself a bit and making some well-deserved purchases with his newfound success. “Hood Rich” details these symbols of success as well as the prospect of being hood rich, making for an upbeat banger that holds an incredible amount of replay value in all of its sparkling glory. GuapDad4000 knows how to craft a hit and this song is undeniable proof, so be sure to check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Insecure – [Yung Pinch] Ft. [Thouxanbanfauni] & [GuapDad4000]

Yet another #4EVERFRIDAY has come & gone, and that means more new music from LL favorite Yung Pinch. Following the Sledgren-produced Pina Colada from last week, the Huntington Beach native continues his hit-streak by recruiting Atlanta’s Thouxanbanfauni and GuapDad4000 for their latest collab Insecure. Backed by production from Matics (@matics_music) & Tariq (@OfficialBLSSD), the drippy, yet hard-hitting instrumental was right-at-home for Fauni and Guap, but slightly different territory for Pinch. Being accustomed to the wavy, beach-like melodies, Insecure is a unique record from Pinch who, after listening to this track, can obviously takeover any song laced with ANY beat. Not like that’s a surprise to anyone, but it’s just another example of how dynamic Yung Pinch’s sound really is. That being said, find out what I’m talking about by listening to Insecure below and check back next Friday for yet another guaranteed hit.