Temptations – [Bloke Young]

Making his debut in our pages today is Bloke Young with his memorable visual “Temptations” which is a perfect introduction to the Canadian artist who boasts an incredible vocal range and songwriting ability and is sure to make you a fan in the process. Sounding like a direct descendant of The Weeknd, his harrowing vocal runs and knack for melodic progression make this an easily enjoyable record, despite the content. Speaking on the temptations of life that can get in the way of success, he simultaneously turns that notion on his head and questions if these temptations even lead to genuine happiness. Doing this over evocative production from Josh Bishop, one of the other substantial qualities is how the song perfectly lines up with the video. Taking place in an abandoned church, the video finds Bloke seemingly searching for the answers to the aforementioned questions, only to be tempted by multiple distractions. I am very eager to see what direction Bloke Young goes in next and look forward to hearing him fine-tune his sound as he continues to make and release music.