Thief – [Xavier Omär] x [Sango]

With a unique sound characterized by his timelessly smooth vocal style, Xavier Omär has been on many RnB fans’ radars as an artist to watch. The San Antonio-hailing artist has laid low for most of this year but now returns with “Thief”, his first official single since recently inking a deal with RCA Records. Omär brings longtime collaborator Sango onto the track, who arms Omär with an infectious groove that his voice floats on top of seamlessly. They hit a sweet spot with familiar rhythms that will no doubt sound right at a beachside kickback and Omär’s buttery harmonies that elevate the song to a more soulful vibration. Hopefully “Thief” marks the beginning of a big chapter for Xavier Omär, and for now, listen to the new song below:

True, Pt. 3 – [Cyrax]

When an artist perfectly executes a teaser online, it’s exciting to watch the hype build organically until the song eventually releases. Cyrax teased “True, Pt. 3” on his Instagram a few weeks back and I ended up watching the snippet on loop repeatedly because the song was just that fire. This is the first single from Cyrax’s highly anticipated album Stay Active 2 and it is setting a wild precedent for the rest of the project which is sure to include one of the most talented melodic rappers venturing in a number of different stylistic directions. “True, Pt. 3” is an amazing evolution in Cyrax’s True series. By far the most soulful record in the series, the Divine Council member creates a classic R&B cut that sounds great now but would probably still be popular twenty years in the past or fifty years in the future. The Virginia-based artist has a lot of career experience under his belt already, it seems that he is really coming into his own in terms of his sound and the music he creates. Be on the lookout for Stay Active 2 and stream “True, Pt. 3” on all platforms here! Produced by Genshin

The Trap Mamba – [Ola Playa]

French producer Brodinski has an impeccable track record of finding Atlanta’s most promising Trap artists. Working with the likes of 21 Savage, Peewee Longway, and HoodRich Pablo Juan early in their careers, Brodinski’s unique style of production has lent well to get the most out of ATL’s best. Brodinski linked up with Atlanta emcee Ola Playa to release The Trap Mamba, a 9 song energy levels that would make Kobe himself proud. While this may be my first interaction with Ola Playa, it will most definitely not be the last. All throughout this project, Ola Playa and Brodinski seem to be a perfect pairing as the electronic meets trap beats are the perfect setting for Playa to go all kinds of crazy. As soon as this project gets going, the energy can be felt whether listening on headphones or earth-shaking speakers. “Willy Wonka” is the first bass abuser on the project, a single that will get your head boppin instantly. Another track to hype up any listener is “Hand Sanitizer”, a mystical beat that Playa attacks with full force to make an anthem. Being that this is only the second time Brodinski has worked with an artist entirely on a project, …

Play – [Lokoy] x [Stefanos Yowhannes]

Tonight we have an artist that goes by the name of Lokoy (Lasse Lokoy) who is making his Lyrical Lemonade debut with his brand new release titled “Play” featuring Stefanos Yowhannes. Lokoy is mostly known for his large role in the Norwegian indie punk band Slotface, but he has been branching out and creating some stellar solo material, and this new joint is something I believe our readers will enjoy. It’s a little different than what you might be used to hearing on our pages, but nonetheless it’s a creative and unique record that lends toward the uptempo side. Enough talking about it though, check it out for yourself below!

Round Here – [Rockie Fresh]

Chicago emcee Rockie Fresh has been having a solid year so far in 2019, and today he is returning with his latest offering titled “Round Here”. The first thing that caught my attention on this track was the firey production that was provided by Mathius Young before Rockie jumped on the beat and simply does what he always does, blessing us with an ear-pleasing song that’s sure to get stuck in your rest for at least the rest of the day. Rockie Fresh has been making some major moves this year, I’ve enjoyed seeing him collab with fellow Chicagoans Tobi Lou and Femdot, but I am even more excited to be receiving some solo material from the HF graduate. Stream this brand new release via Soundcloud below!

Love The Hate – [ssgkobe]

There’s no way to deny that melodic rappers have quickly risen to the top of the charts, people around the world have flocked to it for good reason. One of my favorite rising melody-heavy artists is ssgkobe, a young emcee that has already shown he has an innate ability to ride any beat with ease. Having a steady amount of releases on his SoundCloud, the progression from release to release shows wild levels of growth for the upcoming artist. Earlier this week ssgkobe dropped Love The Hate,  a 3-song EP that is a sample size of what he is capable of. The intro track “Winner” features a much more laidback delivery, compared to “Cherish” which has a beat that could have been from a mid-2000’s R&B banger. “Strain” is the final track on the project and by far the stand out in my eyes, this has ssgkobe with a cadence on par with Tecca. Since Love The Hate is only 3 tracks deep, it only makes sense to give it a run through down below!

In House – [Local Goon]

As I mentioned in one of my writeups last week, Fashionably Early’s new Spotify playlist has become a one-stop-shop for a plethora of new music discoveries. Simply put, the good people over there always put me on to something new with each update, just as they’ve done today in the form of Local Goon and his impeccable single, “In House.” Hailing from the UK, Goon’s electrifying accent and striking lyrics mark him as a must-watch talent in every sense of the words. As shown with “In House,” he commands the attention of listeners with chilling deliveries and vivid accounts of street life in the UK, ridding his music of any fluff that lies in the way of such blunt storytelling. As a result, cuts like “In House” are left bare-boned and anthemic, communicating unforgettable bursts of character from such a promising young emcee. That said, I’ve had “In House” on repeat all day, and by the sounds of it, I’ll be stuck on this one for quite a while. Between the sheer punch of the production and Goon’s top-tier vocal performance, there’s something special here. Check it out for yourself by streaming “In House” below!

Tiptoe – [The Aether]

The Aether is one of my favorite rising producers because he simply just creates beats that make you feel, today he is finding himself back on our website with his brand new offering titled “Tiptoe”. This release comes right after his last effort “love and other drugs” that impressed me a ton, but this new joint has a soft and soothing tune that is impossible to not fall in love with. Rumor has it that The Aether is working with fellow LL favorite and New York native Asoh Black, so keep your eyes peeled for that but for now press play below!

Hearsay – [Sterling Hayes]

It’s been a minute since we have received some new content from Chicago native & Savemoney rep Sterling Hayes, but a couple weeks back he made his return with his brand new offering titled “Hearsay” featuring Space Buddah and Jason Ivy. Within the first thirty seconds of this track i was extremely interested with the beautiful instrumental that quickly got blessed with some even better vocals, paving a golden path for Sterling to hop on the beat and absolutely go crazy. I am very familiar with Sterling’s catalog but this is by far my favorite song that he has ever released, it’s awesome to see him getting back into his craft, this is a heart touching song that finds him really getting personal and airing out his problems, something his fans will resonate with. Stream this new release below!

On One Hand – [Lucki] [atu]

The art of collaboration is one of music’s most exciting elements. Whether it be two alike talents coming together for creativity’s sake or two entirely different artists coming together for any plethora of reasons, there’s always something to be gained from genuine collaboration, especially when the work stretches listeners’ ears in the process. Today, in a perfect display of such, Sonder producer atu is here to join forces with Chicago legend Lucki for a brand new loosie, “On One Hand.” Fueled by impassioned, slightly off-kilter melodies, “On One Hand” matches the sleek soul of atu’s production with Lucki’s brutally honest storytelling and mesmeric, muddied vocals. Speaking on demons, romance, and the ever-relevant temptations of money, Chicago’s own graces each note with a paranoid sense of emotion, and the result is a song that pushes Lucki’s sound down an R&B-induced road that fans really haven’t heard him explore in past releases. In usual Lucki fashion, however, the underground legend still makes sure to impress, leaving his lasting mark on such impeccable production from atu. Needless to say, while this collaboration may come as slightly unexpected, fans couldn’t have asked for a better pairing of unique sounds. Lucki and atu are the duo …