Pedigree – [Garçons]

The Canadian duo, Garçons, are making their Lyrical Lemonade debut with an infectious new single in “Pedigree.” Combining R&B, funk, soul, and afrobeat the duo–comprised of Deelo Avery on the mic and Julian Strangelove handling production duties– bring a refreshing, intoxicatingly catchy feel that is guaranteed to put you in a good mood. The Garçons are a go-to for when I have to knock out some mundane tasks like laundry or cleaning;  with such a fun, upbeat, and easy feel, they are so easy to vibe out to. That spirit is captured in the Strangelove-directed visuals where Avery takes on the role of a school janitor, knocking out routine tasks as he dances to the warm, colorful tune. Basically, it’s like Good Will Hunting with a really dope soundtrack.

Groovy – [Keynes Woods] ft. [Deelo Avery]

Making his name known on our pages today, Keynes Woods just delivered his brand new video for “Groovy.” The cinematic new visual opens up on Woods slumped over a marble pillar draped in proper fencing garb. Things begin to shift when Woods makes his way through this mystical forest that then becomes littered with snow, as Woods is the center of attention throughout the engulfing performance, filled with sporadic shots in the midst of a battle with another masked fencer. The video’s psychedelic undertones provides a glimpse into the metaphor that Woods addresses in the song, and in such a way, the Ottawa based rapper is clearly able to capture our sensibilities as both a sonic entertainer and visual presenter, leaving us hungry for what else he has in store. Watch “Groovy” below and if you’re feeling the new video from Keynes Woods, make sure to show him some love on Twitter and Instagram.