Nascar Racer – [DC the Don]

Coming from the Midwest, I’m somewhat shocked that I’m not more familiar with Milwaukee artist DC the Don. Although he might reside out in Los Angeles now, he was born and raised in the Wisconsin city and I’m familiar with many artists coming from that region so considering I’m somewhat new to the world that DC created through music, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Luckily, just last week he dropped off his debut project with his new label Rostrum Records called Come as You Are, so I, along with the rest of his fans, have 14 brand-new tracks to sift through and enjoy. Along with the release of his album he wanted to keep the party going, so he decided to drop a music video for a single he released off of the project last month called “Nascar Racer”. Very ambient, epic synths blaze a trail for an extremely momentous offering that is quickly met by chattering hats and claps as well as booming drums that bring this track to new heights. At first, the beat sounds so powerful that there was a question in the back of my mind of if DC could possibly be …

ASOS – [Dava]

This week so far we’ve seen a good amount of artists grace our website for the first time in their careers, and the latest artist to make their Lyrical Lemonade debut is Dava, who just released a dope new music video for “ASOS”. I first got familiar with Dava when my buddy Jake Millan recommended that I checked out this new video, and I was impressed with not only her musical talent but also how unique + abstract this visual came out. This release led me to check out Dava’s numbers on platforms such as Spotify, where I noticed that she only has three songs out so far, but she’s averaging well over 100,000 streams on the three tracks. This visual is a solid offering until we get more music from Dava, so go ahead + get in tune with her below!

Lose It – [Steven Moses]

A couple of years ago my buddy Jake Millan put me onto an extremely talented individual that goes by Steven Moses, and after being exposed to his music, I knew that he had a ton of potential in him. Then I didn’t hear about Steven for a minute until he teamed up with Def Jam at some point, and today he is back on our pages with his debut single with the major label, titled “Lose It”. This record finds Steven Moses rhyming about adversities + pain that he has had to overcome within his lifetime over a beautiful instrumental while delivering an unforgettable hook and touching on his loner personality. Steven Moses could be one of the biggest stars in his lane if he continues to work at it, I am eager to see where his future takes him, check out this new joint below!

BALI- [Rich Brian] ft. [Guapdad4000]

Usually, it takes a good amount of time and effort for a meme rapper to change the perception of fans to that of someone who should be taken seriously in the music world. Luckily for Rich Brian, his extremely unique, deep voice garnered the attention of fans from the start, so although his song concepts might have been comical, he didn’t have much trouble transitioning into a legitimate rap career. Since doing so, he has gained a massive following, going on tours and collaborating with some of the biggest names in music. In order to spend his time in a productive way during this quarantine period, Brian decided to release a brand-new music video for his song “BALI” featuring Guapdad 4000. Spaced-out synths, speaker-busting 808s, and rattling percussion all pair flawlessly together to form a crisp foundation for an absolute hit. Although he is clearly known for his deep voice and intricate flows, Brian has recently been experimenting with singing and the results are pretty resounding. On the hook, Brian chops up his words before stretching out others, truly showing how variable his artistry can become. I actually didn’t even realize it was him singing at first because he really …

BROCKHAMPTON Sugar (LIVE COVER) – [Charlie Powers]

Charlie Powers is an artist who we’ve seen a lot of on the pages of Lyrical Lemonade. The Southern California based talent is probably one of the most impressive individuals circulating the music industry right now and what he’s cooked up for us this evening only points back to that fact. With everything being shutdown due to quarantine, many artists are taking to various platforms to share their music in creative and innovative ways without having to leave their homes. As a way to market his brand new song that’s dropping in May, Charlie took to instagram to have his followers vote on a song that he would do a cover for. In a close race, BROCKHAMPTON’s “Sugar” was ultimately the fan favorite.  As promised, Charlie is making it onto our pages today for his very own rendition of the hit song “Sugar”.  The clever camcorder-esque video gives us an inside look at Charlie’s studio/game room where he’s delivering some of the most soothing vocals all while sitting on the couch next to a buddy playing video games. To put together a video like this under the current circumstances is impressive to say the least. His own personal spin on …

Premiere: Bang (Official Video) – [Belaganas]

The video that’s premiering on our page today has been something that I’ve been looking forward to for some time now. About a month ago, I got put onto a ridiculously dynamic group that goes by the name of Belaganas. When a buddy of mine connected me with these guys, he proceeded to tell me how much I was going to love their energy and overall presence; Flash forward to a couple of weeks later and its safe to say that Belaganas might be my favorite emerging artists in the industry right now.  The core group, made up of Shanker, Joey J, and Nick Wille came together after various run ins with one another through mutual friends, skating and the preforming arts. I got the chance to talk to the fellas on the phone and they explained to me that they all found themselves tied into the arts community, which is what led them to eventually meeting. After those chance encounters, the 3 then found themselves bonding over the same type of music which ultimately led to Belaganas being born in late 2017. What I love most about this group is that they’re from my hometown of Phoenix, Arizona. When …

Smino: Still Building

Photo by Pooneh Ghana / Red Bull Content Pool On November 23rd, coordinated by Red Bull Music Festival, Smino played for a sold-out crowd at Thalia Hall in Chicago. A few days prior, he was nominated for his first Grammy Award in light of his contributions to the renowned Revenge of the Dreamers III. A few months before that, Smino offered a standout performance on Chance The Rapper’s highly-anticipated album, The Big Day. And before that, the St. Louis mainstay embarked on the 33-stop Hoopti Tour, directly after releasing his critically-acclaimed album, NOIR.  2019 has been busy for Smino. And tiring, probably. But on November 23rd, the wear and tear of a restless year, bounded by success, refused to be seen. Entering the stage with the same effortless cool that swept across his introductory album, blkswn, Smino won the night before it even started. The show was just a victory lap. You see, at one point in his life, Smino moved from St. Louis to Chicago without a dime. He slept on the floor of a cramped recording booth, convinced that at some point or another, Plan A would pay off. In front of an exhilarated Thalia Hall, I was …

OneFourThree – [Hermitude] ft. [BJ The Chicago Kid] & [Buddy]

BJ The Chicago Kid and Buddy are, likey, two names you already know so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see them together –actually, they two artists I’d love to see collaborate more–but I’m willing to bet you haven’t heard them like this.  On “OneFourThreee” BJ and Buddy switch gears, taking the lead from Australian duo, Hermitude, who provide them with an infectious electronic beat. It may be a different canvas but the brush strokes are the same with Buddy bringing his effortless and BJ lending his soulful vocals to the hook. Two artists who are consistently in my own personal rotation, it’s really refreshing to hear them in a different arena while they still stay true to their roots.

Revenge Of The Dreamers III – [Dreamville]

The moment we’ve all been waiting for since January is here, J.Cole and his Dreamville posse have dropped their highly anticipated compilation album Revenge Of The Dreamers III. 2019 has been a huge year for Cole and it seems him and all of Dreamville is going to be on our necks all year. This album is the final product from the mythical and legendary Dreamville sessions that took place in Atlanta, Georgia back in mid-January. Even though I’ve only been through the project twice so far you can tell the energy in these rooms were special. It’s really hard for me to pick a favorite track this early on but they’re a lot of people and moments that stood out to me. Some of the MVP’s of the album from my perspective were JID, EarthGang, Buddy, Guapdad 4000, Lute and Yung Nudy. A couple of songs that I found myself gravitating to this early on were “Under The Sun”, “1993”, “Self Love”, “Sunset” and the standout single “Down Bad.” The Dreamville troop were successful in trying to mix and match different styles and talent and weave and integrate them together to create which is probably their best album in the …

Reach – [BJ The Chicago Kid] ft. [Afrojack]

From Chance to Casey Veggies, to Kendrick, to K.R.I.T, to Durk, to Wiz, to Gibbs, to Anderson .Paak, BJ The Chicago Kid has an incredible feature resume and is, in my opinion, one of the best feature artists in this game; His soulful vocals always add a special element to whatever he song he graces. Turning the tables for his new album, 1123 (set for a July 23rd release), BJ unveiled the loaded tracklist–featuring Buddy, J.I.D, Anderson .Paak, Rick Ross, Offset, and more– and dropped off the second single “Reach” which, too, hosts an impressive feature in Afrojack. As you might expect from Afrojack, “Reach” has a pop-leaning feel to it thanks to the big, cascading environment the Dutch hit-maker creates. Though definitely different than BJ’s typical R&B-centric style, he still sounds right at home matching the emotional feel of the production, while still showcasing his signature soulful sound. With a star-studded feature list, and a big, exploratory single in “Reach,” that breaks new ground for the singer,  it’s clear BJ The Chicago Kid is swinging for the fences on 1123.