All Day – [Maka] ft. [Connis]

Some things in life just go together — it’s an innate thing. For example, peanut butter and jelly, fish and chips, even knives and forks; Massachusetts artist Maka and the warm weather is a perfect example of one of these combinations. Whenever the sun comes out, the temperatures rise, and the days start to get a little longer, Maka unloads the slew of music that he’s been building up throughout the colder months, and the result is an unbelievable supply of music for listeners to feast on all throughout the spring and summer. Today, Maka is back to continue on this hot streak with one of my favorite songs of his to date, “All Day” featuring Connis. Produced by Rolexdaytona, “All Day” is a perfect song for the summer due, in part, to the galvanizing swirl of infectious melodies that act its foundation. Washing over these melodies is a splash of eccentric drumlines, and the final, most essential touch here is the addition of the vocals, demonstrating an intensely entertaining performance from both Maka and Connis. Each of the two artists go back and forth in excitement, and throughout the entire duration of the song, fans receive a notably animated example of …

Smacked! – [Kiraly Payne]

Kiraly Payne is something like a OG on our platform, he has been apart of the Lyrical Lemonade community from the damn near start, and this evening he is back with his beautiful new track titled “Smacked”! A couple of years ago I brought Kiraly through the office for a Q&A, and when we linked up he introduced me to another talented young individual by the name of Austen Nobles who has done well for himself since, and he handled the soothing production this this track provided. This joint appears as if it will be apart of his upcoming EP titled Protect My Soul that is set to drop later this year, so be on the look out for that. Hearing the start of this track was interesting because of the way Kiraly messed around with his vocals, I haven’t heard him rap like this before, but I definitely liked what the final outcome was. Stream this brand new offering below!

couldn’t tell you (even if i tried to) – [no room no sweetener]

The warmer days, longer nights, and sunnier afternoons of the summer deserve just the right music to match the occasion. Needless to say, I’ve been digging through SoundCloud over the past few weeks looking for the right songs to add to my playlist, and today, I believe I’ve found a worthy addition. Here to bless our pages with the song “couldn’t tell you (even if i tried to),” an artist by the name of no room no sweeter has blessed us with the perfect soundtracks to late, reflective nights. Supported by a bed of lush instrumentation and dreamy melodies, “couldn’t tell you (even if i tried to)” works mainly due to the world of sound it’s able to cultivate. The vocals gently patter against the smooth production, and creating a sound that’s quite easy to get lost in, each element of the song blends into one, hypnotic mixture. Decadent as can be, “couldn’t tell you (even if i tried to)” is an easy favorite with this in mind, so I would definitely recommend giving this one a listen for anyone who is trying to add to their summer playlist, like myself. I don’t know much about no room no sweetener, …

Take Me Home – [Raynadayz]

Raynadayz has been on my radar for quite some time now, and in all honesty, it always seems to brighten the week when I see a new release from the promising young artist. Not only is Raynadayz unbelievably consistent, but every single song seems to push the value of the art forward simply by maintaining a true-to-self output all the way through. With this, Raynadayz is back to highlight these strengths and more with an unbelievable new effort, “Take Me Home.” Galloping right along a catchy, simplistic drum beat and an atmospheric background of melodies, this song gives the Sacramento native the opportunity to let some thoughts loose and offer up one of her most impressive vocal runs to date. “Take Me Home” resonates with vivid emotion and passionate songwriting, but the true magic of the song is found in the heartful texture of Raynadayz’ voice. Personally, I feel as though it’s easy to make a case for the potential behind this incredibly bright young talent, but in truth, there’s no convincing to be done when Raynadayz is releasing songs as polished and excellent as “Take Me Home.” Check this one out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

What Imma Do – [Bernard Jabs] ft. [YNW Melly]

Throughout the opening months of the year, Bernard Jabs struck quickly and with great force, releasing several singles, appearing on Def Jam’s Undisputed collaborative album, and even blessing fans with his debut EP, Coldhearted. Now, a few months removed from these feats, Jabs’ streaming numbers remain high and his fanbase loyal as ever, leading us to yet another turning point in the career of such an exciting budding talent. With this, we introduce Jabs’ latest effort — a new single entitled “What Imma Do” alongside YNW Melly. The feature from Melly, of course, is a huge look for Jabs, but I also think it brings into the spotlight a conversation about collaborative efforts, specifically when it comes to viral artists and major labels. All too often, we see an artist blow up out of nowhere, only to drop a song with a massive artist just a few weeks later while trying to capitalize on their newfound attention — and sure, I see the value and purpose in this. However, with these collaborations, it becomes more about the name of the star on the song rather than the art of the song, itself. “What Imma Do” — as I can proudly say — …

Things I Never Said – [Myazwe]

One artist that I am glad I have got to come in contact with is Myazwe, A Canada creative who has been making some noise, and this afternoon he is back with his brand new album titled “Things I Never Said”. I have grown to enjoy Myazwe’s music over the past year or so, and then one day randomly enough I was playing his music and it turns out he’s cousin with one of my good homies Buru, which makes complete sense now because they are both extremely talented artists in their own right. So it’s needless to say since that point I have been running through the few recent records Myazwe had out but I have been craving a full length tape from him, so diving into this project I was more than excited, and I am walking away from it very pleasing. Myazwe created easily some of the best music of his career on this project, I enjoyed each and every one of the songs provided, but my favorite one was easily “Rather Me” because of his display of pure lyrical talent. Get in tune with one of the finest talents out of the midwest by pressing play …

Therapy EP – [6o]

6o has really impressed me this year, releasing 8 tracks since January, each one hitting in its own way. Now, he’s back with 6 more tracks, this time, released together as an EP entitled Therapy. That kind of work rate is astounding, but yet again he delivered something fresh. Following suit, 6o’s melodic-driven style engines the project. He really bounces atop some light, colorful production. Though there is a consistent vibe in the direction of the boardwork, 6o does a great job of incorporating unique elements into each one–like the intro on “Therapy” or the heavily atmospheric “Used To It”– to keep things flowing.  Vocally, he crooner has a feathery, poppy style, matching the production, but they have some real feeling in them and it’s reflected in the lyrics as well. That ability to convey emotion but do so with a glossy, pop-splashed feel is 6o’s strongest asset, is what has sustained his crazy drop rate, and makes Therapy EP required listening. Standout cuts: “Rather Be Dead,” “Paranoid,” & “Used To It” 

After Party – [Kye Colors]

It’s been a little minute since the last time I have heard some new music from the young goat Kye Colors, but he is back this evening with his brand new joint titled “After Party”. Kye is one of the silkiest rappers when it comes to floating over soulful instrumentals like the one provided here, he paid homage to a classic hip-hop jam that you just might now, and he killed it if you ask me. Along with the release Kye Colors left us with a few words saying: “something special coming to you soon”, I suspect a possible full length project on the horizon from him. Who knows though I could be completely wrong, anyway though, check out this brand new song below.

Malcolm Flex – [Mani Jurdan]

Mani Jurdan is a local Chicago emcee who has been on his grind making a name for himself for a few years now, and today he is back with his brand new banger titled “Malcolm Flex. I have heard / covered at least a dozen tracks from Huey over the years, but I never heard him come on a record as hard as this before, it’s truly the definition of a banger in large part due to the bass knocking production by TanMan. I believe this is just the start for what should be a big summer for Huey, so let’s see what he does with it, press play below.

Girl From Texas – [Diveliner]

Diveliner is an artist that I have got a chance to get familiar with this year and I plan on getting to know him a little better soon when I interview him, but today he is back on our website with the release of his brand new record titled “Girl From Texas”. This offering is a bit of a sad, tear jerking record because you can just hear the pain & sorrow in Diveliner’s voice, but I believe that will resonate with his fans. Check out this new tune for yourself below and if you like it then make sure you follow him on Twitter here.