TRIP – [Boslen]

It is the dawn of a new era for Vancouver’s Boslen. The Canadian emcee has always been a source for music that pushes boundaries in terms of energy and sound. He recently dropped his first song of the new year, it has been some time since we last got new music from Boslen but the wait has most certainly been worth it. The chill yet bouncy new single “TRIP” features all the elements that make Boslen such a special talent. We have seen what he is capable of in terms of providing crazy verses when he raps but this song is all centered around his outstanding vocals. We have seen glimpses in the past, but “TRIP” certifies that Boslen can really do it all. The single dropped a few weeks back but the visuals for the song are what really take things to the next level. We haven’t had a music video from Boslen in nearly a year and his latest is without question his best yet. The video starts out with Boslen rolling to a Vancouver mansion party before the night starts to get the best of him, leading to a full psychedelic, psychotic breakdown. This transition makes the …

Premiere: VULTURES – [Boslen]

One thing that has been abundantly clear in Canada, its that hip hop is no longer a Toronto exclusive when it comes to exporting artists ready to compete on a global level. At the top of the charts currently, you can find some of the most talented Canucks to ever come out of the Great White North and there is no clear sign that our musical exports will stop dominating American airwaves any time soon. While a majority of Canada’s biggest star’shave emerged from the country’s cultural capital, there has been a crazy emergence of talent coming from cities that don’t have Drake as a resident. We have begun to see artists emerge from all over Canada, but none seems more poised for global domination than Vancouver’s Boslen. At the intersection of talent and hard work, you can find Boslen and his team plotting their next moves to continue to grow his brash, energetic brand of music. Boslen began to turn heads with the release of his debut EP BLACK LOTUS last year, the 7-track project served as a strong introduction to what he is capable of sonically. Since then his passion and drive have been turned up a level to …


One of the most exciting artists in Canada right now is Boslen, who has been focused on his craft for some time and the dedication is all starting to show its dividends. With the release of his outstanding EP BLACK LOTUS last year, it seems evident that Boslen is on a clear cut path for international stardom. One of the most electric songs on the project was “LIGHTSPEED” and now we have some insane visuals that take the track to a whole other level. The scene is set with Boslen in the same interplanetary jumpsuit he wore throughout the rollout campaign of his last release, moving quickly into a high school setting that quickly dissolves into madness as the song’s infectious tempo begins ramping up. What has always stood out to me about the rising Canadian rapper is how much pure energy he brings to each of his songs. While it’s not something he leans on in every song, he is able to go from 0 to 60 in no time flat and that becomes clear when you see Boslen do his thing on the stage. With captivating visuals and an impressive start to this crazy year, it seems Boslen is only …

BLACK LOTUS – [Boslen]

We have a special one on our hands today folk. Canadian hotshot Boslen has been absolutely kicking down every door in front of him for the past year with impressive singles that have taken him from an unknown artist to one of Canada’s most exciting acts in recent memory. Boslen released his debut EP BLACK LOTUS yesterday and shot up to the top of the Canadian Apple Music Charts, an impressive accomplishment for an artist just beginning to share his story with the world. Boslen is an insanely energetic artist, each and every track of his get’s listeners blood pumping as he spits incredibly personal and triumphant lyrics in almost every track. Being able to not sacrifice intensity levels for an artist to convey their individual fears and struggles is an extremely rare talent that very few coming up now possess, further proving the fact that Bozzy is just different. The name of the project BLACK LOTUS takes its name from the flower that grows out of the mud to become something beautiful, much like Boslen grew from his tough upbringing on the outskirts of Vancouver, where growing up would be an unlikely candidate to be one of the country’s best new artist. As …

Chaos Theory – [JMON]

With an impressive debut project, it is my pleasure to introduce the Lyrical Lemonade audience to Canadian artist JMON. Last week he released a 5-song EP titled Chaos Theory, a project that blends experimental, punk, and hip-hop genres to create something truly chaotic. JMON is an artist that has always put a heavy emphasis on his creative side, his visuals always being high concept and extremely polished for a rising artist. Each song allows JMON to show a different tempo and style he has in his arsenal. The first two songs were released as single, the intensely aggressive “You Can’t Hang” that brought on two of Vancouver’s quickest rising artists in Boslen and Eric Reprid to match JMON’s energy. The second track “Off That” is produced by Kiwi, who lends some impressive strings that show off what JMON’s futuristic R&B sound is capable of. The rest of the project was produced by one of Canada’s most exciting producers KULTARGOTBOUNCE, who has been a longtime collaborator of JMON’s. An impressive debut for an artist who seems to have a larger plotline to his music. Stream Chaos Theory on all platforms here and watch the “Off That” video below!


An artist who has been building his momentum from release to release this year is Boslen, the electrifying Canadian has an impressive run of singles that have leveled him up to being one of the most exciting acts coming from the North. With recent events kicking his career into 5th gear, “LIGHTSPEED” is the perfect single to encapsulate exactly where Boslen sees his trajectory going moving into the next decade. This song hits hard, there’s no denying. Energy begins coursing through your body once this record gets going, surely to be a better motivator than any pre-workout on the market. Boslen comes from a background of playing sports at a national level, it’s no surprise his music would pair well with anything that gets the heart pumping. NXSTY provides the production on this, he brings out the best of Boslen’s ferocious delivery. The pair have been putting some serious work in the studio as of late and the results are clear with a song like this. As I mentioned, Boslen has had an incredible year setting up his career for what’s to come. Listen to “LIGHTSPEED” on all platforms here!

Eye for an Eye (Remix) – [Boslen] ft. [MANILA GREY]

Out west, up in Canada, an artist named Boslen has been steady dropping incredibly anthemic singles that have begun to make ripples across the globe. By far his most successful single to date, “Eye for an Eye” has one of the hardest choruses I’ve heard this year. Once this song gets going, listeners will immediately begin to bop their heads and pound their fists as the triumphant track builds from verse to verse. As if this song wasn’t already on a lightspeed trajectory to the mainstream, the futuristic R&B duo MANILA GREY lent their talents to take things up a notch. What is truly great about this remix is that it changes the framework of the song and gives it an entirely new sound. While Boslen’s energy is on super saiyan, MANILA GREY bring a much smoother side to the record. Both Soliven and Neeko lean into their R&B sound, becoming the perfect pairing for the chorus to come back and hit even harder. This remix is sure to be included in more than a few people’s gym playlists as it’s that type of song to get your blood pumping, you’ll understand once you listen. There have been a few artists …

Hidden Nights – [Boslen] ft. [ILLYMINIACHI]

Picture this. It’s late night, you’re in a car full of friends on your way to the function, speeding passed endless rows of street lights on silent streets. That is the perfect setting for Canadian superstar in the making Boslen’s latest track “Hidden Nights” along with ILLYMINIACHI. Being that this is Boslen’s first appearance on Lyrical Lemonade,  it’s vital to note how talented this man is at creating catchy hooks that hit with each thump of the 808. This talent is encapsulated best on his biggest song to date “Eye for an Eye”, both tracks will have your head bopping to every word of the chorus. Vancouver emcee ILLYMINIACHI provides his smooth vocals as a well-executed contrast the pair take this song to another level. Boslen has been teasing some insane looking visuals on his socials for this one, be sure to stay tuned for that. You can stream “Hidden Nights” on all platforms here! Produced by Gezin (808 Mafia)