War-[Lil PJ] ft. [Hunxho]&[Lil Darius]

Three of Georgia’s brightest new stars came together this week as Atlanta’s Lil PJ and Hunxho connected with Athens’ Lil Darius for a collaborative track titled “War” that Hunxho opens with his warm and uplifting melodic vocals, praying that God watches over him while he’s in the streets. After the hook’s close Lil PJ glides right behind Hunxho, singing confidently with poise and maturity despite being the youngest artist on the track, both reminiscing on the place he came from and exalting himself for being so close to making it, while realizing that if he wants to stay successful he can’t turn his back on his home or the habits that first made him successful. Lil Darius floats on the track with his playful southern drawl, reflecting on hard times, hoping to pull his friends and family out from the situation he currently is rising from. Darius has his hometown of Athens on fire and this buzz is rapidly spreading to Atlanta and beyond and is looking like he will be here to stay. ShotByWolf and Drekia Green handled the video’s direction and editing and the duo of LuhDan and TezToy created the melancholy, guitar-tinged instrumental that served as the …

Material Girl – [Darius] x [Lo Village]

Maryland trio Lo Village returns to Lyrical Lemonade with a glorious record titled “Material Girl.” In featured collaboration with extraordinary producer Darius, the otherworldly vibes this single contains are exactly what you’d expect. Sonically the bass-booming production is fantastically met with an electro-piano melody, which seamlessly aligns with Lo Village’s low-key raps and pristinely romantic vocals. As for the track’s replay-value, if  there were an award for the the most addictive song of the year, “Material Girl” would have to be among your list. With Darius’ second album Oasis right around the corner, this offering couldn’t be more appealing ahead of its release. Have a listen below!

We Bored – [Jazmyn Alexis]

Ohio-based songstress Jazmyn Alexis is certainly no stranger to our pages, I’ve been posting her music ever since the homies at Illanoize interviewed her a couple of years back, and today she is back with a brand new music video for “We Bored”. This release was a little bit different than Jazmyn’s other videos because she decided to give this song more of a storyline background that displays a situation between her and a love interest. The song itself is fantastic, Jazmyn really caught a groove on this up-tempo instrumental, and delivered an ear-pleasing record that is only strengthening her great catalog. This is the first release from Jazmyn Alexis in a minute, well over a year if I am not mistaken, but it’s good to see her back to making great music. If you enjoy R&B music, this is right up your alley, check it out for yourself below! Produced by Darius Byers

Hustla – [Hustla Ru] [Icewear Vezzo]

Atlanta has dominated the Georgia music scene for years and years now, serving as the new Mecca for rap music in the twenty-first century, producing endless waves of talent and forever and continually innovating the sound of the genre’s mainstream, but over the past year or so more and more talent has been kicking in the door from beyond the Atlanta-metro, between the youthful Lil Darius from Athens, Rot Ken from Augusta, or JMB Juvie of Waycross. In every area Georgia has been loading up talent quickly but today we are focusing in on Albany’s Hustle Ru who has been incredibly consistent for well over a year now, aiming to put himself and his city on the map and introduce the world to South Georgia. He recently teamed up with Icewear Vezzo for his track “Hustla” which is easily my favorite song I have heard from Ru yet and really like his flow here and his southern drawl accents the beat perfectly and he chose a great feature with Vezzo whose delivery and subject matter mesh with Ru perfectly. Hustla Ru is all the way in his bag right now and is stacking up views quicker than ever and looks …

Shae – [Darius the Barbarian]

Fortunately, over the last couple of years, several musicians, especially in Hip-Hop, have been openly expressing their sexuality. Artists from Frank Ocean, Tyler the Creator, Kevin Abstract, and recently superstar Lil Nas X, are just a few of the main artists to publicly announce the fact that they are bi-sexual or gay. With that said, Darius the Barbarian confidently and jokingly speaks on his sexuality on his newest single, “Shae.” The song describes how Darius and his best friend were trying to be “the baddest” in an attempt to seduce their school principal. With lyrics such as, “when lunch come, go through the back door, lasers on the wall so ass to the floor,” Darius is just having a good time on this bouncy and rambunctious track. Produced by Brooklyn-Native, Jab, “Shae” is designed to be just as expressive and full of attitude as Darius is throughout his verses. Futuristically inspired, the lead melody guides listeners through an entire story while maintaining the natural bounce necessary to keep them moving. Darius the Barbarian does not hold back, and he is proud of who he is. You can hear it in his voice and his projection. With more on the way …

Klink – [Smino]

Smino’s NOIR felt like a full-circle moment in which the St. Louis native’s endless energy was truly brought forth, in all of its entirety and eccentricity, to the world. In my eyes, not one song off of the project has aged a day, and honestly, in today’s world where the shelf life of an album has become a maximum of a few weeks, NOIR is not just an outlier, but a project that we’ll be talking about for years to come. Today, Smino continues to push the excellence of the album with a brand new music video for “Klink.” Produced by none other than Monte Booker, the excitement behind “Klink” is unmatched, calling for a music video of equal or greater energy. Of course, Smino obliged with this one, painting an aesthetically-pleasing picture of the luxuries that he’s been able to enjoy thanks to his success in music. With this, at its core, “Klink” is a well-deserved moment of appreciation for success and yes, a chance to flex on everybody, making this video a fantastic follow-up to a fantastic song. Smino has done it again, so be sure to check out the new video below and let us know what you think …

Forever Always – [Peter Cottontale]

Peter Cottontale is a leader in the Chicago music community and in honor of Valentines day this year he just blessed us with a tear jerking new visual for “Forever Always”. You can tell that Peter and his team have worked closely on this video for some time now because it came out flawless, it’s filled with positivity and nothing but feel good vibrations, both sonically and visually. Watch this brand new music video below and if you like it be sure to give Peter a follow on Twitter here! ft. Chance The Rapper , YEBBA, Daniel Caesar, Madison Ryan Ward, Rex Orange County Additional vocals: Ben Lusher Richard Saunders Tierney Chamberlin Elliot Skinner Jabari Rayford (LifeofJackRed) Rachel Robinson Darius Scott (D. Scott) Additional Production: Nico Segal Nate Fox Strings: Amanda Bailey Bass: Verner Jr. (DJVerner)

Watch Cozz’s New Mini Doc “Effected”

Dreamville’s own Cozz is one of my personal favorite rappers in the game, and yesterday he dropped a brand new mini documentary titled “Effected”. It was not too long in length coming in at just ten minutes, but they packed a ton of dope & interesting content about Cozz into that all of his fans will love. He showed viewers where he grew up, he spoke about how he started rapping & his competitive nature and so much more. Check out this brand new documentary below! Directed by Darius Turbak