DJ Don’t Play No Love Song – [10KDunkin]

Loving underground rap music can be a love-hate relationship because I love all of the unbelievably talented artists in this realm, but I hate that a lot of my friends don’t understand why I love this underrecognized world so much. I try and put people on to some of these artists, and for every one person who understands my praise and enthusiasm, another 10 people have to wait until a song goes viral or a mainstream artist shows them praise before they realize I typically know what I’m talking about. I also just love all of the different cliques and regions that show to love one another, because these places often sound like they’re from different planets, not just different states. There are collaborators making insane music in the DMV area, as well as the LA, New York, Detroit, and Atlanta areas, but considering there are so many other mainstream names that the general public taps in with more than the up-and-comers, it’s sad to think about the fact that some of these artists work so hard and don’t get nearly enough credit. 10KDunkin is one of these emcees because he has been creating innovative and head-turning sounds consistently for …


CASPR is one of underground music’s most talented and unique hidden-gems, which is a weird phrase to describe an artist who has certainly had glimpses of mainstream success with his more pop/punk leaning releases complete with proper rollouts and extensive musical polish, but still, it seems that CASPR’s heart lies with the underground scene. There is a definitely duality in his music and furthermore the presentation of his releases as he drops many bigger-budget, artistically-forward songs that rise beyond the punk/emo/pop, whatever you want to call it, hybrid of sounds that will surely be loved by the editorial community amongst DSP’s and connect with very many fans who may not be hip to everything that he and Surf Gang are actively doing in NYC. His recent releases “Snow” and “Don’t Make Sense” are great characterizations of this side of his output, but personally my favorite two songs he has put out recently flew much more under the radar. I didn’t realize his track “ciara freestyle” had even released until it was too late to cover it after initially being mesmerized by the snippet he posted, taking a nod from the NYC sample-drill scene but putting a distinctly pop spin on …


Atlanta rapper Tony Shhnow is back with a new visual for his track “Demon” off of his last mixtape Da World Is Ours 2 which ended up being a surprising critical favorite, earning support from a host of blogs including even Pitchfork, but the SOS member has been heating up in the underground for quite some time and is looking to turn the corner to mainstream relevancy soon. Shhnow’s style is quite unique and his raps are often sleepy but filled with violent imagery, aspirational and materialistic themes, and lyrical gems that ensure that his music is always interesting, no matter what type of production he slides on. He frequently collaborates with producers like CashCache, SenseiATL, and Al Chapo, rapping on beats ranging from Cache’s signature happy-go-lucky plug production to beats much further on the grim and menacing side of the spectrum. The “Demon” visual leans more to the ominous side of the scale as far as production goes, coming from another producer Shhnow works closely with, CaptainCrunch. The video is disassociative and surreal and shows Tony talking his shit with his staccato, machine-gun flow that ensures each of his punchlines lands perfectly. I have been very impressed with Tony Shhnow’s recent …

Interview – [Lucki]

One of the most powerful voices in all of the underground Rap music has to be Lucki. Although his persona, delivery, and the overall vibe is fairly subdued, he has a way of storytelling that just makes his words so authentic and truthful. He’s not trying to make up anything he stunts about but rather shares stories and experiences that are relevant to him and his own life, laying them out in such a way that almost feels like a documentary of sorts. He’s been through his fair share of ups and downs, and although the downs seem like they’re fewer and far between in recent years thankfully, he never shies away from those accounts, using them as a focal point for his music. I think what fans truly enjoy about him is the fact that he spreads these narratives in such a way that humanizes himself rather than glorifying and bragging about some of the more eye-opening themes he mentions, which is what most other artists in the industry seem to do. Although his music nowadays seems more scarce compared to the output he used to deliver, it’s clearly more thought out and intricate as he continues to grow …


Riverside, CA native HOOK is making serious waves because of her rabid and ever-growing cult following growing on the internet and she has quickly become a darling of the remnants of the “SoundCloud” (for lack of a better term) scene that never sold out when many of their peers chose to chase money rather than staying true to the sound that so many had fallen in love with. HOOK personifies all of the qualities that make this very niche sub-genre so enjoyable. She approaches the rap game with a particular bravado that is so necessary in becoming a great rapper because when you listen to her music it is obvious that there is very little that HOOK fears. Whether it is her fierce jabs at the men in her life who tried to take advantage of her or control her, or her taunts at her female contemporaries who are “only pretty at prom,” HOOK is never going to back down. Her latest visual for her song “P DIDDY” is already one of my favorite releases from the California artist and the triumvirate of Nedarb, CaptainCrunch, and Fish Narc came together to produce this absolute masterpiece of an instrumental that has …

LifeSaidGo – [ACDATYOUNGN***A]

ACDATYOUNGN***A has been focused solely on his music for the past 5 years and he just celebrated his 19th Birthday this week. One of Vancouver’s most prominent faces in underground hip-hop, AC has been able to use his voice to switch between hard-hitting lyrics and melodic futuristic R&B. AC just dropped the project “LifeSaidGo”, an energetic EP that is full of “WOO’S” that would make Ric Flair proud and his typically hilarious wordplay.  Each song on this 5-Song EP stand out in a very different way, one of the biggest standouts is the Captain Crunch-Produced “Sland Dope (Freestyle)” where AC switches his laidback flow at ease. Beyond that track, the other records that have been in rotation since the project dropped are “ImperishableNight” and “RudeBwoy” alongside one of the smoothest voices in Canada Teshalé. “LifeSaidGo” is available exclusively on SoundCloud and YouTube, in preparation for a much larger project dropping this fall!

First Day Out – [Slime Dollaz]

Lyrical Lemonade favorite Slime Dollaz is making his way back on our platform tonight with his brand new music video for “First Day Out”. Slime has spent the past almost five weeks locked up behind bars and only after being out for a few hours he dropped this new offering for his growing fan base, and it just might be his hottest record to date! Take a few minutes of your night to check out this brand new visual below and if you enjoy it be sure to give Slime Dollaz a follow on Twitter here! Song Produced by CaptainCrunch x RXLVND

Nachos – [Ronsocold] x [Slime Dollaz]

Lyrical Lemonade favorites Ronsocold and Slime Dollaz recently connected for a brand new record titled “Nachos”. Each one of these artist have their own signature traits & styles to them, match that with the brilliant minds of producers Brent Rambo & CaptainCrunch and we have a hit on our hands! The instrumental that was provided here did a great job at capturing my attention from the start and not letting go until the very end, Ron & Slime blessed the beat with some memorable verses and a catchy hook. All in all I really enjoyed this record and I know that you will too, stream it below! produced by brentrambo and captain crunch art work by @cloutconseiller

Geek At Night – [RonSoCold] x [Candy Paint]

Lyrical Lemonade native RonSoCold released a new collab record a couple of weeks ago titled “Geek At Night” featuring Candy Paint and once I listened to it I knew I had to share with our readers. The two of them joined forces with super producer captaincrunch who provided them with this marvelous instrumental and they each went crazy with solid contributions and verses, each of these artists thrive at creating addictive melodies and that’s exactly what they did here. Take a few minutes of your time below to listen to this new tune and if you like it be sure to follow RonSoCold on Twitter here to keep up with his movement.

Peoples Champ – [Lil Gnar] x [Lil Skies]

If you look at this lineup and don’t instantly know it’s gonna be a hit, you need to do some research because you clearly don’t who some of the best upcoming artists are. Lil Skies and Lil Gnar keep creating their own wave and are getting bigger and bigger as every day goes by. It won’t be long before either of them are household names known by everyone. Now this song is a hit, but that wouldn’t be without the incredible production from CaptainCrunch and JaySplash. This was a whole tam and fort and everyone stepped up to make an incredible track. Guess play and get in tune with “Peoples Champ” below!