Plain Sight – [Freako]

Freako is an underground Chicago legend and he never starves his fans of new music for too long and today he is finding himself back on our website with his latest offering titled “Plain Sight”. Freako connected with Minnesota based producer Gunlock who blessed him with this amazing production (along with some help from ssor.t) and together they all created something to be proud of. Freako is one of the best out of the city when it comes to making dark menacing music but that’s certainly no secret at this point, and this new joint is another one to add to his growing list of bangers. Get in tune with one of Chicago’s best underground emcees by pressing play below!

All New – [MvttThias]

While browsing through Soundcloud to look for some new music to feature on our website I stumbled across MvttThias brand new joint called “All New”. The thing that caught my eye was the dope artwork and it took me a minute to warm up to the luscious instrumental but Mvtt created a melodic offering that I’m sure some of our readers will enjoy. That luscious instrumental that I had previously mentioned was provided to us by producer alilsad, and I just had to mention that he played a large role in the success of the sound of this one. It may be the first time you hear of these guys on our website but I doubt it will be the last, check them out below.

I Like Girls – [PnB Rock] Ft. [Lil Skies]

PnB Rock was teasing at a new release coming soon feature Lil Skies on social media these past couple of days, and just a few minutes ago we were blessed with the final product titled “I Like Girls”. I expected this song to be a banger before I heard it but wow I wasn’t expecting it to be this good, this song has the potential to be one of those songs you hear for years & years to come. PnB Rock paved the way at the start of the song with an excellent hook and an even better verse, and that lead to Lil Skies feature toward the middle of this song and he went absolutely crazy on his verse! Don’t waste anymore time, get in tune with this new offering below!

Resume – [Adot]

A couple of days ago a random record from Chicago emcee Adot hit the internet via GOLD‘s Soundcloud account, and after bumping through it a few times I thought why not share it with our audience? Whenever you see fellow Chicagoan Luke Almighty and Adot connect you know there’s about to be some serious damage, and sure enough Luke cooked up the perfect beat to compliment Adot’s unique sound, and it made for an all around ear pleasing joint. Go ahead and take a couple minutes of your time to get in tune with some of Chicago’s finest rising talent.

High Vibrations – [Melo Makes Music]

Melo Makes Music is a Chicago native who we have been fans of here at Lyrical Lemonade for some years now, and late last night he unleashed an awesome new record titled “High Vibrations” and it’s the best thing I have heard so far today. I have enjoyed countless songs from Melo Makes Music in the past but this is 100% his best offering to date in my opinion, and I believe that a good chunk of his fan base would agree with me. This is seriously one of the best instrumentals I have heard this far into 2019, so shout out to Martin $ky & IKON for blessing Melo with the beat to make this possible. The good thing for us fans is that more music from Melo & super producer Martin $ky is on the way, as their ODYSSEY FUN WORLD EP is set to drop at some point in the near future. I am very excited to see where Melo takes it from here, but until we reach that point press play below.

Fall For You – [Tafi]

Since I reside in Kansas City, I try and make it a point to get to know the talent coming out of the KC area. It works in my favor because I’m well aware of the crazy amount of talent here while the rest of the world is sleeping on the Show Me State. Despite trying to be in the know, Tafi has slipped under my radar for an inexcusable amount of time. Digging through his library, I’ve been super impressed, but it all started with the of his new cut, “Fall For You.” Making his Lyrical Lemonade debut, Tafi’s style will surely stick with you thanks to a super clean, crisp vibe set off by the colorful production. Despite a tropical, dance-friendly vibe, Thomas Crager’s boardwork still hits hard thanks to the potent bass. Even with some great production, at the end of the day, it’s Tafi’s style that makes the effort connect. Full of swagger and charisma, all packaged with his vibrant, light vocals, you can’t help but gravitate towards his energy. Follow Tafi on Instagram  


I probably overuse the word “anthemic” in my writing, but in all truth, there’s no better term to describe Baby Sosa’s incredible single, “EVERYWHEREIGO.” Clashing her off-the-wall, unforgettable vocal styles with a lethal concoction of melody and charisma, this Virginia native might just be one of the most entertaining artists I’ve heard all year long. “EVERYWHEREIGO” has the indescribable touch of personality that’s difficult to put your finger on, but quite naturally, it connects with listeners and transcends any sort of appeal that you can easily translate into words. In this way, Baby Sosa’s style feels right as opposed to just sounding right, and the only justifiable reaction to this single is to throw it on repeat, because what else can you do but scream “everywhere I goooo, they all know my name” when you hear a song this catchy. That said, I honestly don’t remember how I stumbled on this fantastic cut from Baby Sosa; all I know is that this one is getting thrown into heavy rotation for the weeks to come, and I would encourage all of our readers to do the same. Stream “EVERYWHEREIGO” below and keep an eye out for new releases from Baby Sosa hopefully in …

EARTHA – [Jamila Woods]

Heading into the warmer months of the spring, I’ve been clearing out the slower, darker winter songs in my playlist and making room for some lighter, sun-soaked music to fit the changing of the season. Today, Jamila Woods is here just in time for this change, as her new single, “EARTHA,” provides a perfect example of the music that I’ve been dying to hear for the past few weeks. Breezy and bright as can be, Woods’ latest single is a perfect display of the soulful bed of sound that makes her such a promising artist. The Chicago native simply floats over the production at hand here, and even as her deliveries shift with the song, she never misses a beat. Needless to say, Jamila Woods’ sound is refreshing as a can be, and in such a fashion, “EARTHA” is the perfect food for the soul, especially in light of the time of year. Even so, however, while the sound is certainly easy to get caught up on, the emotional complexity and transparency of the lyrics here are worth equal merit. Nothing is better than a great storyteller, and Woods’ proves to be just that, translating life directly into music without …

Fall Asleep – [Noah Kenton]

An artist that goes by the name of Noah Kenton is making his Lyrical Lemonade debut tonight with his brand new offering titled “Fall Asleep”. Noah is a little bit different compared to most of the artists that you might come across on our website, he has a more of an alternative type of style that he really does well with and that caught my ear quickly. This might be the first time that Noah Kenton has graced these pages but it surely won’t be the last, go ahead and get familiar with him and if you like what you here be sure to peep the rest of his catalog. Take a few minutes of your night to check out this brand new record below and if you like what you hear be sure to keep up with Noah by giving him a follow on Soundcloud here.

6 Dogs release three new songs!

While browsing through Soudncloud looking for new music I noticed at LL favorite 6 Dogs just uploaded not one, not two, but three brand new records titled “Lightning”, “Can’t Miss” and “Plant Life”. The first of the bunch is a slow paced tune that is over a vibrant instrumental, while the seconds offering titled “Can’t Miss” was more of a reflective & slightly darker cut where he addresses some of his struggles. My favorite of the bunch was definitely the last cut titled “Plant Life”, where you will find 6 dogs giving us more of a braggadocious and feel good record that you can vibe out to with the homies. Listen to all of these songs below and see which one you like the most! All Three songs produced by David Morse + Daniel Hartzog on “Plant Life”