Never Left – [Lil Tecca]

When thinking of the new generation of music filled with new faces and names constantly popping up left and right, Lil Tecca has seemed to stand the test of time. Obviously, it has only been a couple of years since he took the music scene by storm and at such a young age, I don’t know if anyone truly expected him to be able to keep up with the massive amounts of hype he first created for himself, but it’s clear that he hasn’t even had a second thought about any sort of pressure, and he continues to fill the gigantic footsteps he has in place for himself. As we gear up for the release of his highly anticipated second mixtape, We Love You Tecca, he has been working with the hitmakers over at Internet Money and dropping a couple of singles to garner even more excitement around the project, so expectations couldn’t be any higher. Most recently, he dropped his song “Never Left” which is an absolute banger in every sense of the word, and he kept the momentum going by teaming up with Declan Kyle to shoot an unbelievable music video for this hit. Utilizing a purple hue …

Naples-[Brevin Kim]

Brevin Kim never ceases to impress the team at Lyrical Lemonade, which is why we’ll always take the time to roll out the red carpet for these two brothers who are absolutely crushing it right now. The Massachusetts natives have been on the scene since 2015, but it truly feels like they’re just getting started as their music is beaming with an energy that is nothing less than exciting. Today, the boys make a return to our pages for the release of their brand new song called, “Naples”, a short yet satisfying offering that is bound to be on repeat for you all weekend. Brevin Kim’s trademark production and eclectic style shine through this track in a way that will make you come back for more and more. From start to finish, this one will grab you and take you on a ride that doesn’t let up until its culmination. If I listed off everything I loved about Brevin Kim, we’d be here all day, but this song is truly an introspective piece that will give you a better look at what makes this talented duo so special. I’ve attached the song down below, so make sure you give this …


If there’s one artist in the. Underground that I think has been consistently making some of the best music in the entire world for years and years, it has to be ITSOKTOCRY. The Denver native has not only created an insane legacy by himself, but he has aligned himself with such a dexterous group of other artists that it seems like there’s nothing he can’t do if he puts his mind to it. I legitimately never get even remotely tired of hearing any of his songs, and this is mainly due to the fact that his voice is so pliable that he can make any sound he wants, reminding me of an almost more versatile Young Thug which is as high as my praise can get. Although there has been a brief hiatus since he dropped new music considering he was putting in work on the music video front to continue to promote his unbelievable project Poshboy 2, he decided to bring that break to an end with the release of his latest record “HELLSING”, and it’s even better than I could have ever anticipated. Produced by and 1177, our ears are met with some mischievous, Dracula-like synths that …

Love Hurts Feelings – [7ru7h]

Ever since I found out about Huntington, West Virginia native 7ru7h a few months ago, I have heard nothing but rave reviews from fans all over the world. Most recently, when I saw his latest release “Love Hurts Feelings” pretty much going viral, I had no choice but to tune in. Opening up, you hear the strums of a very emotive guitar melody that 7ru7h ends up introducing his vocals on, starting out with a very passionate, almost melancholic delivery that is full of pain and heartache. Although his voice is powerful and as honest as ever, a deep, pungent 808 enters into the scene about halfway through, elevating the bounce as well as the energy of the instrumental which then seems to rub off on the singer, ultimately adding up to another unbelievable offering from the rising star. Considering he predicted this track to be a hit from the jump, he also teamed up with T Aubrey who shot a miniature movie for this record, and the results are simplistic yet complementary in all the right ways to bring this offering to new heights. As it opens up, he is sitting down in a cemetery with his back to …

Andale – [Peso Peso]

Galveston County, Texas artist Peso Peso continued his prolonged and prolific run he has been on over the past several months yesterday with a Cinco De Mayo release for his track and visual “Andale” which is one of my very favorites in a catalog that is dense and from quite a unique perspective. Peso skated over this bouncy and danceable instrumental with his trademark streetwise lyrics and the occasional jump over to Spanish, walking the beat from the second he started rapping. After just one day the visual is looking like it is going to be one of his biggest releases yet which is a testament to his perseverance, talent, and ability to connect with the Latino community that is tragically underrepresented on a national hip-hop scale, but Peso Peso seems poised to kick that door down. Since being released from jail he has been a workhorse and is showing zero signs of slowing up anytime soon and his music just continues to get better track by track. Keep an eye out for Peso Peso’s project of the same name, Andale, which is set to drop any day now.

Shell Jumping – [Young Crazy] [Icewear Vezzo]

Virginia rap has a storied and rich history of many great artists and producers to come out of the Hampton Roads area which is made up of Newport News, Hampton, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, and in the case of Young Crazy who is making his Lyrical Lemonade debut today, Norfolk. Young Crazy has been consistent for many years in his output and has been a household name in his area’s underground scene but has matured greatly since he started releasing music and seems poised to be the latest artist from this region to make a run. He like so many other artists recently has been embracing the ‘Detroit’ wave, but I have zero problems with that at all, as Detroit’s rapid-fire style puts artists rapping skills up to the test every-time the beat turns on and Crazy has stepped up time and time again, flexing his grimy lyrical abilities and ambitious mindset that are each certainly the by-product of hard times and a desire to never go back. He paired up with scorching hot Detroit artist Icewear Vezzo for his latest track and video “Shell Jumping” that shows off Crazy’s unique vocal tones and sarcastic and menacing shit-talking skills.

In Between! – [Fliphoneshwty] [CashCache!]

Clarksville, Tennessee’s Flipphoneshwty is back today with a new visual for his sanguine new plugg-track “In Between!” where Flip skates over Cashcache’s bubbly instrumental with his slightly autotuned vocals and unique flows as he is not shy at all about changing up his cadences, which are all some of my very favorite moments from this song. Flip came together with Noah Stenhouse for the well directed new video that shows off Flip’s charisma, and I am looking forward to hearing him develop his own unique sound more and more as his vocals are already quickly recognizable and his beat selection is first-rate. Keep an eye out for Flipphoneshwty as he continues to make more and more of a name for himself within the plugg-universe track-by-track.

FILO Mix 1 – [AVerma] x [Project FILO]

In the midst of studying for final exams? Have a long drive or lengthy flight planned for summer break? Or are you simply searching for something quality to play with no interruptions? The answer often comes in the form of a DJ Mix, and Project FILO’s “Mix 1” checks all the necessary boxes.  Teaming up with CreateSafe, the mix falls under their BLAST partnership with Apple Music, which “pushes forth initiatives that appropriately pay both DJs and their featured artists for their creations.” Mix 1 was specifically remixed by fellow Project FILO artist AVerma, with included songs from every music artist on the roster. Aside from FILO representation, Mix 1 contains tracks from popular artists + producers such as Drake, Smino, Bari, Murda Beatz, The Kount, KennyBeatz, and more. Similar to the appeal of a Soulection radio session, or OVO sound radio release, Mix 1 includes well-timed transitions for an overall sonically pleasing vibe. With a multitude of genres to offer (hip-hop, rap, trap, R&B, Lo-fi, neo-soul, jazz, etc.), “Mix 1” is only the beginning of a brand new series with eclectic sounds from some of the most talented artists you’ve never heard of; occasionally blended with your favorites for …

I Know Your Ways – [Night Lovell]

Ottawa, Canada native Night Lovell returns to Lyrical Lemonade with an absolute banger of a track entitled “I Know Your Ways.” The song is off his new album Just Say You Don’t Care, and in my opinion it’s undeniably the standout record off the project. With an absurd amount of bass, the contrasting calm melody creates a vampiric atmosphere which Lovell effortlessly glides over. Despite its lighter feel, the production truly couldn’t be more fitting for the artist’s monotone vocals, as it provides a unique spin compared to his typical sound palette. Revealing that he’s unintentionally turning into a demon, Night Lovell’s flow contains signature qualities of menacing lyrics coupled with existential insight. “I Know Your Ways” is such an impressive standalone track that I pressed repeat several times over before finally allowing the next song to play. Check out the song below and be sure to listen to Night Lovell’s new album Just Say You Don’t Care! 

February – [Jay2]

Earlier this year, Chicago native Jay2 dropped off a project entitled Send Heartss which was a 13 song, just over half-hour-long tape where Jay wore his heart on his sleeve and truly revealed himself to the world. With only two features (Bari and BOS), the brunt of the project was on the shoulders of Jay and while this might be a daunting task for some, he instead saw it as an opportunity to share his heart and soul with fans, and they definitely ate it up. Although we’re a few months removed from its release, Jay decided he wasn’t done having fun with the album and decided to continue its legacy with the release of an awesome new music video for his song “February” which featured production from the one and only Luke Almighty and it also happened to be one of my favorites off of the project. Recruiting Blue Butterflies to direct this miniature movie, the scene opens up as Jay is sitting at the dining room table eating a meal with a lovely lady who seems to be his significant other. While many couples enjoy their meals together, there seems to be this tension between them as he …