Crayola – [Ike Offline]

Ike Offline has made it onto our pages once before but is now resurfacing for the release of his brand new song entitled, “Crayola”. The Naples, Florida native is a part of the quickly growing South Florida scene and this new offering is just another piece that points back to how much talent is growing in this region of the world. I was able to get on the phone with Ike and hear about this brand new release and he explained that the heart behind this one was nothing other than fun. “I wanted this song to be a testimony about the way I see the world…seeing everything as colorful and vibrant is what I wanted to portray throughout this one.” If you check out this brand new track by Ike, you’ll agree that this one will be playing in all of the fun events and atmospheres. I could go on and on but please take time to check out this impressive track by Ike Offline. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so give it a listen and let us know what you think!

Pointless – [Duñe] x [Crayon] ft. [Ichon]

“Pointless” the new single from French production duo, Duñe and Crayon, is a breath of fresh air.  On the single (taken from their forthcoming, debut album, Hundred Fifty Roses) the duo shows incredible chemistry cooking up a jazzy instrumental that emits with warm glowing feel. Joining Duñe on the mic, French emcee Ichon adds a verse and while you may not speak the language, his deep voice and the french bars, only add to the luxurious feel. The icing on the cake are the Alice Kong directed visuals, which actually star, Ichon. Like the song itself, the visuals are rich in color but still manage to grapple with the idea of vice and addiction and round out the fresh, out of the ordinary “Pointless” experience. I always enjoy getting to explore music from other countries, and given the strength of this cut, I’ll definitely be checking out more from the duo, when Hundred Fifty Roses drops in April.

LL Presents: The GlokkNine Q&A

GlokkNine is a rising star coming out of Orlando, Florida with an unstoppable work ethic and hard hitting tracks. The 17-year-old rapper has been taking the internet, more specifically YouTube, by storm the past few months as he’s consistently dropped videos racking up millions of plays. GlokkNine blessed his fans in April with the release of his project, “Bloodshells Revenge,” that features hit songs like, “Crayola,” “10 Percent,” “I Don’t Need No Help,” “Kill Kill,” and many more. Check out our Q&A with GlokkNine below:   JM: Before diving into questions tell our readers who you are. GN: This Glokk9. Mr.BuckDaJack take yo muhfuckin sack. We on allat. – JM: How did you get the name GlokkNine? GN: I was called 9 cause of other various reasons, but naw though my bousin gave me the glokk part cause glokks don’t jam. You know the double K for KillKill, shit that’s all you can do with a glokk. – JM: How did growing up in Florida influence your music? GN: I wouldn’t say it influenced me, but shit I’m just tryna make a way off a path that ain’t there. You feel me? Shit, I grew up breaking into houses, stealing cars, allat. I …

10 Percent – [GlokkNine]

It’s clear that Florida has one of the most explosive scenes for music right now, and today we are more than excited to introduce you to Florida’s next big thing: GlokkNine. GlokkNine has been dropping off nonstop heat for us the past few weeks and is back again with his most recent one, “10 percent.” We’ve also been given videos like, “Crayola,” “I Don’t Need No Help,” and “Chain Gang” all in the past month via World Star. It’s clear that the young rapper is ready to take over and his work ethic proves it. Get hip to GlokkNine and his newest video below!

StayLit- [LowkeyKendel]

Chicago up-and-comer, LowkeyKendel, just dropped a hyper explosion of an EP- as the name may already imply. StayLit begins with a Joan Jett meshed intro of her famous “Bad Reputation” hit setting the mood for the rest of the 8 track project. The real show begins on the rager, “Grunch”, featuring Little Up and it takes off from there. Other notable features include Monster Mike on “Thrill”, which has a raw gritty feel to it and is one of my favorite tracks from the whole project. Rooski joins Kendel on “Party”, which captures the turn up ambiance to a T, and was produced by Noah. Linus handled the tenacious production on every other track in the EP making it a memorable offering from the two musicians. If this is your first time listening to Kendel then you are in for a worthy introduction to the young rapper, and for those who already know what’s good welcome back and enjoy the druggy vibes by hitting play on StayLit below!